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Hulu Goes Purple for #SpiritDay

October 16th, 2014 by Sheila Dichoso

We’re feeling a little purple today…and that’s because we’ve traded in our signature Hulu green and are going purple to celebrate national #SpiritDay. We’re so proud to be joining countless supporters, from brands like MTV to celebrities and organizations– even the White House(!), to actively take a stand against bullying by visibly showcasing our acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

At Hulu, we always strive to represent people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientationsfrom the all-Latino cast of “East Los High” to our ever-growing LGBT genre library which is why this year we’ve partnered with national organization GLAAD to come up with a collection of beloved television series and films that have opened doors for LGBT youth by bringing their stories of struggle, love, and acceptance to audiences across the small and silver screens.

We worked with GLAAD to curate an awesome collection of beloved TV shows and movies that have paved the way for LGBT youth. Here are a few of their top picks, ready to be watched in our dedicated LGBT Spirit Day section on Hulu now:

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: Tara and Willow
One of the highlights of the ’90s cult classic series was the sweet, loving relationship between Tara and Willow that redefined how gay relationships were portrayed in the media. It was groundbreaking for its time, and it was quite possibly the most genuine portrayal of love on “Buffy.” Off-screen, it was most likely the first lead lesbian couple on network television. You can say that their relationship was magical.

My So-Called Life
In 1994, Rickie Vasquez, portrayed by Wilson Cruz, became the first openly gay high schooler on television. Rickie warmed our hearts with his optimism, humor, and predilection for hanging out in the girls’ bathroom.

But through Rickie’s stories, we were also exposed to the dark side of being out: Bullying, familial abuse, and homelessness. He made us feel what it was like to be an LGBT youth, best shown in the series finale when Rickie suspects that Delia Fisher has a crush on him. Rickie tells Brian Krakow: “Do you realize, how much easier my life would be…if I could just like her back?”

East Los High
While already known for gritty, accurate portrayals of teen life that include stories on pregnancy and domestic abuse, the second season of the popular teen drama introduced bisexuality and lesbian relationships, mainly through female best friends Jocelyn and Camilla, which further opened doors for the acceptance of LGBT youth within the Latino community.


Sailor Moon
Only super fans of “Sailor Moon” know that in the original Japanese anime series, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were an out lesbian couple. But in the English-language dub that most of us grew up with in the ’90s, this romantic relationship was completely removed.

Luckily, Hulu users will get to see “Sailor Moon” how it was supposed to be seen when Sailor Uranus and Neptune make their North American debut on Hulu in March 2015.

These are just a handful of shows that GLAAD chose to celebrate #SpiritDay. Check out the full collection of their curated picks here. And just like us, trade in your usual color for purple today.

Show your support today by wearing purple and using the hashtag #SpiritDay on your social channels. Find out more on taking a stand against bullying and support LGBT youth at glaad.org/spiritday.