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Liveblog: E3 Press Conferences

June 4th, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

Follow along with our livestream provided by G4. Right Now: Nintendo’s Press Conference.

10:14 That’ll do it. We’re about to go check out the Wii U. We’ll let you know if it feels Wiierd.

10:12 “I want to end today by having you consider four platforms.” I don’t think I have enough money to even consider considering four platforms.

10:08 This thing is going to be great for any drawing games or create-a-players. You basically have a Wacom tablet right there, if it works correctly.

10:02 Batman: Arkham City will be on there. Same thing for Ghost Recon and Tekken.

9:57 Oh, here we go: Smash Bros. will work together on 3DS and the Wii U at the same time.

9:53 It’ll have a browser and all that stuff. The best part, though, is how it interacts with the gameplay. You can flick objects from your controller’s screen to the actual screen. It’s a whole different kind of 3D.

9:50 Looks pretty impressive. And very confusing.

9:47 The new controller looks like a Nintendo 64 case mod. Almost exactly like this:

9:46 He just called it “utopian.” Woof.

9:45 Here’s the new console: Wii U. It’s for by-yourself gaming. Which is what we all need, especially that Pokemon guy: More solitude.

9:42 There’s a free Pokemon game on the DS online shop, so some guy in this arena yelled so loudly he may have literally lost his mind. I mean that. I can see his brain doing push-ups on the floor.

9:39 Luigi’s Mansion. A montage. Too early for montages. Bring back the orchestra! Bring back the orchestra! Ole ole ole ole! Does the Wii have the FIFA franchise?

9:34 New Mario looks like a combination of the old-timey side scroller and bits of Mario 64. It comes out this holiday season.

9:32 Starfox 3D for the 3DS looks like a much prettier version of the old StarFox. Looks like the new Mario is up next.

9:30 Underwater levels in Mario Kart. And the ability to trick out your bike in very simple ways: Pick a base and some wheels. Pimp My Ride it ain’t, but too complicated would be a disaster.

9:27 Man, Mario 3D and Luigi’s Haunted Mansion 3D look gorgeous.

9:25 I seriously just had a Pavlovian response to the “Ready, Set, Go” sounds of Mario Kart. It made me want beer and college. They’re showing off all their new 3D titles.

9:21 This orchestra thing is a really nice touch. Don’t own a Wii, but Nintendo is doing a really good job on selling me tickets to the LA Philharmonic.

9:17 Four new Zelda games coming out, including one today called Link’s Awakening on the EShop. Then Ocarina of Time 3D next week. Then a free DSWare game called Four Swords. Then Skyward Sword for the Wii for the holiday season. That is a lot of video games.

9:14 They’re pretty much just messing around with the orchestra. Which is what I’d do, exactly.

9:10 Shigeru Miyamoto—who is the Jesus to Nintendo Power Magazine’s Bible, if I remember my childhood correctly—is here to show off the 25th anniversary edition of Zelda.

9:08 This is really well-done. There’s a chronology of the Zelda series up on the big screen with a live orchestra scoring it. Classy as all hell, Nintendo.

9:04 They’re running Nintendo trivia on this big board, by the way. I’ve gotten, maybe, one right. It had to do with StarFox. I’m flying solo today, so I had to restrain myself from doing a StarFox impression, which would’ve made me seem like a full-on crazy.

TUESDAY 9:00 We’re awaiting Nintendo to kick this thing off. We hear new Wii rumors. It’ll probably be 3D. This thing better revolutionize cat videos and they better demonstrate that, or I don’t know what I’m doing in a public space at 9 a.m.

8:00 Oh, that was MixMaster Mike. Jane’s Addiction is here, apparently, and they’re next. Not a bad way to end the evening. We’ll be back tomorrow. – Ed.

7:00 They leave us with some ballet dancing to heavily mixed electronica. The ballet dancers are confused.

6:50 The WiFi here went down temporarily (a Sony Network outage! Huh!). Here’s what was missed:

– The new Sony handheld is called Playstation Vita and it’ll be $249 with just WiFi, $299 with 3G. The thing looks gorgeous. It’s bordering on PS3-level graphics with their new Uncharted title.

– The crowd moaned pretty loudly when it heard the provider is AT&T.

– Streetfighter

– There’ll be a new Playstation social network, but they did not provide any details at all. It’s called Playstation Suite. It was pretty anticlimactic.

– And now they’re playing the new Beastie Boys album. So life is pretty good. They’re demoing everything.

6:09 Dust 514, a horrifyingly great looking timesuck of a massively multiplayer shooter. I will not buy this game, for I want to keep my job.

6:03 Sly Cooper, stylized like a Pixar movie, is coming in 2012. I don’t remember what that is, but I’m going to pretend like I do.

5:59 Something something games that have already come out something something.

5:54 Every time somebody says, “Please put on your 3D Glasses,” I’m just going to pretend like they’re saying, “Please put on your pants.” For example: “All right, everybody, it’s time to put your pants back on. We’re gonna shoot some skeletons with arrows.”

5:52 Kobe just ran directly out of bounds on his second possession. Then LeBron hits a three. Kobe says, “That’s not realistic at all.” Quite a demo!

5:51 Kobe’s here to test it out. I’m sure this is exactly where he wants to be during the NBA Finals.

5:50 Sorry. My nerd is showing.

5:49 They’re upgrading passing, which really didn’t need upgrading. Have these people heard of the R1 button?

5:47 NBA 2K12. Here’s the only thing I can pretend to be an expert about.

5:45 Sony announces a Playstation branded, 24″ 3D TV for $499. Comes with and HDMI cable, 3D glasses (which they’re selling individually for $70, which is crazy talk) and Resistance 3. Let’s check and see if that’s cheap.

5:39 Resistance 3 is next. It’s like District 9 without the soul.

5:32 Apparently Drake is the MacGyver of falling long distances and getting hit by heavy things in cutscenes.

5:28 Sony’s out here to show off Uncharted 3: I’m On a Boat. Wait, sorry, it’s called Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. But it is on a boat. And it does look awesome.

5:23 Sony apologizes for its network outage and all of those new hobbies you got when it was out. Thanks a lot, Jack Tretton! Now I’m into knitting!

5:17 Sony wants you to know they’re really into their new Playstation phone, 3D, and dubstep.

5:14 I’m blogging in 3D now. Put on your glasses at home. You’ll know it’s working when your roommate walks in the room and calls you an idiot.

4:46 I just looked up “Weiner” in Hulu search right as the guy next to me was looking. He’s foreign. He doesn’t know why.

He has a very high opinion of me.

4:42 By the way, something here is going to be in 3D. We got those glasses.

4:40 Sony is doing this up right. There’s about six open bars, free food from food trucks and Subway, I didn’t sign up and the organizers truly didn’t care, and I’m sitting next to people who smell considerably less like roast beef subs. Overall winner. I’m in a coliseum that has blued itself completely. There’s foglights.

And WiFi! In a coliseum! This makes me feel much better about a future with The Sims Social in it.

Good lord. Why did I have to remember that?

3:15 Sony is next at 5 p.m. PDT.

3:10 Hey, we have our trusty live feed! Looks like Ghost Recon will be free from UbiSoft. That’s pretty cool. Hopefully it will wreck havoc on the gaming industry, much like Carl’s Jr. just did to that Australian guy’s mood.

3:00 – Welp, UbiSoft just left about 60 percent of its RSVP’d attendees in the dust. That was lame. I was a casualty. So was some Australian guy who I went to Carl’s Jr. afterwards because we were left about a mile away from the Convention Center. It’s just one apology after another today for this guy. Carl’s Jr. was my fault, at least.

1:30 Battlefield 3 is coming October 25th.

1:27 This game looks more entertaining than this Anthony Weiner/Andrew Breitbart press conference that I’m missing. Which is saying something, based on these Twitter accounts.

1:21 A nice jab at the Call of Duty franchise, citing how “absolutely free” Battlefield 3’s multiplayer will be.

1:18 Battlefield 3 looks gorgeous. Just crazy gorgeous. It’s the same sort of blow-you-away kind of moment Crysis looked like a few years ago.

1:11 Curt Schilling is here. He just said, “Talking about The Reckoning (his 38 Studios company created it) is every bit as exhilarating as talking about any of my three World Series rings.” I’m a Red Sox fan. EA, you’re just making me sad. Your next game demo better be a hyper-realistic virtual reality game called “Free Candy.”

1:10 I do not want to live in this future.

1:08 The EA swagbag did not include a hammer to beat myself to death with. This is way too bad.

1:05 Oh God, “The Sims Social” just got announced. It’s the Sims on Facebook. Everyone here groaned. Like, audibly.

1:03 Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews (with the Lombardi Trophy) and Madden 12 coverguy Peyton Hillis are here to yell loud, inspirational huddle sentences. They are large. There are no real details on how this game is going to be better, other than that they’re improving on the “Controls on defense = Press triangle and pray until the play ends” from last year.

1:02 Wish granted.

12:57 Ole ole ole ole! Ole! O-showusMadden.

12:55 I’d tell you about FIFA 12, but soccer soccer soccer. You know. I love that game, but, of course, soccer.

12:54 Those were for SSX, the old school snowboarding game from PS2 fame. The trailer looks very good and classically stylized.

12:53 Damnit, that wasn’t Febreze.

12:52 Here come the smoke machines.

12:50 Here’s the EA presentation of the new Star Wars game, the only thing in the Microsoft presentation that didn’t impress. It looks like WiiFit: Deathstar. Too much Kinect. I mean, have you smelled this theatre, EA? A shower is exercise for these people.

12:45 – The new feature in the Need For Speed series (this one’s called The Run) is that you’ll be on foot a lot of the time, as a character that looks a lot like Drake. You’ll also presumably be stopped by the police and forced to tape a Sprite commercial, then you’ll put out a concept album with Kings of Leon. (That whole last sentence is a guess.)

12:40 – Mass Effect 3 is coming out March 6, 2012. If this game is as good as these speakers are loud, you’ll be deaf. I know that doesn’t make any sense, but, seriously, it’s louder than a KISS concert in a planetarium here. EA is making me feel like an old lady.

12:30 – I think video game companies are legally obligated to start their press conferences with Blur’s “Song 2.”

11:45 – Hey there, folks. Welcome to Hulu’s coverage of Nerd Thanksgiving. We’ll try not to be the racist uncle of this otherwise wonderful get-together of tech.

The EA presser is next. It’s at 12:30. We’ll have coverage on this here blog plus this livestream, provided by G4.

We just got back from the Microsoft presser. Yep, we’re pretty impressed by the Halo 4 trailer (we were caught off guard by the timing, but it looks purdy), but we can’t wait for voice controls in Mass Effect 3. You can swap out weapons by talking to your XBox and, in turn, 13-year-olds will stop singing us lullabies with racial slurs we’ve never heard before whenever the hell this technology takes effect. Cannot possibly be fast enough.

Also, Minecraft is coming exclusively (for consoles, at least) to the 360 solely to confuse parents nationwide. (“Honey, why are you playing the video for ‘Money for Nothin” over and over again?”)

Quick catch-up on the swag front: I was positive EA gave us cufflinks. Like, EA-branded cufflinks. This would’ve been good for, maybe, giving to a six-year-old, or filing off the inside to create tiny cookie cutters. Turns out it was a flash drive, thank God.

The Lombardi Trophy is outside. I’m going to ask these British guys next to me if they have any idea what it is.

Also, it smells like BO and chicken fingers everywhere. I probably should’ve anticipated that.

12:00 UPDATE ON THE BRITISH GUYS: Resounding no.

Our Live Streams Lounge continues coverage throughout the day; check back on Tuesday at 9 a.m. for Nintendo’s press conference. We’ve posted the full schedule below.

Monday, June 6 Tuesday, June 7
9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: Microsoft 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.: Nintendo
12:30 p.m.-2:00 p.m.: EA
2:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.: Ubisoft
5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m.: Sony

Additionally, Hulu will feature on-demand coverage from G4 and The Electric Playground on a page devoted to all things related to E3 2011. In the meantime, tune into our E3 Preview and E3 2011 Game Trailers playlists for the latest news.

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