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We Did a Gift Exchange With Our Favorite TV Characters

December 15th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

It’s the season for giving– and receiving, so a select group of members of Hulu’s editorial and social media teams decided to exchange gifts. Not with each other. That would be super boring. We’re exchanging gifts with our favorite TV characters instead. Check out what we gave and got from our favorite fictional loved ones this year:

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About the Artist: Justin Martin

November 14th, 2010 by Betina Chan-Martin Product Manager

To celebrate our 5 week long holiday promotion, we reached out to Los Angeles-based artist Justin Martin to create an original drawing to capture the essence of the holidays. In his untitled wintry illustration, he portrays a young family walking home in the sunset from a day of sledding in the snow. Below is a brief Q&A with the artist. Be sure to check out more of his work on his blog. — The Hulu Team

What are you currently working on?
My 9 to 5 gig- though it is anything but- is as Background Painter at Warner Bros. Animation. I’m currently working on a new series called “The Looney Tunes Show”, due to air in 2011 on Cartoon Network.
I’m also creating all the artwork for a new graphic novel with the working title Badge of the Guardian, about a young boy who goes on a wild adventure in Outer Space.
Mainly, however, I’m trying to play the role of Dad for my 11 month old daughter. Maybe I should have started with that, as it’s unquestionably its own full time job.

What has been your most unusual project?
That’s a tough call. Each project has its own unique quirkiness. That’s a major reason why I opted to go into the Animation Industry. I’ve made monsters with tank turret underwear attacking the Golden Gate Bridge, space pirates who listen to Reggae while “beaming up” unsuspecting human prisoners, and an evil genius beaver who lives in the Hoover Dam. The weirdness just doesn’t stop around these parts.

On second thought, though, I might go with the whole fatherhood thing again. That certainly fits the “unusual” criteria.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Anywhere and everywhere I can. I’ve always thought that one of the most important lessons an artist can learn is to maintain constant awareness. There’s a Huxley book called Island in which talking birds are trained to fly around saying only the word “Attention”. I need one of those birds.
Instead I try to carry a camera with me everywhere I go, and to always have a book going. I have an “inspiration” section on my own blog that I stopped updating a long time ago because the list just got too enormous. It’s really staggering how many amazing artists there are out there, each with his or her own viewpoint, medium, or technique.

What is your favorite subject matter?
Anything thought provoking. I like to make pieces that you have to take a closer look at, so the subject has to have some depth to it. (See earlier answer re: space pirates and evil genius beavers.)

Do you prefer to use a pencil and paper, or a Wacom Tablet?
I generally sketch on paper in the early stages and move to digital a little later down the line. Some day I intend to get back to much more traditional media, but some of the chemicals involved aren’t so good for babies so it may be a while. Until then digital is nice and clean.

What are you favorite shows on Hulu?
I loves me some Arrested Development and 30 Rock. Modern Family is also great. We saw the guy that plays the dad who always slips on the stairs when we were out the other day. Part of me wanted to pull his earbuds out just so I could tell him how awesome he is.

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Hulu for the Holidays: New Videos Coming Each Weekday

November 24th, 2009 by Rebecca Harper Editor

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, the holiday season is officially in full swing. Hulu’s gift to you this winter? New shows and movies every weekday through Christmas, plus new site features that are specially designed to make finding, watching and sharing videos on Hulu even easier. Yesterday, Hulu for the Holidays kicked off with tags and the ABC series Dirty Sexy Money, featuring Six Feet Under‘s Peter Krause as a lawyer to one of Manhattan’s wealthiest families. It’s his job to keep the Darlings out of the tabloids and out of jail — no easy feat given the scandals this high-profile family seems to attract.

Our “gifts” for today: The award-winning The Larry Sanders Show starring Garry Shandling and a cavalcade of guest stars, but you may also recognize a few familiar faces, including Rip Torn, Jeffrey Tambor, Jeremy Piven and Janeane Garofalo. Season 1 is now available in its entirety; we also have a sampling of episodes from Season 2 and 3 (streaming rights aren’t available for the entire run at this time).

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Long before Love Guru, Mike Myers made a name for himself by playing characters seemingly like himself. In So I Married an Axe Murderer, the former SNL star shines as Charlie McKenzie, an ordinary guy, albeit a tad paranoid, who’s fallen in love with the blonde butcher in his San Francisco neighborhood. Myers channels his more outrageous side as Charlie’s Scottish father, Stuart, and the film is full of quotes many of us here at Hulu HQ still remember — — “Harriet! Harry-it, hard-hearted harbinger of haggis” — years after the movie’s premiere.

You can keep track of the latest holiday movies and specials on our Hulu for the Holidays page. What’s in store the rest of the season? Check back each day to find out!

Rebecca Harper ()

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Happy Holidays

December 23rd, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

As a special treat this Christmas, we’ve put together a collection of some Christmas-themed episodes from current shows and old favorites. It’s an easy way to get in the spirit of the season, whether you take Dwight’s profiteering approach (anyone need a Princess Unicorn?) or prefer to celebrate Chrismukkah-style, with eight days of presents followed by a day of many presents. Our Best of Christmas collection has those now-classic episodes, as well has a sampling from Monk, American Dad!, Married…With Children and more.

While you’re watching, don’t forget to check out our new embed feature, which allows you to watch each video in full screen. To do so, simply click on the “expand” box that appears to the right of the search bar when the embedded video is playing.

From all of us at Hulu, happy holidays!

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One True Thing

December 19th, 2008 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Today’s Holiday movie, One True Thing, is a tear-jerker. It’s the story of Ellen (Renee Zellweger), a young New York City journalist whose career is on the rise. But when she returns home for a birthday party, her life changes in ways she never expected. Her mother (Meryl Streep), Kate, has just been diagnosed with cancer and needs someone to look after her. Ellen’s father (William Hurt), a college prof, puts the burden of Kate’s care on Ellen’s shoulders.

The tone is set when Kate, dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, says “There’s no place like home,” and Ellen mutters — under her breath behind mom’s back, of course — “Thank god.”

What follows is the story of a young woman discovering that her homemaker mother was stronger than anyone thought, and that her father — long idolized by Ellen — is not the man she thought he was.

Hope you enjoy the movie,
Rebecca (),

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