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The Green Room: Josh Gomez Talks “Chuck” and Best in Show

April 5th, 2011 by Rebecca Harper Editor

With “Chuck” soundly beating “Dexter” in Hulu’s second annual Best in Show, we asked “Chuck” star Joshua Gomez (who plays Chuck’s sidekick, Morgan Grimes) about the contest and maybe even give us a little scoop about the rest of the season via email. Stay tuned tomorrow for an interview with the show’s co-creator, Chris Fedak.

Hulu: “Chuck” finished out the competition soundly beating three of the most critically acclaimed shows — “Modern Family,” “Community” and “Dexter” — of the last few years. Do you think this is validation that Chuck belongs in the Greatest of All-Time TV Pantheon?

Josh Gomez:
It proves that “Chuck” FANS are among the Greatest of All-Time TV Fans! There are a lot of great shows out there right now, and we’re proud to have healthy competition. We love making “Chuck,” and we couldn’t do that without all of the support from our fans.

What was it about Season 4 that you think got “Chuck” fans mobilized to get out there and vote? After all, the show didn’t make it to the Final Four last year.
What it was was the end of an era known as “Lost!” It’s one of my favorite shows, and I might have had a tough time choosing last year.
 But back to this year: Season 4 has had some of my personal favorite episodes, and overall has been so much fun for me, thanks to Morgan joining Team Bartowski. Chuck and Sarah are moving forward in their relationship, Morgan even has a great girl (despite her overly protective Dad), and the good guys are still beating the bad guys. Life is good on Chuck.

We asked our guest critic, HitFix.Com editor Alan Sepinwall — a huge fan of the show — what he think the “secret formula” is to “Chuck.” He said this: “The show’s made with a lot of love, for both its characters and for the pop culture that its writers and fans grew up on, and that comes across.” How much of this do you think is true?
I would say a lot of that is true. The show really speaks to our fans. It has witty humor, fun references, and TONS of heart. It’s a show that attracts young, hip people, nerds (like myself), and even many families watch and enjoy it together. We hope to bring quality entertainment to our smart and loyal fan base. 

What do you think the “secret formula” is? 

It’s a show about an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation. Well, a super-extended, possibly permanent extraordinary situation with the Intersect being in his head and all. But Chuck is someone people can relate to. And so is Morgan. It’s exciting to play a regular guy that has to help save the world from bad guys. It’s basically like my childhood dream. Maybe that’s the secret formula.

Do you think this confirms that the Chuck fan base is one of the most loyal and enthusiastic in TV? What do you think makes them so passionate about this show?

Umm … YES!!! Many of our fans relate to the show, as I’ve already mentioned, and many are also tech savy. Plus they RULE. Thanks everyone!!!

What can we expect from Season 5? And are we in for a 2012 repeat of Best in Show?

Season 5 — fingers crossed that we get there — will be awesome (pardon my McPartlin voice). We’ll be revealing another game changer the end of Season 4. Next season, there will be more action, more fun, more goofiness, more heart, more everything. I can’t give details, but I think you’ll love it. 

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