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This Week’s Best Late Night: Big Games, Big Nominees and Trump’s Second Week in Office

February 3rd, 2017 by Liz Brown

The late night comedians mixed things up a bit this week, splitting their focus between White House controversies and this weekend’s “big game.” We’ve cherry picked the best moments so you can be well-rested. We know you’ve got a big weekend of sitting on the couch watching football and eating chips ahead of you.

Check out this week’s best late night clips

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Puppies Predict the Super Bowl Winner

Fallon reminded us all that the most scientific way to predict any major sporting event outcome is puppies–small, fuzzy, kibble-crunching puppies. “The Tonight Show” odds makers released a gaggle of golden pooches on two bowls of food to determine who the clear winner will be in this weekend’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. See the results here:

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Lie Witness News: Supreme Court Justice Nominee Rob Kardashian

“JKL” took to the streets with the latest edition of their “Lie Witness News” segment, asking completely uninformed pedestrians for their thoughts on the completely false statement that reality star Rob Kardashian is President Trump’s Supreme Court Justice nominee. Seven people in a row responded with strong opinions about the assertion, one agreeing that Trump’s relationship with Blac Chyna could really help our relations with the country of China:

Late Night With Seth Meyers – Trump’s Chaotic Second Week in Office: A Closer Look

We can’t get enough of Meyers’s weekly breakdowns of the most bizarre goings-on in politics and pop culture. On Thursday night, he shed some light on Trump’s controversial immigration ban which isn’t a ban but does discriminate based on religion but totally doesn’t at all and explained how green card holders are totally unaffected by the new law except when they are. We’ll just let him explain it: