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7 Exciting Announcements From the NBC Winter 2017 TCAs

January 18th, 2017 by Richard Ogawa

It’s the final day of the 2017 Winter TCAs, and for the last two weeks, TV networks and streaming services have presented to the press their most exciting announcements around their upcoming seasons. Currently celebrating their most watched season in 10 years, NBC certainly didn’t disappoint in the big news department as the biannual press event came to a wrap.

Here are 7 exciting announcements that ruffled our peacock feathers:

1) The Return of “Will & Grace”
In its original 8-season run, the groundbreaking sitcom garnered a total of 16 Emmy Awards. NBC has officially announced that Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack will be back for a 10-episode reboot in their 2017-18 season. Could a 2017 reboot for “Will & Grace” mean a 2017 revival production of “Just Jack”? One can only dream.

2) Chicago Gets “Justice”
For fans of the “Chicago” franchise, Dick Wolf is bringing to life a new world in “Chicago Justice.” A 3-hour crossover event on March 1 will lead up to “Chicago Justice’s” official premiere on March 5. Wolf likened the “Chicago” franchise to the human body: if “Fire is the crotch, “P.D.” the muscle, and “Med” the heart – “Justice” is the brain.

We can expect the 30+ characters from across the franchise to pop-up into “Justice” throughout the series and more crossover episodes overall (or as Wolf put it, “ratings crack.”)

3) John Lithgow’s Return to Comedy Television
John Lithgow will be starring in the brand-new real crime spoof “Trial and Error” about an eccentric man accused of murdering his wife. The ensemble comedy is shot a la multi-cam documentary, wrapping up this murder mystery within the 13-episode arc. Also starring Nick D’Agosto, Sherri Shepherd, Jayma Mays, and Krysta Rodriguez, the producers hope that each returning season will present a new case tackled by the lovably oddball cast of characters.

4) “This Is Us” Renewed Through Season 3
President of NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke announced that the breakout hit will be renewed for two more seasons, with a minimum of 18 episodes per season. With emotions already running high (the cast members on the panel were only told 5 minutes before this news was announced to the press) a sneak clip from the upcoming episode featuring Golden Globe nominee Chrissy Metz had members on both sides of the panel wiping away tears.

When asked about the tremendous success of the pilot, creator Dan Fogelman jokingly credited it to Milo Ventimiglia’s bare rear end in the opening sequence (or as actor Chris Sullivan put it, “This Is Ass.”)

5) Jennifer Lopez
She’s executive producer and star of “Shades of Blue” (returning for its second season on March 5), she has her residency in Vegas – and she’s a mom. If that wasn’t enough, she and her producing partner brought forth to NBC their next live musical event, “Bye Bye Birdie.” Not only will she be producing this show, she will be playing the role of Rosie, originated by Broadway legend Chita Rivera and later by Janet Leigh in the movie. Is there anything J. Lo can’t do? Nope. And it seems she’s doing it all in 2017.

6) DC Comic’s First Comedy
From “The Office” and “Parks and Rec” to “Superstore,” NBC is famed for its iconic workplace comedies. “Powerless” takes it one-step further by plopping it into the DC universe, or more specifically, a security products company owned by Wayne Enterprises. Led by Alan Tudyk, Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Ron Funches, and Christina Kirk, this half-hour comedy takes loving jabs at the infamous franchise, making heroic promises for a hit amongst comic book aficionados and comedy lovers alike.

7) Tina Fey’s New Comedy Starring Andrea Martin
Tina Fey and Tracey Wigfield’s “Good News” will star SCTV alum and comedy legend Andrea Martin as a meddling mother who takes an internship at her daughter’s work. Two words. Yes, please. And if that wasn’t enough, the on-camera talent for the news program within the show are played by comedy veteran John Michael Higgins and Nicole Richie, who, despite being new to scripted television, was praised by Tina Fey for her natural comedic chops. “Good News” premieres April 25 on NBC.