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We Did a Gift Exchange With Our Favorite TV Characters

December 15th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

It’s the season for giving– and receiving, so a select group of members of Hulu’s editorial and social media teams decided to exchange gifts. Not with each other. That would be super boring. We’re exchanging gifts with our favorite TV characters instead. Check out what we gave and got from our favorite fictional loved ones this year:

Martin Moakler, Social Media Community Manager
CHARACTER: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
WHAT I GOT HIM: In a year that left many of us mentally exhausted, one dog wasn’t afraid to stand up on all fours to the myriad presidential candidates, their throngs of supporters, and the whole political circus that enabled them. When the media was satisfied with lies, Triumph had the conviction to show the candidates a little backbone (even if it was only a hand up his butt) and say to them everything we would say if we were controlled by an Emmy-winning writer. And did we mention he was freaking funny? So what do you get this most noble of Puppet Americans? A couple of Cuban cigars… For him to poop on.
WHAT HE GOT ME: A surprise in my shoe


Richard Ogawa, Editor
CHARACTER: Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls
WHAT I GOT HER: What do you get one-third of a crime-fighting super force, especially if she’s animated and a pre-teen? Well, being labelled the “baby” of the group, we know Bubbles has gone through her share of feeling less-than. That’s why we decided to get her a name plate. Because anyone with importance has one. And whenever she looks at it, she’ll instantly be reminded that she indeed deserves the respect she demands. We also got it bedazzled. Hard core.
WHAT SHE GOT ME: A crayon drawing of all of us taking on Mojo Jojo.
“Powerpuff Girls” clips and full episodes are only available to Hulu subscribers. Maybe it’s time you treated yourself to the gift of puff by subscribing to Hulu? We’re just saying: Subscribe here ____________________________________________________________________________

Jessica Tardif, Editorial Coordinator
CHARACTER: Jack and Rebecca Pearson from “This Is Us”
WHAT YOU I GOT THEM: Through all the heartbreak, tears, and sweet moments, it’s easy to forget that having triplets isn’t always so glamorous (Milo and Mandy make it look good). So, this holiday season I’m gifting Jack and Rebecca a couple hours of babysitting time – this way the power couple of Fall TV can have a well-deserved date night out. Three rambunctious kids? Wish me luck.

WHAT THEY GOT ME: A screener to the next episode or scratch that, the rest of the season. I. Need. To. Know. What. Happens.


Liz Brown, Editor
CHARACTER: George Costanza from “Seinfeld”
WHAT I GOT HIM: A wearable hot water bottle to prevent shrinkage while swimming, a gift certificate to the shrimp of the month club (the ocean will never truly run out), and a homemade plate of clams casino (chef recommends!) All gifts will, of course, be delivered on Festivus, December 23rd between the Feats of Strength and the Airing of Grievances.

WHAT HE GOT ME: I was fortunate enough to receive two gifts from Mr. Costanza– a white cashmere sweater with a red dot on it, and an index card stating that a donation had been made in my name to something called “The Human Fund.”


Sheila Dichoso, Senior Editor
CHARACTER: Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear from “We Bare Bears”
WHAT I GOT THEM: These cute and clueless bears and their attempts at integrating with the human world are supes adorable. They love anything trendy and cool like Airbnb, Snapchat, farmer’s markets, and food trucks. So what to get them this holiday season? The hottest hipster items of the year, of course. I’m giving them: bear-sized burritos, Aesop soap, and a monthly rotating selection of craft beer.
WHAT THEY GOT ME: Bear stack training

Well, that was fun. We’re really looking forward to running into everyone in the “Returns and Exchanges” line in early January.