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This Week’s Best Late Night Clips: ‘Hamilton Mixtape’ Live, Ryan Gosling & Jimmy Kimmel Waltz

December 9th, 2016 by Liz Brown

We totally thought about sleeping this week, but then we were like “nah.” Instead, we stayed up late every single night and compiled the greatest clips from this week’s late night shows so you could go to work looking fresh as a daisy and still not miss out. You’re welcome.

Check out this week’s greatest late night moments:

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – Busta Rhymes, the Roots and Joell Ortiz Perform “My Shot” from “The Hamilton Mixtape”
Since we can’t get tickets to actually see “Hamilton” until 2018, we’re pretty psyched that Lin-Manuel Miranda has released “The Hamilton Mixtape”—a compilation album of celebrities covering songs from the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical. Busta Rhymes and Joell Ortiz took on “My Shot” on Monday night’s “Fallon”:

Jimmy Kimmel Live – Pretty Much Everything Is Going Jimmy’s Way Right Now
On Monday night’s “JKL,” the late night host announced that his wife is pregnant with their second child, and that he’ll be hosting the Oscars in 2017. We’re thinking of swinging by his set and rubbing him for luck.

Also on Wednesday, Kimmel got to waltz with Ryan Gosling—ROMANTICALLY.

Late Night With Seth Meyers – Michael Moore Explains How He Predicted Trump’s Election
Nate Silver and the rest of the pollsters may not have seen it coming, but Michael Moore predicted a Donald Trump presidential win a long time ago. Moore told Seth Meyers how he called it:

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