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Enter: Night – The Best of This Week’s Late Night Clips

November 19th, 2016 by Liz Brown


We’re tired, but happy. We stayed up way past our bedtimes all week long to gather the very best late night TV clips so you could get your beauty sleep and still not miss out. Check out our picks for our favorite late night TV clips of the week:

Best Late Night Clip of the Week: “The Tonight Show” – Metallica, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots play “Enter Sandman” with Classroom Instruments
This is our kind of lullaby. Fallon and his house band dusted off their tiny xylophones and returned to one of their favorite go-to bits Wednesday night, performing “Enter Sandman” with Metallica on classroom instruments. We’re off to Never-Never land.

Honorable Mentions
“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” – Nate Silver on His Election Predictions Gone Wrong
Whatever your opinion on the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, we can all agree that the pollsters and predictors got it all wrong. Famed poll aggregator Nate Silver had Hillary Clinton with a 70% chance of winning the election on his website FiveThirtyEight.com and he showed up on “The Daily Show” to explain how he and the rest of the country’s election prognosticators missed the mark by such a wide margin.

“It’s a forecast, not a prediction,” said Silver, who still looked a little bit shaken by his poll-fail. “It’s an estimate of risk.”

Silver said that, among other things, pollsters got an inaccurate reading from primarily Spanish-speaking Latino voters because most of the pollsters couldn’t speak their language.

Silver and host Trevor Noah then got into a circular discussion about whether polls have any legitimacy in the first place, with Noah begging for some sort of clarity on why people don’t just stop trying to predict what’s going to happen and just go out and vote.


“Jimmy Kimmel Live” – Future Jimmy Kimmel for the Reverse Reverse Mortgage
Maybe Jimmy Kimmel is the new Nate Silver. The host looked far into his own future, to the days when he’s rocking a cozy old man cardigan and acting as spokesman for a whole new kind of financing scheme: the “Reverse Reverse Mortgage.” It turns out the elderly can cash out their adult children’s future in a few easy, lucrative steps.