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Terrifying Fact: We’re Not Ready for Halloween

October 27th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

It’s time to get crafty.

Real talk – we’ve been busy over here. Like, really busy. Because someone has to watch the 4,000 hours* of TV that’s out there! Finally coming up for air after a Law & Order marathon, we realized that Halloween – aka our national holiday – is right around the corner!  GULP.

Rather than totally melt down into a puddle of tears and anxiety, we turned our time-crunched desperation into a thing of inspiration, rummaged through our closets, and came up with what we think are some pretty spot-on costumes based on our favorite TV characters.

If you’re reading this and also thinking “OMFG Halloween actually is in 3 days” let this be a tutorial for you. If, unlike us, you’ve had your costume planned and built since early May well… good for you.

Either way, share some of your best TV inspired costumes with us!

*rough estimate


JESSICA TARDIFF, Editorial Coordinator
Character: Leslie Knope from ‘Parks & Rec


Leslie Knope said it best herself, “Government isn’t just a boy’s club anymore, women are everywhere. It’s a great time to be a woman in politics.” With her unparalleled quips, care for the Pawnee community, cheerful and optimistic attitude, and pinky promises she’s an inspiration to us all and is now more relevant a costume than ever. Girl power, amiright?! So this Halloween, Vote Knope! It’s easy! All you’ll need is: blonde hair/blonde wig, a blazer, an American flag, and a Vote Knope button. Mine was made from a piece of paper. Simple, chic, and politically on point.


JORDAN PLAUT, Associate Editor
Character: Triumph The Comic Insult Dog


For maximum hilarity and ease of costume, I chose one of our very own – Hulu’s favorite political pundit, Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog! Now before you poop on the idea, just remember that Triumph is defined by just two main accessories: his bow tie and his infinite supply of cigars. Luckily I had access to both to go along with a black shirt and black pants to match Triumph’s dark coat. Add some black socks for ears and all that’s left is to insult America’s politicians and pundits right to their faces!


Character: Beverly Goldberg from ‘The Goldbergs


Beverly Goldberg is the quintessential ‘80s woman who lived by 3 simple standards – Big Hair, Big Shoulders, Big Patterns. This outfit is surprisingly simple: Blonde wig (who doesn’t have one lying around?) teased and sprayed to eternity, a large and loud sweater with small throw pillows jammed into the shoulders, and some sort of stretch pant or ill-filting jean. Pull it all together with a wide belt and go smother some trick-or-treaters with motherly hugs and guilt.


Character: Mary Richards from ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show


Why simply choose a costume when you can also be an inspiration? Show the world that a single gal can indeed have it all. All you’ll need is a pea coat, a long dark wig, a knit beret, and enough coffee in you to keep peppy and positive through the end of your workday. And if you feel yourself slipping, just remember – you’re gonna make it after all.


Character: Abby as Ilana from “Broad City


Everyone remembers that scene in the Broad City episode “Co-Op” when Abbi impersonated her BFF Ilana — and literally crushed it, right down to Ilana’s favorite gold hoop “Latina” earrings.

The Broad City ladies come in a pair — if you’re Abbi with no Ilana or Ilana with no Abbi, it won’t make sense! But don’t fret. If you’re swinging solo, the “Abbi AS Ilana” costume is the next best thing. Recognize! Here’s the costume in five easy steps:

  1. Find the weirdest ish you have in your house, and wear it. It can be anything, even your dog’s clothes.
  2. No one except Ilana can make culture appropriation acceptable. We don’t expect you to have ‘Latina” hoop earrings lying around, so just use regular ol’ gold hoops, because unlike Ilana, you’re a sensible person.
  3. “YAS QUEEN” and “Rape culture suckkkkkkks” are the phrases you live by. Embrace them.
  4. But remember — you’re Abbi playing Ilana, so you’re still actually Abbi. You have to pretend to hate Phish, but you actually LOVE Phish. This Halloween costume is complex AF.
  5. Find a weed cloud, and breathe it all in.


LIZ BROWN, Trending Editor
Character: Frank Gallagher from ‘Shameless


Frank Gallagher is the epitome of shamelessness. This alcoholic, drug-abusing, child-using, self-excusing, gutter-dwelling patriarch isn’t shelling out a dime for his Halloween costume and you don’t have to either. Just fish your husband’s pajamas from last week out of the bottom of the laundry basket, slap a mostly-swilled bottle of whiskey in your hand, give yourself a good case of bedhead and you’re ready to go.