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Ike vs. Morgan: 10 Quick Questions with Ike Barinholtz

October 4th, 2016 by Richard Ogawa

Let’s get to know Morgan… we mean Ike!

A common theme we hear from actors is that people often confuse them with the characters they play. Sure, they may look similar, or sometimes even share the same first name (looking at you, Tony Danza) but we asked ourselves, what are those fine lines that separate our favorite characters from the actors who portray them?

We managed to grab Ike Barinholtz, aka sweetly stupid Morgan Tookers from “The Mindy Project,” at a red carpet event for a quick rapid-fire Q&A to help us set things straight because clearly there’s no better way to get answers than through breakneck, high-pressure questioning.

Here’s what Ike had to say:

Q1: So, Ike or Morgan, who is the Boss?
A: Ike.

Q2: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse and why?
A: Morgan, because he’s survived so much already.

Q3: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to spend a perverse amount of time at Costco? Doing?
A: Morgan, until he’s asked to leave. Trying out samples.

Q4: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to write YA novels under a pseudonym and what kind?
A: Me, if things don’t go in the right direction. They’d be about a detective like Encyclopedia Brown but has horrible acne and it would be called [thinking] Johnny Zip. And my pseudonym would be Augustine Noire.

Q5: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to ask for a refund at the movies?
A: Morgan. And then they’ll find out he hadn’t even seen the movie.

Q6: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to get excited at a musical adaptation of “A League of Their Own”?
A: Me. I love that movie. It’s one of my favorites.

Q7: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to start their own Etsy store?
A: Morgan, because I don’t know what that is. Is that selling art? He would sell sculptures he made of dog hair.

Q8: Ike or Morgan, who was more likely to be an Olympian in a past life? What sport?
A: Me, because Morgan is too frail and sickly. And basketball.

Q9: Ike or Morgan, who is more likely to lead their team to victory at trivia night? And the winning category or question?
A: 100% me, for sure. I was on the state scholastic bowl champion, Latin Romans 1994. And anything that has to do with movies or books.

Q10: Finally, Ike or Morgan, who is more excited about the return of “The Mindy Project” Season 5?
A: Me. Because I have two kids [laughs].

Season 5 of “The Mindy Project” premieres Tuesday, October 4 only on Hulu. All four seasons available now.