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Tops in TV: The 2016 Hulu Games Are Here

August 5th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

It’s time for the 2016 Hulu Games! Every four years, we gather the best of the best television shows to face off against one another in an epic battle for the title of Best Show of All Time. And the sweetest part? You – the fans – get to decide!

Over the course of the Games, from Aug. 3 to Aug. 21, your votes will determine which shows advance through to the next round. We’ll narrow it down from a robust list of 32 in Round 1, to 16 in Round 2, to just 4 in Round 3, and at last the top 2 in the Final Round. Voting ends at 5pm PST on the last day of each round, so remember to get those votes in on time! The overall winner will be declared on Aug. 22.

Whether they’ve been off the air for decades, recently finished an exhilarating run, or are still going strong, we’ve identified shows that are time-defying classics. That’s why we’ve sorted each show into four distinct categories – Iconic Classics, Genre Classics, Modern Classics, and Classics In The Making. You’ll pick three of your favorites from each in the first round, with a “wild card” fourth advancing as well to get to 16 for Round 2. With this break down, it will be easier for you to compare and contrast shows in the earlier rounds before making the truly tough calls later on in the competition.

So, which will it be – the comfort of friends and lovers from “Cheers” or the divine comedy of “I Love Lucy”? The chills and thrills of the “X-Files” or the bold adventures of “Star Trek: The Original Series”? The outrageous commentary of “South Park” or the the outrageous nothingness of “Seinfeld”? The yassness of “Broad City” or the danger zone of “Archer”?

The first voting deadline is Aug. 8, so head to the Hulu Games voting page and get your vote on. May the best show win!