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5 Exciting Things from ABC’s Summer 2016 TCA Panel

August 4th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

The alphabet network is comin’ in hot this fall.

In the storied ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel (home to the Golden Globe Awards), TV critics and members of the press are gathering for the summer session of their bi-annual event known as the Television Critics Association Press Tour (or the TCAs, for short). Here, TV networks proudly present their upcoming freshman shows and returning hopefuls in hopes that critics will take kindly to, or maybe even champion, them.

We went to observe as happy little flies on the wall, and now we can’t wait for Fall TV. Here are eight things we were particularly excited to learn about for the upcoming ABC season:

The Best Character Description of the Season

In “Conviction,” Haley Atwell (who’ll always be Peggy Carter to us, sorry) plays the daughter of a former POTUS, who’s grown up into a brilliant lawyer… and an even more brilliant partier. When said party catches up to her, she’s given the option of jail time or working for a CIU (Criminal Integrity Unit… a real thing!) to help overturn unjust convictions. Obviously, she takes the job.

Of her character’s sordid past, Atwell gave one of the best characters summaries we’ve heard in a while. Simply put, “She’s stayed at the party too long. She’s missed her ride, and now she’s eating congealed pizza on the sidewalk.” We’ll party with her this fall.

The Most Upbeat Person in Hollywood

Fresh off her run on the hit series “Mike & Molly,” Katy Mixon walked into the casting room for “American Housewife” and landed the lead role on the spot. “I just attacked it, you know? And when I was done there was this silence. I thought ‘maybe I should do it again?'” she claims. But that was it. They stopped casting right there.

The show is about a loud, feisty mom and her off-kilter family who move to Westport, CT to be in a good school district for their kids, but don’t quite fit in with the perfect cookie cutter families. On the show’s themes of self acceptance and not fitting in, Mixon stated “You know, I’ve never really let the media dictate my career or self worth. I’ve been blessed to have been able to work on great projects, and I think this show is really special.”

 Jack Bauer is Back

Well, sort of. Kiefer Sutherland does make his return to TV, however. ‘Designated Survivor’ follows an unassuming government employee (Sutherland) as he’s thrust from obscurity to the Presidency after an attack on Congress kills everyone above him in the chain of command.  According to producers, the show is part “West Wing” and part “Homeland.” With a touch of “House of Cards” for good measure. When asked what would happen if Jack Bauer and his new character Tom Kurkman met, Sutherland said “I think they would trust each other.”

 #TGIT Is Taking A Break (For Now)

Since ‘Scandal‘ won’t come back into our lives until January so that Kerri Washington can tend to her new life as a mother, the fan-favorite Thursday night line-up is getting shaken up a bit. But fear not, Thursday will still remain extremely watchable. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘HTGAWM’ are still set to premiere, and filling in for ‘Scandal’ is the new thriller ‘Notorious,’ starring Piper Perabo and Daniel Sujata.

Inspired by the lives of Wendy Walker, a longtime producer of ‘Larry King Live,’ and Mark Geragos, a celebrity lawyer who has defended everyone from Michael Jackson to Wynona Ryder, the show will explore the fine line between the press and legal ethics.

The Creator of Suri’s Burn Book Is Now a TV Writer

One of the co-creators of ‘Notorious’ is Allie Hagan, the creator of the scathingly satirical blog “Suri’s Burn Book.” Her other half is Josh Berman, who’s resume includes ‘CSI’ and ‘Bones.’ While both backgrounds lend for interesting perspectives on the legal system and the media, we’ve been assured that Hagan’s fictitious Suri would definitely approve of the show.