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It’s Going to Be A Cruel Summer

July 11th, 2016 by Hulu Editors

Summertime isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Wipe off the layers of sunscreen and sweat and you’re apt to find a little teen angst, sexual frustration, and plain old paranormal intrigue. But sometimes that makes for a far better viewing experience.

Bananarama got it right when they sang, “I sit around trying to smile, but the air is so heavy and dry.” Maybe there’s something about the oppressive, sweltering heat, burning pavement, and our loved ones being gone that drives us all a little mad.

As a way to (hopefully) relieve that madness, we’re tapping into summer’s dark side: Starting July 11, we’re launching “Cruel Summer” to highlight TV shows and films that depict the more sinister side of this otherwise sunny season. The side where lazily wasting your days by the pool turn into reckless affairs with an older woman, or a yachting trip or two in Italy ends with identity theft (and a gruesome death!).

Summer’s fun, but it can also be cruel. But there’s something sensual, mysterious, and inviting about the dark side. It’s time to forget about the sunshine, vacations, flings, and mojitos. Bring on the angst. The growing pains. The bad romance. The mysterious part of town. The serial killers.

Have a cruel summer. XOXO.


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