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September 24th, 2015 by Editor

 Hulu Develops Custom 3D Environment to View Content and Immersive 3D Short Films

SANTA MONICA, Calif., (September 24, 2015)–Hulu today announced a new virtual reality application that will be available this fall. The Hulu VR application will feature immersive 3D environments that will allow subscribers to stream Hulu’s 2D library of content as well as original virtual reality short-form, starting with a VR short film from the creators of Hulu Original RocketJump: The Show, produced by Lionsgate and RocketJump.

Hulu subscribers will be able to log directly into the Hulu app through their virtual reality device. Once inside, the immersive experience will allow viewers to watch Hulu’s entire library of content in 2D – including current season broadcast and cable programming, libraries of classic content and exciting Hulu Originals – all in unique viewing environments created for VR devices.

The range of experiences will include viewers transporting themselves into a comfortable living room setting to catch the latest episode of the Hulu Original Difficult People.  Viewers can also choose to view Hulu’s library of premium content including movies and current season TV in a classic movie theater setting.  Seinfeld fans can choose to be transported on to the blue couch in Jerry’s iconic apartment to watch favorite episodes of the series.

 “Hulu lives at the intersection of technology and entertainment, and this is a great example,” said Julian Eggebrecht, Hulu VP of Device Platforms. “Providing viewers with dynamic environments of their choice and themed around their favorite shows provides a whole new level of engagement, which together with our cinematic VR experiences makes Hulu an exciting VR destination.”

Hulu will also create and house a variety of cinematic VR films across multiple genres that transport viewers into new worlds and change the way they experience and interact with Hulu.  The first of these is the ground-breaking VR short film “The Big One,” on which Hulu partnered with Lionsgate to bring Freddie Wong and his RocketJump brand into the virtual reality space.  “The Big One” will become a bonus short for Freddie Wong’s new Hulu series, RocketJump: The Show, which chronicles his filmmaking adventures.  Produced by Lionsgate in tandem with RocketJump and VR innovator WEVR, “The Big One” invites users to witness a meteor shower that soon turns into an apocalyptic nightmare.  The end is near, and Hulu VR viewers will have a front row seat.

 An official release date, as well as updates to content and device availability, will be available at a later date.