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Hulu Introduces Ultimate Streaming Destination Designed For Your Favorite Furry Friends

April 1st, 2015 by Editor

Today, Hulu rolls out Hulu Pets, the newest collection of content targeted for the four-legged TV lover.  From the very beginning, Hulu has proven to put the viewer first with the introduction of Hulu Latino and Hulu Kids. Now with the addition of Hulu Pets, we are proud to say that we are cornering the BARKet, and providing premium content for some of the most lovable members of our families – our pets.

Over half of Hulu viewing is done in the living room, but who’s to say that while the humans are away, the animals won’t press play?  With the addition of new premium content and originals made specifically for animals, tails will be wagging in front of the TV screen for weeks and months to come!

On Hulu Pets, owners and pets alike can find content to enjoy together and separately.

Discover some of the amazing new content created just for your pets!

Clawed City

Follow two feisty felines as they take a nibble out of the Big Apple. Will they claw their way to the top or make a mess of all nine lives?


The Real Pugs of Portland

The hairy hijinks of the hippest breed in Portland are sure to leave you breathless and drooling. From dog park drama to the hottest local fire hydrant, get inside the lives of PDX’s most provocative pugs.


The Bark

Tune into into the newest canine competition of the day, featuring America’s top dog vocalists. Do these pups have what it takes to howl with the pros? Featuring celebrity cat judges Simon Meowell, Furry Connick Jr., and Feral.


Bone Appétit

Watch as the animal kingdom’s most ambitious chefs compete to please the most difficult pet palates. Who will be crowned the King of Kibble and who will end up as fish food? With drama this tasty, you’ll be left begging at the table for more.


Think we’re kitten? Go to www.hulu.com/hulu-pets to watch all the great content available now on Hulu Pets.

Happy Watching!