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Second Season, New City and a Whole New World of Drama

January 7th, 2015 by Beatrice Springborn Head of Originals

What happens in Vegas…airs on HuluSin City welcomes Hulu and Paramount Digital Entertainment’s The Hotwives franchise for a new season as The Hotwives of Las Vegas.

The ladies of Orlando captured the hearts of viewers in season one, but fans can calm down because The Hotwives of Las Vegas will feature some new faces and some old faces that just look new. The series continues with more hair-pulling, table-flipping and, as always, endless drama!

Executive Producer Jon Stern said, “In season one, we wanted to take a cold, hard look at the up-till-now entirely secret world of rich friends that hate each other. But we realized we’d only barely scratched the surface.  We see this second season as a second marriage, which will be better than the first and with more sex.”

Top off your wine glasses, because a toast is in order. Viva Las Vegas!