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Let Hulu Find You the Perfect GIF

December 10th, 2014 by Editor

For years, we’ve struggled to find an outlet for the breadth of emotions we all experience during the holidays. Greeting cards, mass texts, strings of emoticons… but nothing ever conveyed the feelings we so desperately needed to express. Nothing – that is – until we discovered the power of the perfect GIF. 

Starting today, Hulu is giving you the chance to share your true feelings about the holidays with the first-ever Hulu Perfect GIF Generator.

Excited that you got a great parking spot while shopping at the mall? Relieved you can finally drink eggnog without judgment? Upset that your sister is cooking the turkey this year? Go to Hulu’s Perfect GIF Generator and share all of your holiday feelings so that they can be matched with “The Perfect GIF,” created from your favorite shows on Hulu.

The Perfect GIF generator is a first-of-its-kind innovation and is simple as pie… Sweet pumpkin pie. Just type in what you’re feeling and corresponding GIFs will instantly appear. Then, choose your favorite and share it via your email or social networks. You can also download it and even click on it to be taken directly to Hulu and watch the moment from the show that brought forth the GIF. As long as your sister gets the message that you should be the one cooking the turkey.

What are you waiting for? Find The Perfect GIF here, and at long last share with the world how you really feel this holiday season. After all, it’s better to GIF than receive!