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Introducing the reimagined Hulu App for iPhone

October 1st, 2014 by Karan Nischol Senior Product Manager

At Hulu, we always strive to make watching TV an even more delightful and convenient experience for our users. And, today, we are super excited to introduce a focused and simple way to watch Hulu shows, clips, movies and more on the go with the reimagined Hulu app for iPhone.

One of the first things you will notice when you open the app is that there are three new panels at the very top level: Home, Shows You Watch and an updated Navigation Panel.

Home represents the best content of the day on Hulu, handpicked and curated by our expert editorial team. From the season premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to the most viral clip on Jimmy Fallon, we promise to delight you every time you visit.

The second panel – Shows You Watch - holds the key to the shows you love to watch and keep up with on Hulu, all personalized to your viewing habits. So if you are catching up on the hilarious misadventures of Party Down or getting into the very adorable A to Z, this is your spot.

The updated Navigation Panel provides an easy way to scroll through and discover everything in the full Hulu content catalogue; from great TV and movies to hubs like KidsLatinoBritish and Hulu Originals.

To access the Shows You Watch and Navigation Panel, simply swipe left and right, respectively from anywhere in the app.

When we reimagined the app, it was also important for us to make sure that certain key features, no matter where you are in the app, are just a tap away. That’s why we designed the Action Tray. The Action Tray is your quick access to searchqueue and cast to TV from anywhere in the app, just a pull away.

We’ve also redesigned search with contextually grouped results by category so you get to what you are looking for quickly. You can access all your saved videos in queue right from the action tray and, whenever you add new content to it, another ‘heartbeat’ will be added to your queue. And, if you want to cast your favorite shows from your iPhone to your TV using your Chromecast, PS3, PS4 or Xbox One, you can easily find the cast feature right on the Action Tray. Making it possible to toss your traditional remote for a more interactive experience on your phone that let’s you control your playback experience directly from your Hulu Plus app.

It is no surprise that video is at the very core of what we do at Hulu and we know how important it is to have crisp visuals and a seamless playback experience with the upcoming series Flash. That’s why we gave our Hulu player a complete facelift as part of this redesign. The player now has cleaner controls including the beloved 10 second rewind and the ability to scrub easily. To make things simple and clean, we’ve nested other rich functionality on the player such as captions, share and cast to TV within this extended menu in the player.

Continuing our theme of ease and delight, we have given a fresh look to the show pages. Each show page opens up with a larger image that leads into everything you need to know about the show, such as show details and synopsis and is then followed by direct access to the latest episode of the show or the last part of the episode you left off if you are already watching it. Further down, we present episodes and clips under simple tabs. You have the option to tap on each video to head to the video details page to learn more info, or just sit back, relax and press play. We’ve also made it easier to add videos or complete seasons to your queue from the video details and show pages, respectively.

The updated Hulu app on iPhone is now available to download from the iTunes store, so give it a spin. And we are just getting started; stay tuned for even more updates and more contextual features to come…all for the love of TV!