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‘Party Down’ Is Coming to Hulu. Dress Accordingly.

August 27th, 2014 by Editor

Even though summer is ramping down, there are still plenty of reasons to be in festive spirits: the 3-day weekend that is Labor Day, the impending return of Fall TV, the good Daylight Savings. Here at Hulu, we have another major reason to pull out the party hats – Starz’s original comedy Party Down is coming exclusively to Hulu!

Beginning Friday, August 29th, all episodes of Party Down will be available to stream exclusively on Hulu Plus. The first five episodes of the series will be available for a limited time on the free, ad-supported Hulu.com.

That means soon you’ll be able to watch all episodes of the cult comedy that celebrates mediocre employment and stars a cast of Hollywood comedic all-stars including Emmy® Award nominees Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) and Jane Lynch (Glee), as well as Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Step Brothers), Ken Marino (Marry Me, Burning Love), Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars), Martin Starr (Silicon Valley, Knocked Up) and Emmy® Award-winner Megan Mullally (Will & Grace, Fame).

Hulu is a top destination for great, cult comedies, so – needless to say – we’re very excited. And to be sure we celebrate this news with an appropriate bash, we asked some of the employees of Party Down Catering for professional tips from the field:

“I like to follow what I call ‘Ron Donald’s 3 D’s for a Successful Party’—Distribute food, Drink water so you don’t get too drunk and end up in the back of a van, Don’t forget to have everyone fill out a feedback card.” — Ron Donald

“The key to a great party? Low expectations. Like, really low. That, and an open bar.” — Henry Pollard

“’What business am I in? The Handsome Business.’ That’s what you should always say when you’re mingling with producers. Or cougars. Mostly producers.” — Kyle Bradway

“I think parties are kind of lame, especially Hollywood parties. I mean, who wants to deal with fake people and all of those self-absorbed—Oh, I need to answer this call. It’s my agent.” — Casey Klein 

“Well, if you want a party of quality—which no one in Hollywood seems to care about anymore, which is why I haven’t sold a script yet—you just need three people: Sulu from Star Trek, Vitaly Chernobyl from the novel Snowcrash, and legendary hard Sci Fi author A.F. Gordon Theodore. Done.” – Roman DeBeers

“Well, all I know is that parties are usually crawling with important people. If you’re trying to break into show business, it’s important to impress these people so be open to everything. And I mean everything.” — Lydia Dunfree

“My old actor friend Ed lived in a studio apartment alone and for years, could never land that one role that would make him a star. On his 60th birthday, he decided to quit acting. A week later, he died. So don’t make important life decisions at parties or on any special occasion. Also, make sure to order extra cheese. It’s important to serve lots of cheese.” — Constance Carmell

“Be there on time. Limit yourself to one h’ordeuvre per 15 minutes. Wear black. Limit yourself to one restroom break per hour. You think this is all unfair? Take it up with God who made you that way.”– Uda Bengt

Be sure to head to Hulu the Party Down page on Hulu to watch these characters and more when the entire series premieres just in time for your holiday weekend!