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Saddle up and get ready for more hilarious, gun-slinging action in the Wild West – “Quick Draw” Season 2 Premieres Today!

August 7th, 2014 by Mitchell Squires Public Relations Manager

This season, viewers will be treated to even more laugh out loud moments, romance and questionable decisions from Sheriff John Henry Hoyle (John Lehr). Favorites including Cole Younger (Brian O’Connor), Peculiar Deputy Eli (Nick Brown), gorgeous saloon owner, and Hoyle’s pseudo girlfriend, Honey Shaw (Allison Dunbar), feisty outlaw Pearl Starr (Alexia Dox), hot mess Wanda (Kate Frisbee) and clueless undertaker Vernon Shaw (Bob Clendenin) all return to round out a cast trying to navigate their way through 1875 Great Bend, Kansas.

In celebration of the premiere, we sent star and co-creator John Lehr and show co-creator Nancy Hower to Great Bend’s real life sister town – Dodge City, Kansas – for the 54th annual Dodge City Days celebration.

We asked John Lehr to share some highlights from his time in Dodge City and this is what he had to say…


VIP in Dodge City

A brief memoir by John Lehr, AKA Sheriff Hoyle 

Dodge City, Kansas invited my co-creator Nancy and me out for the Dodge City Days rodeo festival. The last time I was in Dodge, I was 10 and had no idea what to expect this time around.  Quick Draw is a western, yes, but it was the show’s somewhat edgy comedy that made me a little nervous. Would the town tar and feather us and drag us out by our ankles? We were shocked that it was just the opposite. Honestly, this was the best event experience I have ever had. If you haven’t been to Dodge, get your butt out there. Speaking of butts, they worked ours to the nub. Here’s a brief recap.

Here I am explaining to a mother why her son watched a Quick Draw episode that included a steam-powered vibrator. You can’t see her husband who is just out of frame…loading a shotgun.  Yes, I am wearing a cowboy hat and a pink shirt. I was rollin’ Urban Cowboy-style. In all honesty the woman had no idea who I was and was just asking to borrow my pen. 

Here I am preparing to lead a herd of Texas Longhorn Cattle through Dodge City. The man on my left is Buck Taylor, the star of the Western classic Gunsmoke. Gunsmoke ran for 20 years. Quick Draw is starting its second season. That is why Buck gets the white horse and the buckskin. My outfit was purchased for me thirty minutes prior to this photo. Is my horse trying to get someone’s attention as if to say, “Really? This guy?”

This was an incredible moment for me. Believe it or not, I was actually inducted into the Wild West Hall of Fame, which is located near The Boot Hill Casino and Resort who hosted the event. Larry, the man standing, is in charge of the operation but failed to tell me that they used molten lava instead of cement for reasons unknown. 

This moment warmed my heart. Yes, like me, Nancy is forever maimed by the lava, but hell, she’s officially in the Hall of Fame! I told Nancy to wear that one-of-a-kind Quick Draw trucker hat so she could get it on with a cowboy. It worked. Nancy edits the show but now she has no fingers so we will have to find someone else. 

And the love just kept on flowing. Here I stand at the top of the infamous outlaw cemetery. Boot Hill inaugurated me as an official honorary Marshal of Dodge City. Hell yes. My fellow honoree is Johnny Crawford star of The Rifleman. To my right is either Brent Harris, the face of Dodge City, or a drunk guy who rushed the stage. We simply don’t know.  And before you poo-poo this award you should know some fellow honorary Marshals: JFK, Ronald Regan, Duke Ellington and Johnny Cash. Nice.

Thank you Dodge City!!!