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Links and Additional Resources for the Aspiring Screenwriter

July 23rd, 2014 by Kelly Lin

Editor’s Note: This post is in conjunction with a special summer program on Hulu called Hulu Summer Film School. This summer, Hulu is using some of your favorite films to explore how filmmakers use elements such as sound, cinematography, and lighting to tell powerful stories and create moments that are unforgettable. Learn more at hulu.com/film-school. 

Want to expand your knowledge of screenwriting but not sure where to start?

Here are a couple extra credit resources to get you on the ‘write’ path.

- Go into the Story’s Script Database – Free and legal copies of some of the most recent and popular screenplays. After perusing the screenplays, check the website’s blog for screenwriting lessons and interviews with famous screenwriters.

-BBC Writer’s Room Guide to Script Formatting – A script about how to format a script.

-Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk - The man behind Finding Nemo and Wall-E gives his take on the keys to a great story.

-Dan Harmon’s Guide to Story Structure- The creator of Community provides his own interpretation of the Three-Act Story Structure, the story circle. See how the structure plays out in Breaking Bad here.

-The ScriptNotes podcast from John August and Craig Mazin – A weekly podcast from the writers of titles such as Big Fish, The Hangover Part II, and Frankenweenie, covering topics such as story structure, character development, and the nuts and bolts of entering the industry. A must-listen for any aspiring screenwriters.

Happy writing!

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  • Anna says:

    FABULOUS!!! I love that this course is being offered. As an aspiring screenwriter, it has given me a little more inspiration!