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Remote Control for Hulu

April 24th, 2014 by Mitch Walker Senior Development Lead

At Hulu, we are always in search of providing great experiences for watching TV. Today, we are pleased to announce the first release of the remote control experience for Hulu, a new function that allows you to use your mobile phone or tablet to control the Hulu experience on your living room device.

Expanding on the great Chromecast support we successfully launched last year, remote control functionality for Hulu brings that same awesome experience to your living room through the Hulu app on your Xbox One, PlayStation®3 (PS3®) or PlayStation®4 (PS4™) systems. 

The functionality is easy to use. Simply launch the Hulu app on your iOS or Android mobile device, and your gaming console system will be detected directly through the app.* Once detected, a “cast” button will appear on your mobile phone or tablet and you can pair it with your living room device. 

Let’s say you’re an Andy Samberg fan like me…and you’re catching up on the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and suddenly have a desire to re-live Andy’s comedic genius in his first SNL digital short – “Lazy Sunday”. Well, you’re in luck! You can keep watching the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” episode on your Xbox One, PS3 or PS4  system and use your mobile device to easily search for another show, episode or clip, and “cast it” to start watching immediately on your TV.

With the remote control functionality, you still get all of the controls you’ve come to expect from Hulu such as pause/resume, seek, and 10-second rewind. Need to go downstairs to grab a snack? No problem – you can switch back to watching on your phone with the press of a button. With another press of a button, you can go back to casting to any TV in your home with a connection to your Xbox One, PS3 or PS4 system!

The Hulu Seattle and Santa Monica teams are always creating new connected experiences so that you, our subscribers, can have more great ways to enjoy Hulu in the living room. We launched the remote control functionality with the goal of finding and consuming your favorite content easier than ever. And this is only the beginning – we will continue to add remote control functionality to more living room devices over the coming months. So stay tuned! If you’re looking for new content to watch, the second season of our Hulu Original “Moone Boy,” starring Chris O’Dowd, just premiered on the service today.

Let us know what you think!

*The gaming console must be turned-on and logged in to the same Hulu account

**“PlayStation”, the “PS” Family logo and “PS3” are registered trademarks and “PS4” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.