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Laugh Tracks of Our Lives: New Carsey-Werner Titles Now on Hulu

March 7th, 2014 by Maria Gonima Hulu Communications

This week, we’re excited to launch some of the best TV shows that defined their eras and continue to make us laugh. Full seasons of “A Different World,” “Grace Under Fire” and “Cybill,” previously unavailable on any streaming video platform, are now available anytime, anywhere on Hulu.

These shows join the laugh-track powered, award-winning roster of Carsey-Werner titles already on Hulu, including “3rd Rock From the Sun,” “Grounded for Life,” “The Tracy Morgan Show,” “Normal, Ohio,” “Damon,” “Whoopi,” “That 80s Show,” “Davis Rules” and “Men Behaving Badly.” So, basically, we’ve now got a selection of everything that you watched in your most formative years. (For those who were still in diapers, you’ve got plenty of catching up to do!)

Behind the giggles, chortles and laughs, shows like “A Different World,” in addition to introducing us to style icon Dwayne Wayne, taught us how to shed juvenile fears and face adult challenges. “Cosby” showed us how to roll with the punches and lean on our families as we get older (in addition to making us wish Madeline Kahn was a series regular in our lives). Chuck Lorre’s “Grace Under Fire” and “Cybill” were both shows that comically portrayed the tough realities of the non-nuclear family of the 90s with strong female leads with distinctive differences. Brett Butler’s blue-collar divorcee Grace had grit, while Cybill’s multi-divorcee, struggling actress had…well…just a smidge more grace. (Bonus for “The Good Wife” fans, Christine Baranski absolutely kills as Cybill’s always drunk, sharp shooting friend Maryann Thorpe.)

Setting the stage for shows like “Modern Family” and “Trophy Wife,” these sitcoms pushed boundaries and introduced us to non-traditional families that hadn’t been seen on TV before. Happy watching!