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The Mother of Animated Comedies: Eva Longoria’s “Mother Up!”

November 6th, 2013 by Editor

It’s time to “Mother Up!” Eva Longoria gets animated in this new series about the parenting misfires of a disgraced former record exec who goes from the towers of Manhattan to the carpool lanes of suburbia.

In addition to being the show’s executive producer, Eva voices the inimitable Rudi Wilson who quickly finds herself alone and hopelessly under-equipped to manage her two kids and new life in the suburbs. Without her husband and nanny, she’s set on doing whatever it takes to raise her wildly imaginative 5-year old girl, Apple, and a Charlie Brown-esque, slightly introverted 9-year old son, Dick. Rudi’s overconfidence and reckless narcissism lead to an endless mix of problems and triumphs as she struggles to compete with suburban moms, date, make friends and become a real mother.

Rudi’s animated anti-heroine antics go way, way over the top, but she’s got friends to keep her grounded, like Sarah, her suburban sensei, Greg, the moderately tempered metal head, and rapper 2Bit (along with his polar bear Snowball). Then, there are the foes. You know these types of moms. The sugar donuts filled with sour jelly. Jenny, the PTA queen bee, and her sidekick Meghan, are ruthlessly, immorally competitive, but they’re not the only ones who can play dirty. Rudi may think she’s out of her element, but you’ll see if her street smarts can keep her on top in suburbia.

Eva gave us a bit more perspective on Rudi’s new life away from the big city:

The show’s co-creators and executive producers shared shared a bit about how “Mother Up!” and some of these extraordinary scenarios Rudi gets into reflect real people and real stories they or their friends have experienced in their parenthood adventures.

Michael Shipley, executive producer

“Every other show that tries to depict parenthood takes the most uncomfortable moments and softens them. We tried to take them the other direction. I always think about my dear friend who’s a wonderful mother, but if she makes a mistake, she feels like a terrible person. If she makes the smallest blunder in judgment with her sons, she’s immediately seized with a paroxysm of self-doubt and feels like she might have traumatized them in some actual way. We take that fear and blow it up to actual action so now we have a mother that actual IS the mother that some women fear they are: terrible, self-interested, indulgent and oblivious to their child’s needs. We’re only human and we’re all, at moments, that person. It, hopefully, is fun and gratifying to watch someone who’s that way 95% of the time and 5% of the time says, ‘oh my God, I love my kids.’ We inverted the proportions of a good person.”

Susan Purcell, executive producer, Mass Animation

“Your dream idea of what it means to be a mom and parent and the reality are two entirely different things. The show actually speaks to the reality that you’re living every day and the shortcomings of just trying to be your best and just falling short all the time. In the pool scene from the first episode, Rudi is distracted for a moment checking something on her phone. All of a sudden, Apple is in the pool and being rescued by some other mom who’s trying to save the day. If you’re off your game for a minute, someone else has swooped in and become the parent!”

Marnie Nir, co-creator 

“The scene at the parent-teacher conference with that interesting drawing that Apple made really came from when someone I know. She went to a parent-teacher conference for her son and everyone else drew favorite things about themselves, and her son drew himself naked. Other moms were looking at those pictures proudly, and she could only break out laughing with no idea what to make of that.”

Katie Torpey, co-creator

“We’re exposing the truth about what’s happening and what’s really going on for moms. There’s a moment when you go to pick up the kids at school and things get competitive. Everyone’s lining up to figure out whose kid’s better. That’s when Rudi gets protective of her kids, because she doesn’t have trophies in the display, and she has to have her kid be as good or better than the others. Characters like Suzie and Jenny are based on real competitive moms.”

Yair Landau, executive producer, Mass Animation

“Rudi reflects the parent we all fear we are and sometimes become, except pushed to an extreme level. In the show, she puts her kid on a steroid regimen so that she can compete with the other kids. I know a lot of parents who put their kids through a lot of stuff to get them to be competitive. When my kid was a star soccer player, there was a lot of vicious stuff going on when getting your kid ready to play soccer, so it’s not too far from the truth. Girls soccer is a vicious, vicious game. I almost was in a fist fight with a dad on the side of a soccer field once. He called me outside in the parking lot. It came very close.”

Watch the first two episodes now. Happy watching!

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