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Free Hulu Clips On The Go!

October 23rd, 2013 by Karan Nischol Senior Product Manager

The mobile browser on our phones and tablets has become one of the most convenient ways to take a break. Today, we are proud to announce that you can now watch free Hulu clips on your mobile browser by going to hulu.com

In the free Hulu clips available through mobile devices, you’ll find a curated collection of TV’s best moments, hand-picked & crafted by our editorial team just waiting for you to snack on. It is a daily portal of what’s going on in TV, pop culture and news, all in the form of easily watched clips. This new offering is available free of charge and you do not need to login! Just type in hulu.com on your phone or tablet browser, and you’re all set to enjoy the best of TV instantaneously.

When it came to designing a free Hulu experience for the mobile browser, we wanted to make it a) super easy for our users, and b) relevant. The site opens up to our “Trending Now” page, which captures the buzz from last night’s Jimmy Kimmel, or the Voice performance that turned the maximum number of chairs, to the most exciting dance moves from Dancing With The Stars.

And if you know exactly what kind of content you’re craving at the moment, there are five additional genre based channels – including Trailers, Comedy, News, Celebrity and Latino – with more channels to come.

If you are like me and just in the mood to binge on some Family Guy goodness, we’ve got a huge collection of clips from all your beloved shows on Hulu that will keep you glued to your mobile phone or tablet for hours. We also made it easy to share your favorites with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter or via email. And at any point, if you feel like a snack just isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you can sign up for Hulu Plus right from Hulu mobile clips, and get the Hulu Plus app to watch full episodes.

So, the next time you are waiting in line for your pumpkin spice latte, go to hulu.com on your mobile browser and start watching!

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