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Cast Away: Hulu on Chromecast

October 2nd, 2013 by Karan Nischol Senior Product Manager

At Hulu, we are always thinking of new ways to make watching TV a more delightful and convenient experience for our users. The Hulu app on Chromecast does just that, and we are very excited to announce its arrival today.

Our teams in Santa Monica and Beijing, working closely with Google, have developed the Hulu app for Chromecast to be a seamless experience that offers a new and exciting way to engage with the shows you love most.

For owners of a Chromecast device, the Hulu app on your phone or tablet makes it easy to control Hulu on your TV. Just fire up the Hulu app on your mobile device, connect to Chromecast and start watching. A simple tap on your mobile device screen allows you to scroll through and watch all your favorite TV shows.

The core of the Chromecast solution on Hulu is a custom remote control that has all the basic functionality of play/pause, along with the beloved :10 second rewind of the Hulu video player. You also have the option to enable captions or go straight to your favorite TV moment – like the exact moment of Mindy’s proposal on The Mindy Project – right from your mobile phone or tablet.

Leslie Knope said about waffles, “You can never have enough.” That’s how we feel about TV, which is why the Chromecast experience is designed to let you browse the Hulu app simultaneously while you are casting a video on your TV. This means you could be tweeting Jimmy Kimmel’s twerk hoax or adding Doctor Who to your queue, all while watching Poehler Power right from the Hulu app on Chromecast.

You can pair your Hulu app at the top of your binging session and watch The Good Wife, or instantly cast the trailer of August: Osage County onto your TV when your friends come over for the Meryl Streep fan party. And, if you need to run out to fill up those popcorn bowls, we’ve made it really easy to pause your video right from the lock screen or notification tray on your Android device.

Now, it’s time for you to join the party, hide that TV remote and watch Hulu in style. Download the Hulu app on your Android phones and tablets from the Google Play store and on your iPad from the App Store (iPhone experience is coming soon).

We hope you enjoy Hulu on Chromecast as much as we’ve enjoyed building it – we’ll be rolling the experience out throughout the day. Let us know what you think. Happy watching!

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  • Vanessa says:


    I just purchased the chromecast device because I hate watching hulu on my Wii. I thought this would be a higher quality alternative. So, I’m a little bit confused as how I’m supposed to use it with chromecast. I can use it for just about everything else, but hulu plus online is a little wonky, meaning I can’t make the the video box larger unless I choose full screan, which then means I can’t do anything else on my computer. Why is there no hulu plus app on the chromecast app site? It says it’s supported, but when I search for apps on my laptop, all I get is “Hulu TV button” that doesn’t even look like it belongs to Hulu. Why is this app only on mobile devices?

  • Efren Quezada says:

    I am having the same problem that Brenda Gonzalez mentions. I just logged into my HuluPlus account and got a message that it can only be seen in the US. I have had the Hulu subscription for many years and this has never been a problem. I also live in Puerto Rico. Your quick feedback will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Hi Guido,

    Thanks for reaching out and I’m sorry for the trouble. Would you be able to contact us at ( http://www.hulu.com/support ) and we can assist you further over e-mail?

    Mallory C.
    Hulu Support

  • Tah says:

    Ive been having the same problem with the hulu app that many of you are having for almost a month now. Ive been in contact with hulu given them every bit of information that I possibly could to get help and honestly I dont think anything they do can help. if you dont have the icon you just dont have it. your gonna have to use your gaming system or computer to watch your shows. watching it on a phone just makes you not want to watch it at all.
    uninstalling and reinstalling, power cycling, clearing cache… none of that works. best bet?? use another system or get netflix. sorry hulu just telling it like it is.

  • Guido Serra says:

    …add on on what I just mentioned (Kindle with no cast icon)
    I was mangling with the administration tool for chrome, editing the name of the chromecast
    and for a few seconds the icon appeared on the Kindle, I selected the device, tried to play but it did fallback to local execution again

    this is frustrating

  • Guido Serra says:

    I got a Kindle Fire HD, probably one of the earlier versions, it is from last year

    I got a Chromecast that I bought 2 months ago, at my parents home, and that one works.
    Then I got out for work, and I bought another one, which at boot time received a google update (on Sunday 17th Nov.). Since then, I can’t cast anymore, I never managed to with this chromecast dongle. While a colleague with his Nexus 7 can perfectly do it. I do not see the cast icon. What’s going on?

  • Hi there, I’m sorry for the trouble! I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Also, make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi as the Chromecast. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Hulu Support

  • Rajesh says:

    I have a samsung galaxy S phone. I can cast fine with youtube app but on huluplus app the cast icon does not show up. I have the same problem that Pavan has posted in this group.
    Any idea what going on? Android version on the phone is 2.3.6.

  • Mat says:

    I have been a HuluPlus user for over 2 years. I upgraded from my Wii to chromecast this week. However, I can’t access HuluPlus since my android is less than the version 4.0 and I do not own an Ipad. Will you be making any adjustments for us paying users, so we are not limited … it will be nice if the cast button can be available for androids 2.3 such as mine, or at least to have a way to cast it from hulu.com — you should not only focus your developing to advance equipment that not all of us have!

    Thank you.

  • Hi there! I’m sorry for the confusion. Since we recently launched on the Chromecast, we are only able to support iOS and Android devices at this time. Hopefully Windows 8 will be supported in the future. I recommend checking out our blog ( http://blog.hulu.com ) for updates! Thanks, Hulu Support

  • Daro says:

    I installed the Hulu+ app on my laptop from the Windows 8 store but can’t find a way to use my Chromecast via the app. Is there a way to activate the Chromecast device via the Device Management panel on the Hulu site? I looked for the option under the Hulu+ app settings but the option was not available. I would really like to be able to cast from the app.

  • Hi Keith,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We don’t officially support Chromecast within browser playback, so that may be the cause of the freezing issue (it’s hard to say at this point). For streaming/playback issues, we recommend reaching out to us at ( http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form ); that way, we can discuss account details and other information in a private setting.

    Sam K.
    Hulu Support

  • Hi Les,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this. We plan to have Auto play/continuous play enabled for Chromecast in future versions of our Android app, though I don’t know the specific timeline for when that might happen. Keep an eye out for updates!

    If you have any other questions, Chromecast-related or otherwise, please feel free to contact us at ( http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form ).

    Sam K.
    Hulu Support

  • les says:

    I wish you guys would allow the queue feature to work while casting to chromecast. I love using it and have never watched more hulu in my whole time subscribing to it. For some reason, when trying to watch back to back episodes, I always have to go back, get the android device, find the show, and tap to play the next episode. The whole point of having Autoplay enabled is to avoid having to do this. Please have the tech team enable this feature to also work while chromecasting.

  • Keith Wichmann says:

    I’m using a hp pro-book win7, my wireless dsl router download speed is 5mbs, the tv is samsung (smart tv), 1 year old. I down-loaded the chrome cast ap. following the info on chrome cast set-up. All this installed ok……But when casting on hulu the video runs for a few seconds than freezes; the audio at this point still plays on. This dos’t change : can leave this for 1 hour and the video is still where it was when it originally stoped.

    Any idea’s?

  • Jess says:

    Did this break? Super easy button to find yesterday and today it is nowhere to be found? What happened?

  • Kalia says:

    I just wanted to add one more ‘yes please’ to the idea of being able to cast directly from the player in my browser. It would be excellent to not have to rely on my app to cast these programs, as not all are available on the Hulu Plus app. And I would rather not cast the whole tab, because as others have mentioned, the quality is poorer. I do really like this product, and this idea, so I’m not complaining — just hoping this is a direction you guys move toward.

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  • Nate says:

    I have scrolled through these comments looking for an answer to what appears to be a common problem. chromecast works seemlessly with netflix and youtube from within a browser from a laptop however hulu you have to ” cast ” the tab that hulu is open in which provides a lower quality experience then using hulu paired with chromecast from an android device. based on the answers I have seen the “Hulu Support Advocate” does not seem to understand that from a laptop you are not offered the same “cast” button that you get on android devices which stops playback on the device itself and instead broadcasts it on the television screen. I wish there was someone who could show and explain to the “Hulu Support Advocate” the difference in the experience you have chromecasting hulu from a laptop and chromecasting hulu from an android device becuase im sure they could fix it if they understood the problem since netflix and youtube do not have the same problem.

  • Noel Nichols says:

    I have ChromeCast and I stream Hulu Plus through my ChromeCast to my TV and it isn’t as perfect as you think. Most of the time it is like watching an old Bruce Lee Movie, you know, the lips start moving before the word. I’m not to impressed with Hulu. I can pull up the Walking Dead season 4, but Hulu redirects me to AMC to watch the show but AMC doesn’t honor a Hulu subscription. Why would Hulu Plus direct me to AMC or even have The Walking Dead on its’ site, is Hulu just filling there page?

  • Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for posting. We’re aware that there’s a high demand for support on the iPhone, and we’re working on including iPhone support in the near future! Keep an eye here on the blog for any announcements.

    Hulu Support

  • Jessica says:

    I deliberately waited until Hulu Plus was available on Chromecast – I’m sure this will sound adorably outdated but I actually like watching tv on my tv, and I don’t have any of the expensive devices (iPad, Roku, Playstation, etc) that would make Hulu Plus useful to me anyway.

    So I patiently waited several months for Hulu and Google to get their acts together after the initial announcement, and finally signed up for Hulu Plus last night, eager to cast it to my tv. What wasn’t made at all clear is that this feature is NOT available for the iPhone. iPad – yes. Android – sure. But the phone that most people in this country use, and what made Chromecast a valuable device – absolutely not.

    So I guess I will spend my “free” week of Hulu Plus waiting for it to become compatible with the one device I wanted it for – and who knows how long I’ll be paying for a service I can’t actually use (unless I want to watch shows on the index card that is my phone) before you’ll actually make it available for iPhone.

    Great job, Google/Hulu. Great job.

  • Hi Karla,

    Thanks for your comment. With Chromecast, you can cast a Chrome browser tab with anything from photos to music to video from your Windows or Mac laptop or Chromebook Pixel to your TV at home. This is not our preferred experience – the optimal way to view content is with the Chromecast-enabled Hulu Plus app. You can find more info here.

    Rachel B.
    Hulu Support

  • Karla says:

    Why can’t I cast hulu plus from my laptop? that’s not fair! I can’t download Hulu Plus on my other devices… I should be able to cast Hulu Plus from a laptop, directly from the website. Please make this happen. Thanks

  • Hi Pavan, Unfortunately the Hulu Plus Android app does not have the capability to cast alone, you would need a Chromecast dongle plugged into the dock on your television. You do have the option of connecting some Android devices via an HDMI cable however.
    Thanks, Eric C. Hulu Support

  • pavan says:

    I just signed up for hulu plus trial. and downloaded the androind app onto my Galaxy S2. But when i play the video … there is no “Cast” button/ icon.
    How do i send the video to my TV ?

    youtube app is working ok.

  • Hey Brenda,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble! Can you drop us a line over at ( http://www.hulu.com/support )? I’m sure we can get this sorted out.

    Hulu Support

  • Brenda Gonzalez says:


  • suprsidr says:

    I keep signing up for Hulu Plus. Every time I dump because I’m not going to pay for commercials. But you don’t seem to get the message.
    Goodbye again Hulu Plus

  • Tod says:

    I just got chrome cast 6 days ago before hulu annouced it was joining chromecast. I was very excited because I ditched the cable 4 years ago. I love hulu and when I heard they were gonna be on chromecast I was delighted. Unfortunatly it just show HULU on my tv and not any content. sometime the cast button is there and sometimes its not..

  • Bobby says:

    You guys need to be more specific about the iPad requirement. I just spent 5 minutes trying to find the button on my iPhone.

  • James says:

    What in the hell kind of sense does it make to make it available for iPad but not the iPhone? Seriously? Are the platforms that different? I’m pretty sure iPads are large iPhones without the “phone” feature. The iOS is the same, no? Regardless… It’s absurd that you guys didn’t make that abundantly clear so I didn’t spend 20 minutes wondering where the cast button was on my iPhone. I’d say that’s a pretty important piece of info left out of the announcement. What a wast of time. Please let me know when I can actually use this feature.

  • Thanks for your post. I’m sorry we don’t have full episodes of your favorite shows. Current content is our specialty, and we usually try to at least have the full current season. That said, with a handful of shows we can only stream a few episodes from the current season based on our agreement with the content provider. We’ll keep working to get more shows for you. Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime. Have a great day!

    Hulu Support

  • Amanda says:

    The only reason I haven’t switched to Netflix is because you have all the seasons of Black Adder. But trust me, once I’m finished watching it, I’m switching. I don’t pay you guys to watch clips and trailers of my favorite shows, or only three episodes from the current season.

  • Jason says:

    That’s just very unfortunate considering that about one-third of all iPads that have been sold to date are first generation. That’s not a small number. I guess I’ll be hoping that it becomes compatible with the iPhone sometime sooner than later.

  • Jamie Rytlewski says:

    Here’s the thing you say you can’t do it from the web browser, but both YouTube and Netflix support sending to the Chromecast from the browser.




  • Hi Jason,
    We’d love to offer support on first gen iPads, but we do require iOS 6 or newer. Unfortunately Apple isn’t currently supporting iOS 6 on older generations. I’m sorry for any frustration or inconvenience. Please let us know if there is any more we can do to help.

    Hulu Support

  • Jason says:

    Only supported on iPads with iOS 6 or higher, therefore first generation iPads stuck with iOS 5.1.1 are basically out of luck? Even the Netflix and YouTube apps on 1st gen iPads still work with the Chromecast app.

  • We support everything the Chromecast was designed to do, but casting from a web browser is unfortunately not one of those functions. Keep on the lookout though, because it might be something that Google adds in future!

  • Hi Robert,
    For more information on using Hulu Plus with your Chromecast, please check here: http://bit.ly/1bxKiof

  • Debra watkins says:

    Sorry, I spotted it.

  • Hi Alexey, thanks for the suggestion. At this time, our support is limited to Android phones and Tablets, and the iPad, although we’re hoping to expand our support as soon as we can, technologically. Currently we fully support playback from our app, since users who pay for a Hulu Plus subscription are paying for the ability to access an expanded library, as well as on devices. Our free Hulu service is intended for viewing only on our website ( http://www.hulu.com ), so it’s not the preferred experience, but you can still access the Chrome browser tab on Chromecast to cast anything from photos, to videos, to websites. I hope this helps!

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Debra watkins says:

    Can’t seem to spot the cast button

  • MikeSin says:

    Pity that Hulu streaming services are not available outside of the U.S.

  • Hi Jarrett,

    Sorry for the trouble here. Like you had mentioned, Chromecast is limited to Android and iPad at this time but our developers are working hard to include iPhone support! We don’t have an exact timeline but you can check our blog ( http://blog.hulu.com ) for updates.

    Again, sorry for the delay but we are looking to expand shortly.

    Rachel B.
    Customer Support

    Rachel B.
    Customer Support

  • Hi Bria,

    Currently Chromecast is only supported on Android and iPad. Our developers are working hard to expand our service on more platforms. As soon as it does become available on various other devices we’ll make an announcement. You can also check our blog ( http://blog.hulu.com ) for updates. Hope that helps!

    Rachel B.
    Customer Support

  • homanfarz says:


  • Bria Sullivan says:

    Does casting not work from the desktop?

  • Jarrett M. says:

    Next time please mention that it only works for Android and iPad. I was excited to start using Hulu Plus on my Chromecast, only to find out it doesn’t work on my iPhone yet. Why would it be released for iPad and not iPhone at the same time?

  • Philip says:

    Will Chromecast support be coming to the browser-based Hulu Plus experience?

  • Nick M. says:

    The Chromecast support is working wonderfully.

  • Mr Williams says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Does this mean I will no longer be able to cast my browser onto my TV screen while visiting Hulu Plus? Enjoying Hulu the way it was meant to be enjoyed :'(

  • Lora Tinney says:

    Is there a particular reason that Hulu is not carrying Downton Abbey Season 3?? One of the reasons we have Hulu is to watch our favorite shows, but Hulu isn’t carrying the most recent season of one of the best shows around? What will it take to get Season 3? And then Season 4 come January? PLEASE RESPOND.

  • Robert Marshall says:

    So I’m a little confused on this one. I just installed the Hulu+ app from the Google Play Store. It says this is the October 2nd release, which I’m presuming is the one that supports Chromecast.

    However, when I launch the app, I see no ChromeCast button anywhere, like there is within the YouTube app that supports ChromeCast.

    Am I missing something? Also, will you be extending ChromeCast support to your website as well, so that one doesn’t have to always have their smartphone at hand?

  • Alexey says:

    How about adding the cast button to your video player for H+ customers on Hulu.com? Most of the time I find it easier to cast YouTube videos while browsing on my laptop instead of pulling out my phone and casting from there. Please let me know if you’re planning on adding this functionality.

  • Deej says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK you! =D

  • Andrew says:

    Correction – you’ve made it easier for your *customers* not your *users*. Some of us don’t really want Hulu *Plus* and to pay each month yet we have no ChromeCast options. At least with YouTube I can cast the YouTube video from my desktop. Can’t do that with Hulu.