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It Was a ‘Good’ Day: The Good Wife is Coming to Hulu

August 30th, 2013 by Ben Collins Editor

Here’s the best part of this Golden Age of TV that we’re currently living through: Stuff like “The Good Wife,” a show with 30 Emmy nominations, can now be binged with abandon leading into its fifth season.

It’s one of the best acted network TV shows that you’ll ever see, and this Labor Day weekend, it’s all yours. The first four seasons of “The Good Wife” will be available on Hulu starting on September 1st. Binge away.

Here’s what you probably already know about it: Julianna Margulies plays Alicia. Her husband cheated on her. He’s a politician. It gets out to the media. She decides — and struggles — to keep the family together.

That’s the baseline. But it evolves into so much more over four seasons. She’s a lawyer, a tough cookie with “Law & Order”-style cases that make the show a little too accessible to random hangers-on and couch hoppers.

Martha Plimpton slides in at points. So does Michael J. Fox. Josh Charles was Emmy-nominated for his work as Will. There’s fan fiction about him and another character on the Internet, and that’s all we can probably say without ruining everything.

If you haven’t already, you should watch it all and find out for yourself. Right a wrong before the season five premiere on CBS Sept. 29.

Last comment: Mar 31st 2015 32 Comments
  • juan says:

    When is Hulu Airing season 5 from the good wife???? we are paying for incomplete shows

  • Tara says:

    Does anyone know when Hulu will be premiering season 5 of The Good Wife? I became addicted to the show through hulu and I just finished Season 4 :(

  • Hi Toni,

    Thanks for reaching out! I tried to find season 3 of The Good Wife on my Android phone and it seems to come right up for me. Are you still having issues finding those episodes on your end phone or tablet? If so try clearing the Hulu Plus app’s cache. From the home screen, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Hulu Plus and press Clear cache.

    I hope this helps. If you need anything else please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    Kyle S.
    Hulu Support

  • Toni says:

    So I’ve gotten into the Good Wife (Thanks, Hulu!) – I have been watching through the episodes from the beginning. Tonight I wanted to continue, and much to my chagrin, it appears the season 3 (the season I’m currently watching) has been removed?

    This seems kinda weird? Seasons 1, 2 and 4 are available but 3 has disappeared (except for the reference to the current episode which is in season 3). I’m using the Hulu Plus application for Android (if that helps).

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have relationships with Showtime or FX, so we can’t host their content on the site. We do have Lifetime movies available, though! They can be found at ( http://www.hulu.com/lifetime-movies ).

    I hope this helps.

    Hulu Support

  • KL says:

    What about showtime shows? Dexter? What about FX? SOA? Lifetime movies?

  • We’d love to offer The Walking Dead, and we get a lot of contacts asking about it. We’ll keep working on it!

  • Sorry, but the streaming agreements we have with the content owners sometimes require us to expire past seasons of a show when a new one begins. Impending DVD sales, syndication agreements, and even music clearances can factor into the decision of which distribution path they’d like to take. We do attempt to keep as much content available on our service as possible though, and we’re always adding new content as well.

  • Mays says:

    Hi !
    I really love the service but I have one complain that you are removing the previous seasons and episodes from most of the tv shows
    Which is unfair for example when I find a series that I like and want to start watching you will have just season 3 and no season 1 and 2 so this means I can’t watch it because it doesn’t make sense

  • Mays says:

    Thank you for your service I really love it.
    I was wondering if you will have the walking dead on hulu soon?

  • Hi Susan, we’re happy to take comments and requests here, but the best way to reach us directly for any reason is to submit a form at ( http://www.hulu.com/support ). All of our content is dependent upon contracts that we make with the content owner, so hopefully we can obtain the rights for this movie in the future!

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Thanks for your post… We’d love to offer season 5 as well, but at the end of the day it’s up to the content owner how they choose to distribute their shows. At this time, the only current season show that CBS is giving us the rights to stream is Entertainment Tonight. Rest assured, we’ll keep working to expand our library as much as possible.

    Hulu Support

  • Jill says:

    Very disappointing that season 5 is not on Hulu Plus. I know CBS is tough, but with all the fees we pay, surely you can work a deal. :)

  • Hi Kathy,

    Sorry for the trouble here but unfortunately we aren’t able to stream any current season content from CBS at their request. However, they did give the past 4 seasons. Hopefully down the road we will get more current season content from CBS but for the time being we have only been given the rights to host past season content. I hope that helps clarify.

    Rachel B.
    Hulu Support

  • alisha p says:

    Please add season 5 to hulu… Patiently and Anxiously waitn… :-)

  • Sorry for the frustration, Anna. We are always available for communication at http://www.hulu.com/support. If you could send us a message there, I’m sure we can get to the bottom of this buffering issue.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Hulu Support

  • anna says:

    This is bull crap!!!! You make it extremely difficult to communicate with you!!!!!! That’s not good! Not only do I have to pay a monthly fee but I have to put up with endless redundant commercials!!! And the worst part is the almost constant buffering!!! Gurr!! Yes, I have Time Warner Cable internet! This should not happen. Have had your service 2 weeks. Not happy!

  • Kathy Peickert says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing Season 5 of The Good Wife on Hulu Plus….

  • was wanting to know how you can request a movie to be added I would like Megan Is Missing to be added ..its about these two teenagers that get kidnapped and murdered and it happened in California is a true story and would like to watch it again. thank you

  • Hi Kaylyn!

    Right now we only have the rights for seasons 1 through 4 of The Good Wife. I’ll be happy to pass your request for season 5 onto our content team, though!

    Kyle S.
    Hulu Support

  • Kaylyn says:

    Hi I noticed that the good wife season 5, isn’t on my hulu plus queue. Is hulu not recording season 5?

  • Hey William,

    Our subscription service, Hulu Plus, is $7.99/month with no contractual agreement. If you have never signed up for Hulu Plus before, please visit ( http://www.hulu.com/plus ) to sign up for a 1 week free trial.

    Joe B.
    Hulu Support

  • julie says:

    That is disappointing. I had cancelled my Hulu Plus account but renewed when I saw Good Wife because I thought it meant you’d have the new season. There isn’t enough that I want to watch on Hulu Plus to justify it every month, better to just buy a month every few months or so and catch up on a couple of shows.

  • William Ward says:

    How much is Hulu Plus?

  • Thanks for the post. Unfortunately I don’t have any news on that. I don’t want to get your hopes up, so I will say, at the moment the only current season show we have from CBS is Entertainment Tonight. We’re always working to expand our library though and would love to have season 5 when it comes out, but it all depends on whether we’re able to get the steaming rights from CBS. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to let us know. You can also get in touch with us at hulu.com/support or support@hulu.com.

    Charlie M.
    Hulu Support

  • afh says:

    does this mean the season 5 will be available in huluplus when it premieres at the end of the month?!

  • Hi Missy,

    Thanks for posting. I’m sorry for any frustration here, though I’d also like to confirm that we are not related to your blog. Are these advertisements for Hulu listed in Google search results? If this is the case, sometimes searching for certain keywords feature advertisements related to those keywords. I believe we have a show titled “Mistresses”, which may show ads listed in Google results, but are not related to your blog.

    Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding these ads, please contact us at (http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form), and we’d be happy to help.

    Sam K.
    Hulu Support

  • I’ve been blogging for some time at MISTRESSMANIFESTO.BLOGSPOT.COM. a Google blogger. In the last few weeks someone else has used the name on a wordpress blog, and a video station, not at all related to me and my work. Now ads are coming up that LULU is attached to Mistress Manifesto. I’d like to say that my site is IN NO WAY RELATED TO LULU or any for profit site, or any other person’s site. I would like to hear what you have to say about this.

  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for posting! I’m sorry for any frustration. One of the main differences between Hulu and Hulu Plus is that web-only content – each device (computer, TV, phone, etc.) has a different set of streaming rights, and we try to get all that we can, but sometimes the content owners prefer their content only be available on the site. We’d love to have everything on all devices, but ultimately the content owners have the final say. We’re constantly trying to obtain extended rights for every show, so hopefully soon we’ll be able to make all content available on Plus! If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

    Sam K.
    Hulu Support

  • joe says:

    you say web only content is very small? thats bull because web only hulu account people have access to all of huluplus network channels and content you wont to know why? because i have a pc and i can get all huluplus and hulu content now see this is why i said you need to get rid of free hulu account because those people going to keep looking at free content long as you keep providing it and not making them pay thats not fair to people that pay for huluplus you need to make all content huluplus only !!

  • Hey Nishan,

    Thanks for posting on our blog! We are always looking to expand our Hulu Plus content, but sometimes additional streaming rights need to be put into place to make shows available on devices. I know this is frustrating, and I apologize for that! We are working very hard on expanding Hulu Plus content, and the percentage of Web-Only content is very small. If there is anything else I can help clear up, or if you have any feedback, please let me know!

    Joe B.
    Hulu Support

  • Nishan says:

    Hulu Support Team,
    Could you please tell us why there are available episods in web, not in Hulu Plus? I think there would be all episodes in Hulu Plus with Hulu web content.

    Thank you.