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Daytime Soaps Are Now Anytime Soaps: Hulu Gets Into Bed with “One Life to Live” and “All My Children”

April 29th, 2013 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

Soap operas. We started watching them when we were home from school on sick days and snow days. Then we taped them to watch when we got home from school. Then work. Then we eventually became so invested in the characters, they felt like family.

That’s why we’re thrilled and honored to carry on the tradition with the return of beloved soaps “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” with new episodes on Hulu and Hulu Plus starting today.

We visited the set of “AMC” recently, and it was comforting to see the familiar faces and places — and plenty of new ones — all of whom appeared thrilled that the show was back. One familiar face we saw was Cady McClain, who plays Dixie Cooney Martin, and we asked her what the fans should expect from the much-missed soap. She immediately expressed her gratitude with the ardent fan base.

“I know it was a long wait,” she told us. “I know there have been a lot of ups and downs. I just want to assure the fans that it feels like another era of golden years for this show. It’s truly the best that ‘All My Children’ is and can be again.”

And it’s because Cady is a fan herself.

“I’m very excited and feel super lucky to be here right now,” she said. “The story and sets are incredible. There are so many surprises coming. I can’t wait to watch it myself!”

We realize that some of you may not be familiar with watching shows on Hulu, which is why we created a video where the stars of the soaps educate you on how to watch the shows on both Hulu and Hulu Plus. Once you view that, it will be just like old times, watching old friends in Pine Valley and Llanview—only whenever and wherever you want. Leave the drama for the soaps.

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  • Hi Mary,

    I’m afraid we don’t yet have any official word as to if or when either show will return. That decision is largely at the discretion of the shows’ producer, Prospect Park. Once we have any new information to share, we’ll be sure to update the availability notes on ( http://www.hulu.com/all-my-children ) and ( http://www.hulu.com/one-life-to-live ) respectively.

    Please let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you in the meantime.

    Hulu Support

  • Mary says:

    Can u tell me when all my children and one life to live coming back????

  • Paula Hunter says:

    I love having AMC and OLTL back!!!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, there’s no way to rate content on the PS3. However, if you visit that movie’s page on our website, and click on “Details” below the player, you’ll see the star ratings and will be able to select them.

    Hulu Support

  • Jeff Vetterick says:

    I just noticed that watching your service on my sony PS3 that I have no apparent ability to rate the move I just watched. Well, I just watched a documentary with which I disagree strongly, and at least want to vote down. What gives? Why can’t I vote on the content I’ve just seen? Which makes me wonder, where did the 3 stars it currently ‘sports” come from to begin with?? What’s going on here???

  • Hi Kenneth,

    I apologize for the trouble. If you need to contact us, please head over to ( http://www.hulu.tv/C ). If you are logged into your account, you’ll be able to locate the phone number by clicking “calling support.” I hope this helps.

    Hulu Support


  • D&B says:

    Can’t stand the new format, it takes forever to find what you want to watch. Bring back the old one!!

  • Brenda Dobie says:

    So sad that we can not see AMC in Canada. Is there any way this can happen?

  • Dante Thomas says:

    Do u think its possible u guys can add The Young and the Restless? If so that would be really awesome. My whole entire family, especially me, would be so happy and thankful if u made that happen

  • Hi Kathy, thanks for the suggestions! We’re always looking to expand our lineup, and working with content providers to get more access to more shows. I’ll definitely pass your feedback onto our team.

    Thanks, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Hi Melanie, thanks for posting. We’re so excited to have them as a part of our service now as well!

    Happy Viewing, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Scott says:

    This new interface is terrible. My que is put even further back. It takes about 11 clicks to get to something I added to my que to watch. Clearly things I specified wanting to watch should take low priority over things I already watched or suggestions.

  • kathyvegas says:

    Would love to see more UK programming, especially Eastenders and British sitcoms.

  • Melanie Withers says:

    Thank you! THANK YOU!!!! I’m thrilled to see my soaps back,
    My two very favorites at that! I grew up watching AMC
    And OLTL and am so happy to be able to (after all this time
    Of thinking it was over) share this with my little girl, as my my
    Did me. Thank you for carrying on traditions.

  • carol edinger says:

    i would like to see all my children

  • lynn J says:

    I have both hulu and netflix. I was happy to see the shows back on 4 days a week and got excited to have it back as a daily show I was upset it wasn’t on m-f now down to 2 days and I really wont watch its just frustrating to me – maybe ill watch after a month or two if all the episodes are held if not I’m ready to blow it off.

  • Hi Kim, thanks for posting. Currently, we are able to offer episodes starting at Chapter 1, Episode 1 of the newly-released season that began on 4/29/13. Because we are not the owners or creators of this content, we are not specifically informed on the plot points or motivation behind this show’s characters or episodes. I’m sorry that I could not specifically answer this question, but I would suggest chatting with our other users who are fans of One Life to Live at (http://www.hulu.com/one-life-to-live) in the comments section.

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • kimC says:

    I was wondering on OLTL Hulu started 4 years or so from where ABC left off? I think that’s cool but why is Drew, Matthew and destiny’s baby still like a year old?? He should be 4 shouldn’t he??

  • shannon ballard says:

    I love my soaps

  • what happened to season 1 episode 17; can’t find it anywhere

  • Chris says:

    I watched the first 3 weeks of One Life to Live. Today (5/20) I can not get it. Will I have to pay for Hulu Plus in order to watch anymore episodes?

  • Chris says:

    I watched the first 3 weeks of one life to live, today (5/20) I could not get it. Why? will there not be any more FREE episodes? Do I have to sign up for Hulu Plus in order to watch?

  • Hi Kat, thank you for posting, and I definitely see where you’re coming from. While we’d love to be able to offer as many episodes of All My Children as possible, Hulu does not make the decision on how many episodes of the shows are produced. The producers of this show and One Life to Live have decided to change the way they release episodes of their content, and Hulu will continue to show new episodes as they are released. Because we do keep the episodes up on our site after they have aired, your mom can catch up on AMC at her leisure, and does not need to worry about sticking to the air schedule. I apologize for the frustration this scheduling change has caused, and hope this explanation helps clear things up a bit.

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Theresa Stuppiello says:

    I am so thrilled –AMC and OLTL – are back!! I will be a Hulu forever fan as long as you keep them on. I gave up watching ANYTHING on ABC because they pulled them. They were the only shows I watched at night after long work days — they took me away
    …love the stories and the characters….Big Thank You!

  • Kat Keller says:

    we need to see MORE AMC , not LESS!!!! 2 days a week is a horrible idea. Everyday I look forward to watching, to see what’s happing in Pine Valley. People have busy schedules, however watching when we can , works for us. Does it really matter what time we watch? as long as were watching. My mom has been watching for 39 years, as she is getting older she forgets a lot. Do you really think she will remember what 2 days it’s on? people will forget what day it is on and you will lose your ratings. Hell I’m going to forget what’s going on in the show. Unless this is Hulu”s goal, this is astupid idea. Thanks for getting us hooked,just to take it away again :( I teach a dance class, if there is a dance everybody loves, I make sure we do it every week I don’t care what time of the class we do the dance, as long as we do it. Get the point Hulu, Prospect Park

  • Cynthia Silva says:

    It seems to me that it is the fans who are keeping the soaps alive, because they are a part of our family. I do not care which soap the OLTL characters end up on, but please don’t tear up the characters, or change them. You all need to work together, and I realize that businesses need to make a profit, but with out people, both the actors and the fans, there is no business. So please remember this when your negotiating, and work together, because I know that a compromise would be profitable for everyone, but you both (ABC and Prospect Park) will suffer losses if you can’t work together.

  • pam says:

    hurry please with more stories and chapters on onelife to live. I want to see some more. thankyou

  • Lee says:

    I’m glad to have AMC and OLTL to watch instead of the GH storyline currently running I wish Hulu would have a better qualty video stream cause the images aren’t in synch with the video at all have to watch and pause a lot wastes time.

  • Kimberely Stigger says:

    so happy to see amc back have been missing it. will be back to watch the next episode

  • susan rosas says:

    when do the next ones come up I paid cant get it

  • AliciaE says:

    Thank you for making it so convenient to check out these shows. I’m a die-hard Days fan, but I thought I better check out the returns of both AMC and OLTL. It was lots of fun. I will be back to see more.

  • frank oneil says:

    I’m so happy to have my favorite soaps back