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“Something Magical’s Going on Here:” Talking to the Cast of “Happy Endings”

February 28th, 2013 by Naivasha D Associate Producer

Here’s the best stuff that happened when we went to the set of Happy Endings and talked to the cast. Then everything devolved into a lengthy improv sketch in which Brad climbs a braid of Jane’s pubic hair Rapunzel-style, which they dubbed “Untangled.” Then we were escorted out.

On the  show’s recent move to Friday nights:

Zachary Knighton (Dave):  My reaction was – sweet, Friday nights, that’s some prime real estate! I’m sure our demo is all at home watching TV on Friday night!

Adam Pally (Max): I’m smart enough to know that no one is going to watch on Friday Nights. Let’s cut the shit and know that you won’t be home on Friday at 8pm if you like “Happy Endings.” I beg of you, DVR it or watch it on Hulu or ABC.com. Wherever you can get it, go find it.

Eliza Coupe (Jane): Real talk, you guys. I usually am watching TV on a Friday night. Sooo there’s that.

On the secret to Brad and Jane’s chemistry: 

Damon (Brad) and Eliza (Jane) (It’s impossible to separate their answers because they finish 100% of each other’s sentences): We laugh a lot. During sex. We have sex in between takes. It’s really funny when we’re having sex. We do it as we run lines, as we’re getting our makeup retouched. We’re actually sitting next to each other having sex right now. IT TICKLES!

We have it figured out. You start out lying to each other. HUGE lie. A lie that would destroy most couples. And then you try to cover it up, cover it up for 22 minutes. And then you confess, and then you have sex. And it an about a minute, you’ve made up and you’re inside of each other.

On Max entering a gay beauty pageant in an upcoming episode:

Adam (Max): Max competes in a gay beauty pageant and there’s a talent competition, a strength competition, and a Q&A. Max fails miserably at all of them.

Casey (Penny): I bore witness to Max’s routine, which is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen. As a person on Earth, it’s the craziest thing my eyes have ever seen. It was shocking, it made me angry, it made me excited. Every emotion is felt when you see what Adam is wearing.”

On the introduction of a 3rd Kerkovich sister, played by “Law & Order SVU’s” Stephanie March:

Casey (Penny): She’s supposed to be like Jane on crack, which regresses Jane to act like Alex, and Alex to act even dumber.”

Eliza (Jane): It’s going to be really funny, because Jane is pretty extreme and out there. For someone to be more extreme than her, I’m wondering if this is going to become a cartoon.”

Damon Wayans Jr. (Brad): I’m learning all this stuff while you guys are talking. There’s another sister?

On the return of guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar (“Saved By the Bell”) as Chase, Max’s revenge-obsessed former roommate:

Adam (Max):  Chase comes back to finish the job of getting revenge on Max]. But he finds that it’s hard to ruin someone’s life who ruins their own life every day.

Zachary (Dave): It was awesome to work with Mark-Paul because I watched “Saved By the Bell” growing up. Dave is so enthralled with Chase that he would probably join Chase’s side if it came down to it. He wants to be Chase.

Adam (Max): Working with him is so surreal. You’re doing lines and improvising and you look up and you’re like, holy shit, it’s Zach Morris! Or Franklin. Or Bash. Which one is he? The taller white one.

On the fans that just want to see Dave and Penny get together:

Casey (Penny): I think Penny’s found a man. Pete’s so cute, she needs to hold onto him. She has let go of the Dave thing. I think it will eventually come back, but she’s got her hands full.

Zachary (Dave): Nick Zano, who plays Pete, looks like Brad Pitt. At this point, she’s gotta be like, oh I can get that kind of guy? I’m good, Dave.

On why this show is so crazy that even the creator of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is impressed:

Zachary (Dave): The show has gotten pretty zany this year. I’m really good friends with the guys from “Always Sunny” – I was just hanging out with Rob, the creator this weekend and he was like “You know, I cannot believe how crazy your show has gotten. It’s almost as crazy as my show now!”

Elisha (Alex): Something magical’s going on here. We have fun when we’re paired up, but when you get us all on a scene together it’s like taking six rubber balls and throwing them in a box. It’s chaotic.

Casey (Penny): If you’re watching our show in any capacity, God bless you. You’re a visionary. You get comedy and television and life. 

On whether the writers and producers will be changing storylines in case the show gets canceled:

Adam (Max): They don’t care whether this is the last season. I like that punk rock attitude – they’re going to do the show they set out to do and don’t feel the need to wrap it up in a bow for anybody. To me, “Happy Endings” is like a party. You can stay for as long as you want but you don’t need someone to announce “And that’s the end of the party!” “Happy Endings” was built and made to play whenever you want to see it.


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