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Make Your Picks: Hulu’s Best in Show Is Underway

February 28th, 2013 by Katherine Rea

Hulu's Best in Show 2013

Hulu’s fourth annual Best in Show competition launches today at hulu.com/bestinshow. It’s like March Madness, but better. In this bracket-style competition, rabid fans will winnow down this year’s 32 best and buzziest shows by voting over the next five weeks. On April 4, we’ll announce the winner.

Since its launch in 2010, Best in Show has been a call to arms for uber-fans, showrunners, and even TV stars to duke it out on behalf of their shows. Last year, “Walking Dead” star Norman Reedus promised to kiss costar Steven Yeun on the mouth if their show won. Reedus might get his chance this year. With categories like Barely Breathing (“Walking Dead” vs. “Community”), Danger Zone (“Homeland” vs. “Archer”), and Methy Situations (“Sons of Anarchy” vs. “Breaking Bad”), things are bound to get, well, methy. Or messy, depending.

Hulu is partnering with Rolling Stone’s pop culture critic Rob Sheffield for his take on some of the favorites in this year’s competition. Disagree with his choices? Completely concur? Let him know @robsheff. But ultimately, it’s all about your vote: only you, the good people of television fandom, can definitively tell us which show is best.

Folks can cast their votes to decide which 16 shows will advance to next week’s round on hulu.com/bestinshow between now and Wednesday, March 6. So what are you waiting for? Go vote! Feeling particularly passionate about your choices? Let people know about them with #bestinshow, and follow @Hulu for updates and breaking news about the competition. May the odds be ever in your show’s favor.

Last comment: Jun 3rd 2015 11 Comments
  • melissa says:

    I cant believe so many people are on here whining about what shows they have or don’t have you are able to do a search to see what shows are on there before you even sign up kinda stupid to be getting mad over something so stupid

  • Sorry for the disappointment, Martin! We’d love to have Breaking Bad on Hulu but unfortunately we don’t have the rights to any AMC content. If it helps, you can watch the new episodes on AMCTV.com. They also have some pretty cool behind-the-scenes clips.

    Hulu Support

  • Martin says:

    Just joined Hulu plus for the first week because my GF said she was thinking about it because we both have Netflix and we like to watch breaking bad, but didnt want to wait a year for season 5’s other half to come out. After searching the database on Hulu I was shocked to learn that Breaking Bad doesn’t even exist on Hulu. Well… Case Closed I Will Be Cancelling Immediately.
    P.S. this comment blog has serious software issues-almost as if a kid designed it! I will be telling all my friends to stay away from this pathetic site too.

  • Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Bing reader account but got nothing.

  • Caroline says:

    And yet the winners of the Biggest Loser are still right there on the front page for everyone to see before they click on the finale. Good going, Hulu. Excellent job.

  • Derick says:

    I’m with everyone else… How is it that one of the top watches on television isn’t even on Hulu… Very disappointing I will be canceling Hulu after this week

  • Hi Caroline,

    Thank you for posting. Please accept my sincerest apologies about the spoilers. Our content team has already been notified and they are working on getting this resolved.

    As always, please feel free to contact us directly with any additional questions or concerns. You can reach us via email through our support form ( http://www.hulu.com/support/support_form ).

    Russ K
    Hulu Support

  • Caroline says:

    WHY would you announce the winner of the Biggest Loser right on the show page before you even have the full episode posted? Some of us have to work Monday nights and count on Hulu to catch up. Is that a new Hulu plus selling feature? ‘Give us money and we won’t spoil you’? Thanks a lot, Hulu. You suck. And your stupid comment system doesn’t work.

  • Kelli says:

    I’m with you Sierra. I was so excited to finally convince my husband to get Hulu Plus only to be completely disappointed. We don’t have cable, either, and generally rely on Netflix for everything. I was sick of waiting so long for new episodes, and I kept hearing about how much better Hulu was. I couldn’t wait to catch up on Breaking Bad, Weeds, Walking Dead, and How I Met Your Mother! Too bad NONE of those shows are on Hulu Plus! The only network they even really have is NBC, and I can watch those shows on NBC.com. Thank goodness the first week is free. I can catch up on Downton Abbey and be done with it. Maybe I’ll try again when the selection is better.

  • Hi Sierra, thank you for writing in. I’m very sorry for any frustration regarding the availability of The Walking Dead. I know it’s annoying to discover tha episodes aren’t available on Hulu.com or through our app as you expected. Our goal is to bring and keep as many videos on our service as possible. However, content availability and retention depend on several factors, including streaming clearances granted by our content providers. We’re working hard to bring episodes of The Walking Dead to the site and apologize for the inconvenience.

    Best, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • Sierra says:

    How overrated is it that hulu plus doesn’t have The Walking Dead new season. I don’t have cable so I depend on hulu to keep me up to date on my latest shows but after getting sick of the fact that walking dead isn’t on hulu I decided to cancel July and keep Netflix. I’d rather watch older seasons of TV shows and pay for that instead of keeping hulu which sucks. Hulu plus should be ashamed.