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Put Your Game Face On: Hulu AdZone 2013

January 17th, 2013 by Meredith Kendall Senior Communications Manager

It’s that time of year again. The smell of nachos is in the air. Grown men will cry…and maybe even paint their faces. Sports fanatics across America will tune in to watch football season go into overdrive on Super Bowl Sunday. But the football field isn’t the only place where there’s a battle going down on game day.

Hulu AdZone, sponsored by Toyota, kicks off today in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday. This is where the commercials of Super Bowl XLVII will face off in real-time on game day, and your votes will crown the winner.

Watch, share and vote for your favorite Super Bowl ads during the big game. As soon as one team takes home the title of Super Bowl champion on Sunday, Feb. 3, we’ll tally the votes and announce your pick for the best ads of Super Bowl 2013 and share our picks for best celebrity cameos, cutest critters and more.

And if you’re craving another wing or grabbing a cold one during the commercial break and miss that ad that will have everyone talking, have no fear – with the Hulu AdZone mobile experience you can visit hulu.com/adzone from your mobile device to pull up that ad and watch, vote, share, Tweet and “like” it to your heart’s content (you’ll just need a Facebook account to cast your vote).

Start getting in the game day spirit now by browsing through the best commercials of Super Bowls past, and your picks for the best ads of 2012. Be sure to check back as we add teaser and preview ads for 2013 between now and game day.

So while you root for your team on the field, remember to cast your vote and watch the scoreboard on Hulu AdZone!

Last comment: Feb 25th 2013 4 Comments
  • Terry Ingard says:

    lol, this was just silly in general

  • Andy says:

    What the hell, why are you showing all the ads on Hulu.com? I pay and want the shows, not the adds. I’m dropping Hulu now.

  • Janet Ashley says:

    I just checked with Comcast. I can add the Digital cable TV package for 20 more per month. So subtract HULU’s 8 dollars per month…. for 12 bucks more, I can have all the shows I want to watch,plus tons more that HULU doesn’t carry, plus sports channels.

    Cable is really coming down in price. While I see you are marking more and more shows as HULU PLUS. What to choose….

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