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Come ‘Round to Coronation Street

January 15th, 2013 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Coronation Street on Hulu

“Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of ‘Coronation Street.’” — Sir Anthony Hopkins

If it’s good enough for Anthony Hopkins, it’s good enough for us. The beloved British soap “Coronation Street” has finally made its way to the United States and is streaming for free on Hulu. (Episodes will be posted about two weeks after they air on ITV in England.)

To welcome the newest addition to the Hulu family, we thought we’d run through some fun facts about the U.K.’s longest-running TV show.

    In its 52-year run, “Corrie” has seen more than three-dozen births, 88 weddings, and well over 100 deaths. The deaths have ranged from the mundane (heart attack and old age) to the kinds you’d expect on a soap opera: electrocution, car crashes, gunshot wounds, and more.
    With all of those “accidents,” it only makes sense that the local pub, The Rovers Return, has served up more than 3.5 million pints of beer since the show started its run. (The show producers estimate it’s also gone through more than 250,000 gin and tonics.)
    More than 5,000 characters have appeared in “Coronation Street,” and a bunch of famous people have visited the set, including Dustin Hoffman, Alfred Hitchcock, Boy George, Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, and Queen Elizabeth II.
    While the 007 franchise has Bond Girls, “Corrie” has Rovers barmaids. There were 51 by the time the show celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. Some only lasted one day before they were canned (for being lazy, naturally).
    Speaking of women, the show’s sole-surviving original character, Ken Barlow (played by William Roache), has had 27 women in his life. Some of them were flings. Only four were serious enough for marriage.
    Finally, before the show began shooting in HD, they used plastic food when filming at the local cafe, Roy’s Rolls. They rely on the real deal now. Producers estimate the restaurant fries an average of 300 eggs a week, or over 15,000 a year.

So keep calm and carry on, America: We’ve got your “Coronation Street” right here.

Last comment: Mar 6th 2014 2 Comments
  • Kdychton says:

    This evening (May 14th) the “new” episode is from December 2012. It looks like it was the first episode that was shown on Hulu. Does this mean that this is the extent of Coronation Street? December – May????? Boo if it is.

  • Jim Fung says:

    Thanks Hulu. Loving Coronation Street, especially the Grimshaws!