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Put Your Game Face On: Hulu AdZone 2013

January 17th, 2013 by Meredith Kendall Senior Communications Manager

It’s that time of year again. The smell of nachos is in the air. Grown men will cry…and maybe even paint their faces. Sports fanatics across America will tune in to watch football season go into overdrive on Super Bowl Sunday. But the football field isn’t the only place where there’s a battle going down on game day.

Hulu AdZone, sponsored by Toyota, kicks off today in anticipation of Super Bowl Sunday. This is where the commercials of Super Bowl XLVII will face off in real-time on game day, and your votes will crown the winner.

Watch, share and vote for your favorite Super Bowl ads during the big game. As soon as one team takes home the title of Super Bowl champion on Sunday, Feb. 3, we’ll tally the votes and announce your pick for the best ads of Super Bowl 2013 and share our picks for best celebrity cameos, cutest critters and more.

And if you’re craving another wing or grabbing a cold one during the commercial break and miss that ad that will have everyone talking, have no fear – with the Hulu AdZone mobile experience you can visit hulu.com/adzone from your mobile device to pull up that ad and watch, vote, share, Tweet and “like” it to your heart’s content (you’ll just need a Facebook account to cast your vote).

Start getting in the game day spirit now by browsing through the best commercials of Super Bowls past, and your picks for the best ads of 2012. Be sure to check back as we add teaser and preview ads for 2013 between now and game day.

So while you root for your team on the field, remember to cast your vote and watch the scoreboard on Hulu AdZone!

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Come ‘Round to Coronation Street

January 15th, 2013 by Rebecca Harper Editor

Coronation Street on Hulu

“Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of ‘Coronation Street.’” — Sir Anthony Hopkins

If it’s good enough for Anthony Hopkins, it’s good enough for us. The beloved British soap “Coronation Street” has finally made its way to the United States and is streaming for free on Hulu. (Episodes will be posted about two weeks after they air on ITV in England.)

To welcome the newest addition to the Hulu family, we thought we’d run through some fun facts about the U.K.’s longest-running TV show.

    In its 52-year run, “Corrie” has seen more than three-dozen births, 88 weddings, and well over 100 deaths. The deaths have ranged from the mundane (heart attack and old age) to the kinds you’d expect on a soap opera: electrocution, car crashes, gunshot wounds, and more.
    With all of those “accidents,” it only makes sense that the local pub, The Rovers Return, has served up more than 3.5 million pints of beer since the show started its run. (The show producers estimate it’s also gone through more than 250,000 gin and tonics.)
    More than 5,000 characters have appeared in “Coronation Street,” and a bunch of famous people have visited the set, including Dustin Hoffman, Alfred Hitchcock, Boy George, Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, and Queen Elizabeth II.
    While the 007 franchise has Bond Girls, “Corrie” has Rovers barmaids. There were 51 by the time the show celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2010. Some only lasted one day before they were canned (for being lazy, naturally).
    Speaking of women, the show’s sole-surviving original character, Ken Barlow (played by William Roache), has had 27 women in his life. Some of them were flings. Only four were serious enough for marriage.
    Finally, before the show began shooting in HD, they used plastic food when filming at the local cafe, Roy’s Rolls. They rely on the real deal now. Producers estimate the restaurant fries an average of 300 eggs a week, or over 15,000 a year.

So keep calm and carry on, America: We’ve got your “Coronation Street” right here.

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Hulu’s 2012 Golden Globes Liveblog

January 13th, 2013 by Hulu

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Interview: “Kroll Show’s” Nick Kroll

January 11th, 2013 by Katherine Rea

Nick Kroll’s been a bro, a cartoon, a female publicist, an Ed Hardy boy, and a stand-up comic. He’s now all of those things, especially that last one, on his own show, Kroll Show.

Kroll Show premieres January 16 on Comedy Central, and you can catch the pilot on Hulu right now.

We decided to talk to Kroll about the whole thing, but here’s a quick primer on a few of the characters you’ll be seeing, before we get started.

Kroll and Jon Daly play Rich Dicks Aspen Bruckheimer and Wendy Shawn.

“Basically leisure has bred all the masculinity out of them,” Kroll says.

Then there’s Bobby Bottleservice—one of the Ed Hardy Boyz, along with a guy named Peter Paparazzo (also played by Jon Daly). The duo solves mysteries, gets girls, and of course, rocks Ed Hardy.

There’s also Liz G, a college graduate who expects the best. She’s the driven one, and her business partner, Liz B. (played by Jenny Slate) is trying to have a life. Together, they run a PR firm called PubLIZity. You’re not going to believe this, but it’s based off of their names.

Then there’s Kroll himself, but we’ll let him explain that.

Hulu: So what’s the show gonna look like?

NK: “A hybrid of sketch and longer-format story-telling. It feels more like you’re watching a collection of mini-series that is very character and story driven more than a classic sketch driven.”

Hulu: What’s first?

NK: A little bit of me as me, talking directly to camera, to get a little of the standup out and give the audience a little sense of who I am.

Hulu: Then?

NK: A bunch of characters. They’re all kinda like loveable losers in some capacity.

Hulu: What was it like playing Stu on “The Life and Times of Tim?”

NK: (Show creator) Steve (Dildarian) had established the character, I just auditioned over the phone for that while I was still living in New York. It’s collaborative in that, like “The League,” there are scripts but a ton of room for improv. So, both with Ruxin (on “The League”) and Stu, the creators did a very nice job of establishing the kind of person they are. Then, through collaborating on writing and improvising in the room I was able to add various layers that seemed funny to me to each character.

I love doing animation stuff. One, it’s incredibly easy. It’s really easy to do in that you don’t have to put on makeup or dress nicely or anything but also you can mess around and find new angles and you’re not wasting anybody’s time. Hopefully, if we do Season 2 of Kroll Show, we would be able to tinker around with some animation.

And doing ”The Life and Times of Tim,” I actually met John Levenstein, who ran the show in Season 2. He ended up as one of the executive producers and showrunner for Kroll Show.

Hulu: So tell me a little bit about “The League” season finale.

NK: All I can say is that there will be some very shocking, shocking occurrences that will…I can guarantee there will be some surprises and I can also guarantee that everyone will be miserable.

Hulu: And how’s the show going overall?

NK: The show obviously has resonated and people seem psyched about it. I can just sense that people are enjoying it.

(Note: The day after our interview the season finale premiered. It was indeed very shocking. And FX announced that the show was picked up for a 5th season.)

Hulu: What’re you watching these days?

NK: I do a lot of what I like to call TV tapas, which is flipping through shows for five to ten minutes at a time. I’ll watch five minutes of “Duck Dynasty” and five minutes of a Korean soap opera and then five minutes of “SportsCenter” and then five minutes of Junior, the movie. I’m watching Season 2 of “Breaking Bad” now. I need to catch up with this whole season of “Homeland.” I watch “Parks and Rec.” I enjoy the Steve Brule show (“Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule”). Beyond all my friends’ shows, which I watch, which are like Paul Scheer’s NTSF on Adult Swim (“NTSF:SD:SUV”) and “Childrens Hospital,” I like “American Masters” on PBS a lot. I grew up watching SNL I still watch a good amount of it. I’ll go to Hulu, actually, and watch it.

Want more of Nick Kroll? See him discuss “Kroll Show” and “The League” with buddy and “The League” costar Paul Scheer here.

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2013 Original and Exclusive Series Preview

January 8th, 2013 by Andy Forssell Acting CEO and SVP of Content

In less than two years, Hulu has distributed 25 Hulu Original and Exclusive Series, offering viewers distinctive premium programming that can’t be seen anywhere else from top creative talent and 2013 is gearing up to be another great year for exclusive and original programming on Hulu. It’s a thrill to share what we have planned, including a new slate of Original and Exclusive Series that’s chock full of superheroes-in-training, rogue French cops, high-energy mascots and more. All shows will be available on free Hulu.com and the Hulu Plus subscription service.

Hulu’s original programming returns later this summer with our first animated Hulu Original Series “The Awesomes,” co-created by Saturday Night Live’s head writer Seth Meyers and Emmy-winning producer and SNL alum Michael Shoemaker(“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon“). In our second co-production with BBC via BBC Worldwide Americas, Hulu will also present “The Wrong Mans,” a comedic thriller created by and starring Tony Award-winner James Corden (“Gavin and Stacey”) and Mathew Baynton (“Spy“), directed and produced by Jim Field Smith (“Episodes”). We will also debut docu-series “Behind the Mask” which explores the secret world of sports mascots. The project is created by Emmy award-winning filmmaker Josh Greenbaum and produced by Felipe Marino and Joe Neurater’s Occupant Entertainment.

We’ve built a steady library of some of the best shows from around the world, and 2013 will be no different. Hulu Exclusive Series that will premiere on Hulu this year include “Mother Up!” with Eva Longoria, French crime thriller “Braquo,” the second seasons of hit Israeli series “Prisoners of War,” britcoms “Pramface” and “Fresh Meat,” and the fourth season of cult reality drama “The Only Way is Essex” (“TOWIE”).

A full description of all the shows can be found here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130108006402/en/Hulu-Previews-Original-Exclusive-Programming-2013

Happy watching!

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