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A Strong 2013

December 18th, 2013 by Mike Hopkins CEO

It has been a big year at Hulu. I feel very fortunate to have stepped into a company that has such a strong team, showing such incredible performance. I’m humbled by the work that the team has done this year, and the focus that they have continued to demonstrate. I’m pleased to report the results of the team’s great efforts this year.

Revenue. Hulu will reach $1 billion in revenue in 2013. That’s up from $695 million in 2012. When you think about the fact that Hulu first launched out of beta in 2008, it’s quite an impressive feat to scale the business from zero to $1 billion over the course of just six years. 

Hulu Plus. Earlier this year, we reached 5 million subscribers. Roughly 50% of those subscribers are now streaming exclusively on devices, with living room viewing accounting for over half of all content consumption on the service. Hulu Plus is now accessible on more than 400 million Internet connected devices in the U.S., including the all-new Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Chromecast, Nintendo 3DS and Windows Phone 8.* We also provided a refreshed and redesigned Hulu Plus experience on Apple TV, iPad, and millions of Samsung, Roku, and Wii devices. It is our goal to provide the best user experience possible on every device, so consumers can take their favorite TV shows with them on-the-go.

Content. We are continually adding to the content available on Hulu and Hulu Plus–this year, we grew our Hulu and Hulu Plus offerings to include premium programming from more than 488 content partners, providing over 86,000 TV episodes, 2,900 TV series, and 68,000 hours of video on Hulu and Hulu Plus (and growing). 

Hulu Plus is the only online video subscription service that offers current season content from five of the six largest U.S. broadcast networks. Hulu users can watch seven of the top 10 TV shows in primetime, anytime and anywhere, including Modern Family, The Voice, The Blacklist, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Sleepy Hollow and many more.**

We launched more than 20 Hulu Originals in 2013, and plan to double that number over the next few years. Shows like The Awesomes, Behind the Mask and The Wrong Mans performed extremely well on the service, and were among the top 10 most-watched shows on Hulu each week a new episode aired.

We were excited to bring you over 2,000 new episodes and 144 titles through a content deal with BBC Worldwide North America that includes internationally-beloved favorites like Doctor Who, Luther, Top Gear and Sherlock. Additionally, we added the first four seasons of the critically acclaimed drama The Good Wife to the Hulu Plus library as part of our multi-year licensing agreement with CBS. And your kids will be entertained for hours with the new content we added to the Hulu Kids hub from the Jim Henson Family TV Library, giving Hulu Plus the rights to more Jim Henson Family titles than any other video subscription service in the U.S., including Fraggle Rock. We also added classic titles from PBS Kids and Lionsgate including Sesame Street and Thomas & Friends, as well as Spanish-language kids programming. 

We look forward to increasing our overall content offerings, and will continue to invest in last night’s TV, original first-run TV programming, and great library TV from the U.S. and other markets.

Advertising. In 2013, we saw our roster of advertisers expand to more than 1,000 brands–a 15% increase over last year. It was also a record year for consumption as Hulu viewers streamed more than 1 billion content videos in each quarter, and stayed with us for approximately 50 minutes per session in Q4. And throughout the year, Hulu remained #1 in engagement among top ad supported online video sites, and #1 in market share of all premium online video providers, maintaining our commitment to building the world’s most effective video advertising service and delivering industry-leading results for our advertising partners.

Hulu Japan. Hulu Japan is on track to end 2013 having more than doubled the number of subscribers from the beginning of this year. We now have over 50 content partners offering users more than 12,000 assets of TV dramas and movies, and Hulu is available on more than 90 million devices (PCs not included). 

Team. Over the course of the year, we hired over 260 new team members. Currently, the Hulu team is 725 members strong; that’s nearly 20% growth in our employee base year-over-year. In the last two quarters alone, we added over 140 new hires. I’d like to thank the Hulu team for their incredible commitment and execution, evidenced by the company’s continued growth.

It’s exciting for me to see the continued growth of the business and be part of such a great team. As we scale the business in 2014, we will continue to invest in content, technology and people. 2014 will bring even more opportunity as we find new ways to grow the business from the strong foundation we have built. Thank you for being users and fans of Hulu–we couldn’t do it without you.

*Not including laptop and desktop computers.
**Source: Nielsen NPM, October 2013.


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Hulu, a Blanket, Hot Cocoa and Xbox One

November 21st, 2013 by Eric Berman Distribution

Oh the holidays, everyone’s favorite time of year! With Thanksgiving coming up next week, ‘tis the season to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of hot cocoa and a full queue of TV episodes just waiting for binge viewing. We’re excited to announce today that you can do all of your Hulu watching this holiday season on the brand new Xbox One, available Friday, November 22.

Our Seattle Living Room Development Team worked relentlessly with our friends over at Microsoft to build a seamless Hulu experience for Xbox One – a new version of our app that Xbox Live members have never had access to before. The new Hulu interface on Xbox One features:

  • Our signature tray-style navigation allows you to quickly scroll through recommendations, popular shows and movies, top 100 clips and more.
  • Richer artwork and larger images.
  • A simpler way to find your favorite shows and discover new content with our updated search experience.
  • A new “Shows You Watch” feature that lets you jump straight to shows you regularly watch
  • Dedicated show pages for Hulu Originals, Hulu Latino, Video Game Trailers, and Hulu Kids. New to the Hulu Kids section today, we’re bringing you more kids programming, including classics like “Sesame Street,” “Thomas and Friends” and “Strawberry Shortcake”. For more info and titles, visit Hundreds of New Titles Now on Hulu Kids

The Hulu experience for Xbox One was designed with the goal to make it the best TV-watching experience possible on this all-in-one entertainment system. You can pin Hulu to your Home screen to have easy access to it. You can also locate Hulu in the Xbox OneGuide, which will give you the opportunity to add Hulu as an App Channel. App channels are like TV channels, allowing you to view Hulu categories like Popular Shows, Popular Episodes, Popular Movies, and Trending Now right alongside your favorite TV channels, like Comedy Central.

Can’t decide between TV or gaming? With Xbox One, you can enjoy both at once. All you have to do is snap Hulu next to a game, or switch from one to the other instantly. That means you can watch Stewie Griffin plot to take over the world on last night’s episode of “Family Guy,” while you are conquering the Roman Empire playing “Ryse: Son of Rome”.

Once you are within the app, you can also earn Achievements by watching a full season of a TV series, for example, or by viewing an episode of the latest Hulu Original, like “Behind the Mask”.

Check out some these new features for yourself in our guided tour:

You can gain access to Hulu by simply signing up for a one-week free trial directly from within the Hulu app on your Xbox One, or by visiting www.huluplus.com/xboxone.

We hope you enjoy Hulu for Xbox One as much as we enjoyed building it. Happy holiday watching!

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Hundreds of New Episodes and Movies Now on Hulu Kids!

November 21st, 2013 by Rodrigo Mazon Director, Content Acquisitions

Kids are starting to take control of their viewing–they know what they love to watch, and once they find that favorite show or character, they’re hooked, and they’ll watch it over and over and over again.

Today, we’re adding an exciting selection of kids programming to Hulu Kids on Hulu Plus, which makes it easy for children of all ages to watch their favorite shows in a safe, commercial-free environment.

With browsable recommendations by age group or interests, viewers can find these new titles from Lionsgate Kids and Sesame Workshop, along with top programming from Nickelodeon, Jim Henson Family TV, PBS Kids and more. With Hulu Kids, little ones can discover TV classics like “Sesame Street,” “The Electric Company” and “Fraggle Rock,” watch hit series “SpongeBob Squarepants,” “Thomas and Friends” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” or find international favorites “Plaza Sesamo,” “Tayo the Little Bus” and “Bananas in Pyjamas.”

My dad always wanted me to watch “Sesame Street” because he thought it was the best programming for kids out there. My daughter, now six years old, was just as obsessed with Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster as I was. Now, we can watch “Sesame Street” and “Plaza Sesamo” with my younger son to enjoy their favorite lessons or practice Spanish. These are tried and true stories for kids with discerning taste, and fun for the whole family. We can spend time together watching these great shows, or I can comfortably know that they’re watching enriching and entertaining programming during their allotted “TV time” for the day.

Now, with “Thomas and Friends” on Hulu Plus, I’m preparing myself for a holiday season full of “shunting trucks and hauling freight” with Thomas, Percy, Henry, Toby, Edward and Sir Topham Hat.

Starting tomorrow, you can sit back and enjoy hundreds of titles in our Hulu Kids hub with the new Hulu Plus experience for Xbox One. Simply signup for a free one-week trial directly from within the Hulu Plus app, or visit www.huluplus.com/xboxone. For more information on the Hulu Plus experience for Xbox One, visit our blog post.

Here’s a highlight of  new titles now available, with more to come:

Sesame Street

El Mundo de Elmo” (Spanish-language)

Plaza Sesamo” (Spanish-language)

The Electric Company

Pinky Dinky Doo” (English and Spanish-language)

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot

Strawberry Shortcake

Thomas and Friends

Bob the Builder


Angelina Ballerina


Fireman Sam

Welcome to Care-A-Lot

Maryoku Yummy

Twisted Whiskers

Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit


Happy watching! 

Squad, AT EASE: Hulu Discount for Military Personnel this Veteran’s Day

November 12th, 2013 by Tony Archibong Business Development

Here at Hulu, we are on a constant mission to serve our customers in meaningful and distinctive ways. Now, alongside 2013 Veteran’s Day events, we are proud to announce that for the first time ever, we are offering Hulu at a discounted rate exclusively for US military personnel including active duty, retired, National Guard and Reserve, military family members, and authorized civilian employees through close work with the Exchange.

Additionally, we are working with the Exchange Advanced Telecommunications Division to unlock Hulu access in key international regions where the Exchange currently supplies Internet services for overseas military installations. Making Hulu available to military personnel overseas is something we have always believed in and provided, and we’re excited to expand those efforts further via the Exchange.  Now, select military personnel deployed outside of the US will be able to keep current on their favorite television shows, beginning with camps in Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Italy. 

Our team at Hulu is honored to make this small contribution to US military personnel, and continue working with the Exchange and other Hulu customers who share this passion as well.  You can check out the Hulu Military Discount at the Exchange Online Mall here: www.shopmyexchange.com

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Hulu for Sony PlayStation 4

November 12th, 2013 by Dave Herman Senior Product Manager, Living Room

At Hulu, we always strive to be at the cutting edge of technology and bring the best possible Hulu experience to the latest devices hitting the market. Today, I’m delighted to announce that the Hulu Plus app is available on the highly anticipated PlayStation®4 in the U.S. beginning Friday, November 15, 2013.

With the Hulu app for PlayStation®4, it has never been easier to discover new shows, or find your favorites to catch up on. Our development team in Seattle worked closely with Sony to bring this fantastic viewing experience directly to your living room by simply downloading the app.

When building out the PlayStation®4 experience, we kept in mind how much our users loved the living room experience we brought to the PlayStation®3 and made sure to re-create those same signature features that our users have come to know and love. These updated features for the PS4 include;

  • Artwork. Larger and more vivid artwork, easier navigation.
  • Trays. Tray-style format allowing you to scroll through recommendations, popular shows and movies, top 100 clips, movie trailers and a “Shows You Watch” feature that lets you jump straight to the latest episodes of the shows you regularly watch.
  • Search. Updated search experience providing a simpler way to find content with results that appear directly beneath the search.
  • Dedicated Pages. As we are continuing to invest in new content, we are giving you easy access to this content through dedicated pages for Hulu Kids, Originals, British, Latino and Video Games.
  • Easy Access. Simple to sign up for Hulu Plus directly from within the app.

Being a Seattleite, there’s never been a better time for me to avoid the rain and sit back to watch  “The Wrong Mans,” our latest Hulu Original that just premiered yesterday. As a special offer just for PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®4 users, the first episode of “The Wrong Mans” will be available for free, no Hulu subscription needed, from November 11 to November 26.

All you have to do is download the app on your PS3™ or PS4™ game console to gain access to this special experience. Enjoy Episode 1 for free, and then sign-up for Hulu at www.huluplus.com to enjoy the entire series.

We hope you enjoy the Hulu experience on your PlayStation®4 as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.

Happy watching!

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