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The Best Dramas of 2012: 2 – Breaking Bad

December 22nd, 2012 by Gabe Pasillas

(The ten best dramas of 2012 will be revealed on Hulu’s homepage each weekday of this week. To view the rest of the list, click here.)

2 – Breaking Bad

Another year, another second place for the best show on television, Breaking Bad.  Last year, I wrote this same post. My sentiment stays the same: There is nothing like the frenzy that is another season of Walter White.

This year, my love for Breaking Bad stayed true.  There were no marathons to learn the origins of Heisenberg.  I already knew what happened to the infamous Gus Fring.  I was already in love the quotes of Jesse Pinkman.  The only thing that changed is that I got my girlfriend involved.  When I learned that she had never seen the show, I insisted she watch.  This turned into a two-to-three-episode-per-night marathon of the entire season once again.

I was just as happy to watch it all over again.

The repeat viewing not only made me love the show even more, but I was able to focus more on the nuances and the brilliance of every side of the production of this show.  While my girlfriend was learning how to hate Skyler White, I was noticing the set design, the cinematography, the writing, the acting, the directing—everything that makes this show what it is and what gives the viewer such a realistic connection to the characters involved.  My obsession became my girlfriend’s addiction, and because of that we got to see (spoiler alert) the last deathly “ding” of Tio Salamanca before the first episode of the split-up final season of Breaking Bad.

This season (or is it half season? I’m still thoroughly confused about the season number thing) pulled out all the stops and really hammered home “the beginning of the end,” both for the show, and for our favorite anti-hero, Walter White.  At the forefront, there’s Walt’s full transformation into Heisenberg.  In the background, the collapse of a family, friendships, and promises.  Anyone could do anything at any moment, and the no one would be surprised.  The writers and producers made the viewers think W.W. was, in fact, invincible and completely fragile at the same time. With the final scene, they opened up a can of worms that will keep people enticed until the final (part?) season hits AMC in the summer of 2013.  The cat and mouse game has officially started, even though it’s been there all along.

I have come to terms with the fact that a show about the destruction of a man through the world of methamphetamines may never be No. 1 on the critics lists.  Once again, the award shows seem to be snubbing certain people involved in the show, perhaps this time for a certain little show about the CIA and terrorists. It’s been a long time since any medium has brought such an artistic view to such an ugly world, and I don’t think another show will be able to for some time to come.  So, for now, I accept Breaking Bad at No. 2, and thanks to AMC’s wonky scheduling, perhaps we’ll have another episode of “Breaking Bad at No. 2″ at the end of 2013.—Gabe Pasillas

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