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The Best Comedies of 2012: 2 – Louie

December 21st, 2012 by Ben Collins Editor

(The ten best comedies of 2012 were revealed on Hulu’s homepage this week. This is the final day. To view the rest of the list, click here.)

2 – Louie

Since the parallels are easy, a lot of critics say this is the Seinfeld of this century. Both are comedians at their peaks trying to tell the truth about themselves.

This is not our Seinfeld. Seinfeld lived in a box impervious to the true stresses of everyday life. There was no genuine quest for identity seeking, there was no custody finagling, there was no worry that rent would genuinely not get paid. All of that is in Louie, and some of that is rattling around in the heads of all of us right now.

We don’t have the option to drop everything and go to China. Characters on TV shows have the option to drop everything and go to China for us, just to show us what it would look like. Louie‘s not just good. Louie‘s important.—Ben Collins