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Hulu Plus Gets the Windows 8 Treatment

October 22nd, 2012 by Patrick Srail Senior Product Manager

At Hulu, we are relentless about creating beautiful, intuitive and engaging experiences that help you find and enjoy popular current season TV shows whenever you want, on whatever device you want. Which is why we are so proud to announce the Hulu Plus app is now available on one of the newest operating systems: Windows 8.

Our team has been heads down building a gorgeous new Hulu Plus app that is optimized for the Windows user interface. The app will be available to the general public on October 26th, but those of you with early access to Windows 8 can check out the Hulu Plus app now. You’ll see we’ve included a few new goodies.

The new Hulu Plus app leverages core Microsoft design principles with our touch-optimized experience. The UI is simple and clean and puts the most relevant content first, creating a visually immersive experience in the most engaging way.

Launching the app presents you with an immersive panorama of your favorite shows and episodes laid out in a wide canvas. Check out this quick video tutorial:

The Hulu Plus app uses a tile-based view common to the new Windows UI. This will make it easy for you to find the latest episode of the shows you want to watch, but also to discover new ones.

When using Hulu Plus, we know you care about getting to “Family Guy” or “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” as quickly as possible. The Hulu Plus app on Windows puts key features into the app bar to keep the focus on content. You can access the app bar by swiping from the top of the screen, or right-clicking your mouse on the empty space in the app.

Now let’s take a look at what to do with a show you really like. Perhaps you want to know how to share clips. Or how to watch the latest episode of a show. Or how to add something to your queue. Or whether KITT was the Godfather of Cylons. We can’t answer that last one, but if you touch an image and gently slide it down and up, or right-click the image with your mouse, a menu of options will appear and let you share, add, and play anything you’d like.

If you select a show, you’ll get an extra bonus: a little button with the label “Pin.” Pinning gives Hulu Plus subscribers one-touch access to their favorite shows directly from the Start screen.

In the future, as new episodes of that show air on Hulu Plus, you’ll see its images appear on the icon without ever starting the app; tapping it will get you what you want to watch faster than you can say “Family Guy.”

“That’s great…,” you say. “But I bet your app won’t let me watch ‘Gossip Girl‘ while using another app to write an email proving Fermat’s Last Theorem… at the same time!” Fortunately, we’ve considered this very common scenario and are happy to let you know that our app supports something known as “Snap View,” which allows you to watch Hulu Plus in a small screen while using another app in the larger screen. (And you can switch the two by dragging the slider). To try this, play back a video and drag your finger from the top middle to the center of the screen, then to the far left (or to the far right). With a mouse, click at the top of the screen and drag the app to the side to snap it.

Hulu Plus will be preloaded on select Acer and Sony Windows 8 computers, and will be available for download on any Windows 8 device through the Windows Store. You can see all Hulu Plus enabled devices here. Give it a spin and let us know what you think!

Last comment: Sep 24th 2015 38 Comments
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  • Don says:

    Winphone 8 app… Please

  • jae says:

    I have the Nokia lumia 710 and cannot get the windows 8 upgrade so I won’t be able to use Hulu plus, can u please make this available for all windows phones?

  • Joe says:

    Is it possible to control this with the keyboard (and therefore remote)? It seems this app requires a touch screen or mouse. Am I wrong? Can this be used on a HTPC?

  • nikki says:

    Where the windows 8 PHONE app? For me, this is a big reason I’ll be going back to Netflix.

  • MrBlack says:

    Hi Hulu Support

    I just tried using this app on Windows 8 and it won’t let me login with my account. It says I need to have a Hulu plus account to use it.

  • Amber says:

    Can I still watch Hulu for free in browser on a touchscreen laptop like the Vaio Duo 11 or the Dell XPS12?

  • HI Gabriel,

    Thanks for posting. I’m sorry for the confusion, but a Hulu Plus account is not required to use Hulu on your desktop. While a Hulu Plus account lets you watch more TV shows and films, you can still use a free Hulu account to watch certain videos we offer to free subscribers.

    Hulu Support

  • Gabriel Frazee says:

    I can understand requiring a Hulu Plus account for use on a mobile device, but requiring one to use this app on a desktop computer is just ridiculous!

  • Zac says:

    Using this on a tv with a remote is completely impossible. Hulu Desktop worked really well with a remote, this new version is an absolute atrocity.

  • Andrew says:

    Please make an app for windows 8 phones!

  • Sugeng Pambudi says:

    Is there any solution to the inability to play any video (PB4 error) when using windows 8 apps? Playing back using browser in the same computer is working fine.

    Have tried updating windows8 including optionals, changing registry value, reinstalling app, etc without success.

  • Tom says:

    Just installed Windows 8 and Hulu Plus was one of my first apps installed (of course). A bit disappointed though as I can’t watch anything!!! Every time I click on a tv show the app closes and just goes back to the start screen. I’m trying to remove and re-add it now, but this is a fresh install of Windows 8 and Hulu Plus so I’m not very hopeful… :-(

  • Joshy says:

    Christopher w / Not working on babcklerry and nokia 5700.P.S: only working on windows media player.If you want play windows 98 welcome sound in MP3 player or mobile phone can play, you can find wav converter To mp3 in google.con

  • Hi Dree, while we’re constantly working to provide more support on more devices, we do not currently support the Windows 8 Phone. Stay tuned to this blog for when more supported models are released!

    Cheers, Alexa, Hulu Support

  • derr says:

    Win phone 8 app?

  • Joe says:

    Is it possible to control this with the keyboard (and therefore remote)? It seems this app requires a touch screen or mouse. Am I wrong? Can this be used on a HTPC?

  • Hey Clay,

    We’d be happy to help you out with the issue on your Windows 8 Hulu Plus app. Just fill out this form ( http://www.hulu.com/support ) with as many details as possible. We’ll be happy to help!


  • Esteban says:

    When will there be a Windows Phone 8 app? Please, make you one soon.

  • Clay says:

    When I try to watch a TV show using the Windows 8 Hulu Plus app all I get are continuous dots going across the screen – show never comes up

  • Hi Kevin,

    Can you please contact us at http://www.hulu.com/support so that we can help you get this fixed?

    Michael B.
    Hulu Support

  • kevin says:

    I’m on a Windows 8 desktop and.I don’t see the app for install at all

  • Jon says:

    Keyboard navigation for Windows 8 app on a PC is atrocious. The arrow keys barely work at all and its impossible to get to your queue or subscriptions without a mouse. The tile interface is perfect for keyboard navigation. This needs to be fixed or I might as well just use a browser. I also agree with Brian York above.

  • Hey Jansen,

    That’s an unexpected technical issue that our developers are working to resolve. I don’t have any time frame just yet, but we are aware of the issue.


  • Jansen Wendlandt says:

    Totally off topic so feel free to ignore, but it today both my Sony Smart BluRay and my Samsung Smart TV started displaying ALL my Hulu subscriptions, even shows from USA like White Collar that are not currently available on TVs and Mobile Devices. The irritating thing is that currently it just fills up my subscription list with lots of shows I can’t watch – cuz when I click on one no episodes are available. Is this an error or preparations for new agreements with the networks?

  • stylinred says:

    I can’t find the App in the store… this sucks

  • Brian York says:

    When viewing shows Season and Episode number should show up as a rollover on the image or under the thumbnail. This info is nice to have so if watching a show in order when I watch a show I know that i’m watching the next episode. Name of the episode has less meaning to me in that way than the season and episode # and also the windows 8 app isn’t removing viewed items from queue. With that in mind I also miss the season and episode number showing up when watching a video from the website. Thanks for the quick release of the windows 8 app though!! It looks wonderful!

  • dominique says:

    watching on apple TV. everything has an “error occured” language. have been trying for over 1/2 hour. REALLY?? i’m getting pretty fed up. Does anyone at Hulu actually care about the service we’re getting out here?

  • Casey says:

    Can’t figure out how to view my queue.

  • Ian Kernan says:

    This is only place I seem top be able to leave a comment/ feedback for HULU. I get to listen to two ads while watching one and have lost the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. If this is windows 8…well there are other places on the net to watch this stuff.

  • bmoura says:

    It’s been pulled from the Windows 8 Store. Error message for the link above provided by Hulu:
    “Sorry, this app is no longer available”.

    Oh well, back to Netflix on Windows 8 RTM……

  • lsas says:


  • Tarun D says:

    “Sorry, this app is no longer available.”

    Hard to try an app when it’s not available for customers using RTM version of Windows 8.

  • Morten says:

    Yet another WinRT Video app that doesn’t make use of Windows’ PlayTo feature. Seriously guys… it’s only a few lines of code, and is what can set any native WinRT app apart from other devices and the website by allowing you to control from your tablet/desktop/laptop but play on the TV via any DLNA device. Actually without this, I might as well just use the website.

  • Robert Lewis says:

    When the ‘Windows Store’ link is clicked the page says, “Sorry, this app is no longer available.”

  • Shane Nokes says:

    That would be awesome…if the app were actually available. The link isn’t currently valid.

  • Josh says:

    It does not show up in the windows store for me. I’m on Win8 Pro RTM in Ithaca, NY.

  • yms says:

    But will you still be able to use Hulu in the browser for free on Windows 8 tablets?