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Hulu Liveblogs the Emmys!

September 23rd, 2012 by Hulu Blog

We’re gathering together at Hulu HQ to liveblog the Emmys! So don your flashiest frock, pour yourself a glass of champagne and prepare to get snarky!

4:37 Stephen Colbert so desperately wants his family to see him on ABC when they’ve probably seen him on TV before. -Martin Moakler

4:46 Rico Rodriguez brought his mom as a date, even though it would not surprise us if he were, in fact, married to a middle-aged woman. -MM

4:49 Edie Falco is my favorite dress so far. -Andrea Marker

4:50 Tom Bergeron is just happy to be at any event that doesn’t involve people getting hit in the crotch…yet! -MM

4:57 Jim Parsons and Zooey Deschanel are here to present Achievement in Twee. -MM


5:05 The young half of the room just explained to the old half of the room what Girls is. -MM

5:07 I was part of that part of the “young” part of the room. “Girls,” I explained, is/are why our Sunday night are booked for eternity, even if we’re not okay with that.

5:11 That’s definitely a single dress! (re: Amy Poehler) -AM

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy: Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family

5:15 I once had a dream where Louis C.K. and Amy Poehler were within five feet of each other. It ended a lot differently. Children are reading this, so I don’t want to talk about it.—Ben Collins

5:18 5:19 OMG Zooey isn’t just acting like a fairy princess, she’s dressed as one. -MM

Best Writing in a Comedy Series, Louis CK, Louie

5:21 We could all use a Melissa McCarthy alarm letting us know when she’s about to arrive. -MM

5:23 I’d watch “The Breaking Bad Show.” Aunt Bea, letting the meth cool on the window sill…classic. -MM

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Julie Bowen, Modern Family

5:28  I’m not sure what a nipple cover is, but I wouldn’t suggest Googling it. – Naivasha Dean

5:30 Could Chandler BE any more drawn out? -MM

Guest Actress in a Comedy: Kathy Bates, Two and a Half Men

Guest Actor in a Comedy: Jimmy Fallon, SNL

Best Director in Comedy: Steven Levitan, Modern Family

5:35 Lily’s saying what we’re all thinking -MM

5:36 Ken Jeong FTW! -MM

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Jon Cryer, Two and a Half Men

5:39 Well, at least Duckie finally had his day. -MM

5:42 I’d like to be a fly on the wall at Melissa McCarthy’s after-party. – ND


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

5:50 Year in Reality: We hope that they include someone who’s here to win, not to make friends. -MM

Outstanding Reality Competition: The Amazing Race

5:54 Next year: This will be all about Honey Boo Boo. – ND

5:59 Oh look! Seth MacFarlane did the Stewie voice…and worked Dunkelman into a punchline. Happy 2002, Everyone! -MM

Best Reality Host: Tom Bergeron, Dancing With the Stars

6:01 Instead of winning a trophy for Best Reality Series host, AFV host Tom Bergeron will be hit in the crotch by a snowmobile. —BC

6:02 No rose tonight for “Bachelor/ette/Pad” host Chris Harrison. – ND

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad, bitch

6:09 “Thanks so much for not killing me off!” – the sentence only actors and low-ranking Mafia members get to say. – ND

6:12 OMG Tracey Morgan just wore that suit on TV. -MM

Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series: Homeland

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama: Martha Plimpton, The Good Wife

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama: Jeremy Davies, Justified

Best Directing in a Drama: Tim Van Patten, Boardwalk Empire

6:26 Thank goodness it was Jimmy Kimmel mainstay Josh Groban, otherwise we would be totally confused right now. -MM

6:28 There has to be a German word for the fear of spelling “Julianna Margulies” correctly. -MM

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama: Damian Lewis, Homeland

6:37 Tina Fey and John Hamm are our ultimate first couple…behind Barack and Michelle. -MM

6:39 Here I am feverishly stress eating Jon Hamm’s John Ham because Don Draper was robbed again. —BC

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama: Claire Danes, Homeland

You go, Claire Danes! In your FACE, Jordan Catalano! -MM

6:41 Claire Danes’ baby: destined to have an excellent vocabulary. – ND

Variety Special, Best Writing: Louis CK, Live at the Beacon Theatre

6:48 Louis C.K. on track for world domination – I’m fine with that. – ND

Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special: Glenn Weiss, 65th Annual Tony Awards

6:55 Do ya think Glenn Weiss knew he was going to win? -ND

Best Variety Show: The Daily Show

6:58 Jon Stewart just had to army crawl through adoration to reach the stage. – ND

7:02 Year in Miniseries or Movie: Is this a Jeopardy topic? Then, um, “What is Miniseries, Alex?” -MM

7:05 Can Steve Buscemi just please release a press release how to pronounce his last name already? -MM

7:08: Can’t help it. Keep thinking about http://chickswithstevebuscemeyes.tumblr.com/ – ND

Best Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie: Jessica Lange, American Horror Story


7:12 Awesome callback when Ellen came out without pants. -MM

Best Supporting Actor Miniseries or Movie: Tom Beringer, Hatfields and McCoys.

Welcome Back, Kotter marks the first time there has ever been a two-for-one in the In Memoriam section. -MM

7:25 Can’t believe they missed the Priceline Negotiator in that In Memoriam. —BC

Outstanding Writing in a Miniseries or Movie: Danny Strong, Game Change

7:31 Somewhere, Sarah Palin is taking her frustrations out on a moose. – ND

7:32 Do we know what magazines and newspapers Julianne Moore likes to read? -MM

Outstanding Directing, Miniseries or Movie: Jay Roach, Game Change

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie: Kevin Costner, Hatfields and McCoys

Outstanding Miniseries or Movie: Game Change

7:47 Tonight flew by so much more quickly than the Oscars. -MM

7:50 Always a good start to your acceptance speech when you use your time to say how long you’re going to talk. -MM

7:55 Take that, Al-Qaeda. – ND

7:55 We, as a nation, shall always love Alex P. Keaton. -MM

Best Comedy: Modern Family

7:58 That’s all, Folks! Thanks for playing along with us! We’d like to thank th…[played off]