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Hulu Plus Arrives on Apple TV

July 31st, 2012 by Dallas Mahrt Senior Software Developer

Keeping up with the latest episode of Family Guy, MasterChef and New Girl on Hulu Plus just got a little easier. And my living room just got a whole lot happier.

Hulu Plus arrives on Apple TV today.

To start watching Hulu Plus shows instantly, find “Hulu Plus” on the Apple TV home screen. If you are a Hulu Plus subscriber, simply enter your username and password to start streaming last night’s episode of Modern Family from the biggest screen in the house.

If you do not have a Hulu Plus account, you can easily sign-up two ways:

1. Go to www.huluplus.com/appletv and register online.  Launch Hulu Plus on your Apple TV, log in with your new credentials and start streaming.

2.  Create a Hulu Plus account directly through Apple TV by using your existing iTunes account and following the sign up instructions on the screen.  If you sign up for Hulu Plus through Apple TV, you will be emailed instructions on how to complete your registration so you can use Hulu Plus on all other supported devices.  After your free 1-week trial ends, your iTunes Account will be charged $7.99 per month as a recurring transaction.

Learn more about setting up Hulu Plus on your Apple TV by watching our Getting Started video.

For those of you who are new to the service, Hulu Plus is the only online premium video subscription that streams current and classic TV programming on demand from hundreds of content partners, including top broadcast networks ABC, NBC, FOX, The CW and Univision. Hulu Plus subscribers can watch on any enabled devices for $7.99/month with limited advertising. For many popular shows on our service, Hulu Plus offers every episode of the current season. Hulu Plus subscribers also have access to back seasons and full runs of some of TV’s greatest shows, including many that were not available online before, in HD whenever possible.

Happy watching!

Last comment: Aug 14th 2016 108 Comments
  • David Bolduc says:

    When will the Autoplay feature be added to HuluPlus on Apple TV ?

  • Jenn says:

    When will it be compatible with Google TV?

  • Michael says:

    I just ordered H-Plus and was pretty happy with what it has to offer, but why not say that your offer is only for “ONE STREAM” at a time? I literally cancelled my netflix account yesterday and decided to go with H-Plus, so I was a bit aggravated that my wide can’t watch H-Plus in an other room if she wanted too. It’s actually ridiculous! It would be like adding a basic cable channel to my package, but only allowing one TV in the house to view the channel. Can you say subscription CANCELLED!

  • TreVion says:

    On the hulu website I think it should have all of the reality tv shows like Real Chance of love and Real Chance of love 2, Flavor of love 3, all of the charm schools and all of the I love moneys

  • Rose says:

    Just signed up for a free trial of HuluPlus.

  • Teo says:

    So – here we are – more than twelve hours later and you still have not looked at this blog and addressed the issues with missing Covert Affairs episodes. Where is Season 3 – Episode 8? OK – so I give you credit for fixing the numerical problem with the newly injected issues – but you still have not fixed the fact that Episode 10 is (due to mis-listing) now finishing 2 months before Episode 9 which you just added. However, it is sad that I am now examining six other websites that are offering Season 3 – Episode 8 because you all are making silly, careless mistakes. Even worse is the fact that no one on your team has even looked at the blog today and addressed this issue. How sad is that? I do thank – you for waking me up to the fact that there are other providers of the same services on the internet.

  • Teo says:

    Not only did you not put the Covert Affairs series up in order but when you added new shows you did not correct the error with putting up Season3 – Episode 10 before, 6,7,8,9; you compounded this by adding only some of the missing shows (still missing 7 and 8) and not correcting your previous error – in other words Episode 10 now expires two months before Episode 9 – I STILL CONTEND THAT YOU GUYS JUST CANNOT COUNT OR ARE DYSLEXIC OR SOME SUCH THING.

  • Teo says:

    You guys really messed up last night, you showed Season 3, Episode 10 of Covert Affairs and seemed to have totally bypassed Episodes 6,7,8 and 9. After the first minute I realized that the story was totally out of sync with the last one that had been available (which was Episode 5) and kept checking back to see if you had corrected the error, but as of this morning it is still a mess. Is it that hard to count? If you cannot make the series available in the correct viewing order so that viewers can keep track of the story line then you have no business showing it at all. I am disappointed and have started to look for options to Hulu.

  • Robb says:

    What have you done??? I’ve been a Hulu Plus subscriber for over 2 years now, specifically for use on the PS3. I love it, I use it every single day.
    However, this new interface is a travesty. I can’t even get to the episodes/movies/trailers I already know are there, much less discover anything new. Actually, there are at LEAST five major flaws I’ve encountered with this new interface that make Hulu Plus on the PS3 practically unusable.

    I guess my only question is…are there any plans in the works to alter the current state of this program…or is this it? Very regrettably, I’m considering canceling my subscription.


  • Hi Amanda,

    I’m sorry to hear about the buffering issues on your tablet. If you head to http://www.hulu.com/support, we may be better equipped to help you there. Again, I’m very sorry for the continued trouble, but I’m sure we’ll get this figured out.

    Hulu Support

  • amanda lee says:

    I just signed up for hulu plus to use on my toshiba tablet with the newest flashplayer and the tablet has the icecream sandwich version which is currently the most popular one out there. Why is it when I watch anything on the tablet from hulu plus, it BUFFERS too much. Everything is stop and go, stop and go. A person can’t watch a good show without Buffering and that makes a customer mispleased and attempting to cancel my subscription. Please can anything be done about the buffering all the time. It even buffers when im RIGHT BESIDE the internet modem. All the others play fine like, Netflix, Crackle, and others. Please do something about the Buffering. It’s annoying!!!!!

  • Sandy says:

    So basically everything I want to watch on Hulu is unavailable. or “Web only”. What am I paying for? What I really resent is that I checked on these shows before I switched and y’all indicated they would be available. Feel duped. Really disappointed. Guess I need to put on my glasses and read the fine print. Thanks for nothing.
    P.S. Your interface is non-intuitive and a pain to navigate.

  • Jan says:

    Hulu really needs to reevaluate the Drama genre. The “XXX” needs its own genre.

  • Noah Z says:

    How do I go back to the old version? This one is horribly muddled and you can’t navigate around to anywhere. I would like to at least see the break down by day of what new episodes are added. That is how I see if there are more shows that I want to start watching. I’m not interested in what is the most “popular” show out there. I just want to be able to see what is new and have the opertunity to watch something new if it catches my eye. I have to agree with other people that I’m spending less time on hulu how because I can’t navigate around in this mess that you have made.

  • Superstr8 says:

    is there some way to opt out of these stupid foreign films? I get tired of wading through other country’s crap. How do I just look for American TV and movies?

  • Jane says:

    This new format looks nice, but it stinks. One of your stated goals was “How can we make it easier for you to find and enjoy the best TV moments on your computer?” You have just made it more difficult to find stuff on Hulu. You no longer have (or at least we can’t find it so it amounts the same thing) the most recent added programs by DATE. No one in our household likes this new format. We are now spending more time on the network web sites and on Netflix. Hulu, you just shot yourself in the foot because you thought it would look nicer. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  • CJ says:

    ok i was thinking about open a Subscription toHulu….. But i cant watch any of your TV shows with out it locking up on me BUT…. i Get to watch your Commercial just Fine so i think i will Pass for now

  • Hey Brad, You can cancel your Hulu account at any time by turning off the auto-renewal option in your iTunes account’s subscription settings. If you need our help with anything, please feel free to get in touch with us directly. ( http://www.hulu.com/support )

    Thanks, Grady, Hulu Support

  • Brad says:

    Well, it’s easy enough to sign up on the apple tv, but I can’t for the life of me see how to unsubscribe. How convenient for Hulu!

  • Hi Forrest,

    I’m sorry to hear about the login and account trouble! Please check your spam folder, and if you still can’t find the email, contact us at https://www.hulu.com/support.

    Hulu Support

  • Forrest Tanaka says:

    I signed up for Hulu Plus on my Apple TV, but I either deleted the email showing how to use this account on other devices to the point it’s not even in my email backups, or I never received them. How do I receive this email? Note that I had signed up for the free Hulu account months ago under the same email address that my Apple TV is registered, so I’m not sure if that affects things.

  • Hi There,

    I’m very sorry for the player freezing trouble. We’d be happy to investigate. Drop us a line at http://www.hulu.com/support we’re happy to help!

    Thanks, Grady, Hulu Support

  • Jmpr says:

    Was totally excited to have this finally. But it freezes on every film I try. Done all the reboots and line testing. Freezes and freezes. I will not be subscribing if this isn’t fixed. Bummer. Access to the criterion catalog was number 1 reason to have it.

  • Adam S. says:

    I finally got my apple TV, and was so excited. I’m a disabled veteran, and lost most of my hearing in the Iraqi wars. I logged into my Netflix, and everything worked perfect. Closed captions on virtually every show. But, then I logged on Hulu Plus, and they don’t support Closed Captions. Whoa! Does Hulu not care that much about deaf or the hearing impaired? My quality of life has suffered since the war, but my TV viewing shouldn’t. When do you anticipate having closed captioning on the Hulu Plus for Apple TV? “Soon” or “in the near future” aren’t really answers.

  • Hi Mario,

    Thanks for posting. At the moment, we don’t have any international streaming rights for our content, so we’re not able to stream inside Europe – but we’re looking to get to as many places as quickly as possible. Before we can, we need to obtain streaming rights for each show and movie in each specific region. We may also need to establish relationships with local advertisers to subsidize our streaming costs, like we do in the US. We might even need new technology partnerships to ensure that content streaming is up to our standards.

    It’ll take some time, and I don’t have a definitive timeline just yet, so thank you for your patience in the meantime. If there’s anything else I can address for you, just let me know.

    Hulu Support

  • Mario says:

    Does this work in Europe ???

  • Hi Carolyn!

    I’m sorry for your trouble with Hulu Plus on your Apple TV. Please let us thoroughly troubleshoot this for you!


    I look forward to resolving this for you.

    Hulu Support

  • Stacey M says:

    Don’t get too excited about this. You still cannot view [Web Only] shows from Hulu on your other devices. So you will STILL need to watch them via Internet via computer. It will STILL take Hulu a month to post recently aired shows. I see some people are stoked about this but it doesn’t change anything, other than adding a new device to view some of those approved shows.

  • Carolyn says:

    I do not have a Hulu account. I signed up through my apple tv. If I want to cancel I don’t see an option for that through I tunes or my apple tv. What do I do???!!!!!

  • C Davis says:

    Please ignore my post.. I had 2 windows open, one for Apple and one for Hulu – put wrong post in wrong place. LOVE HULU! It works great, no problems – just problem with Apple TV.

  • C Davis says:

    I got a Sony streaming device because I wanted Hulu, a couple weeks later it appears on my Apple TV. I love the layout that Apple TV has…now if it would only work. It pauses, losses internet, sort of burps along and the picture will freeze, but the sound will keep going or visa versa. I have unplugged it, unplugged everything and started up more than I care to remember, and it still doesn’t work right. I’ve had this problem in the past with Netflix, Youtube…just about everything, except for renting iTunes on my Apple TV. My Sony streaming device works beautifully, but the set up isn’t as elegant as the Apple TV. The Apple TV is beginning to remind me of a Jaguar car – really pretty, but so unreliable – it just sits in the garage. Is there anything I can do to get the dang thing to function properly. I have been told over and over it isn’t the Apple TV the problem is the non apple program I’m trying to use, but then why does my Sony work so well?

  • Hey Beatrice,

    I’m sorry for the lack of captions on the Apple TV. We understand this is an essential feature for a lot of users, and we’re working hard to bring it to all platforms. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us directly at http://www.hulu.com/support

    Hulu Support

  • Can anyone tell me if shows labelled as “Web Only” on my Hulu Plus account can now be viewed on the Hulu Plus app on Apple TV?

    Currently I can not watch them on my IPAD.

    “Suits” is an example of a TV show that is ‘Web Only” and not viewable on the IPAD. Will it work on the Apple TV?

  • Beatrice says:

    Just signed up for a free trial of HuluPlus. I was eager to watch my shows on my Apple TV only to find there are no closed captions. It’s kind of a disgrace for HuluPlus to launch on Apple TV without checking off all the boxes and now my free trial can potentially be wasted. I’d like to suspend it right now until closed-captioning is on Apple TV. Like someone said above, you’d never launch it without picture or sound, so why is it okay to launch it without closed captions?

  • Jim says:

    Some random comments on what i have read I am sure Hulu plus will come to other devices such as Google TV as they become more popular. Just because some devices work similiar does not mean they will work the same and may need specific programming also Hulu has certain agreements that may or may not let them support devices as well as the owners of the device might be able to choose not to let the app on it. As far as being able to use AirPlay to send regular Hulu or anything else directly from your computer, it only works on the newest of macs. Many windows computers have WiDi if you buy a receiver or your TV supports it. Of course you can always run a monitor cable to most flat screen displays from just about any computer – not as convienient but it works. If you use your TV as your computer monitor it becomes part of the computer so no legal issues for Hulu. Remove the computer and you can’t get everything on Hulu per their contracts. Surround sound will take a bit especially since Hulu+ was designed as a mobile platform and few of those support meaningful surround sound.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for posting. As the Cayman Islands is a British territory, we’re unable to offer Hulu there. However, we’re always looking into expanding our offerings, so I’d keep an eye on it.

    Hulu Support

  • Adam says:

    Is this service available in the Cayman Islands?

  • Andriad says:

    to sign up through itunes do you need a credit card linked to your itunes account, or will it allow sign up without? I know it needed one for iTunes Match…

    I use itunes credit because I don’t have a cc, and it would be easy enough to make sure I have enough for the 7.99 subscription each month

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in Hulu Plus! I’m afraid don’t currently offer Surround sound on Hulu Plus (on any of our apps, not just Apple TV). Of course, we receive quite a few requests for Surround sound—so we’re aware there’s a demand! We’re always considering improvements for Hulu Plus, and I hope we can offer you Surround support someday soon!

    Hulu Support

  • Kurgan says:

    HD-content but just stereo-sound? How about Dolby-Digital (Surround) ?

    iTunes has and also does Neflix – are there any restrictions?

  • Hi there,

    For Criterion Collection films that already contain English subtitles, you will see the subtitles on Apple TV. I hope this helps!

    Michael B.
    Hulu Support

  • alphame says:

    will English subtitles play automatically on foreign language films


    do subtitles not work at all on Apple tv
    (a lot of criterion collection is foreign language, so i’ll only get hulu when subtitles work)

  • Angela says:

    Still waiting for support on Sony S Tablet. I will never understand how Hulu can enable their app on some Android devices and not others. Shouldn’t the fact they are all running Android mean the apps will work on all Android supported devices?

  • Paul says:

    Not only does Netflix on the apple tv have captions but so does Hulu plus on TiVo. This is a disgrace. How dare you. You would never allow Hulu plus if it didn’t have sound or picture.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, there is no closed-captions support with Hulu Plus on Apple TV at launch. We are hoping to implement support for closed-captions as soon as possible.

    Hulu Support

  • Hi,

    While we are looking into the possibility of 1080p distribution, at this time, there are both technical and contractual issues to consider before we can provide it.

    Russ K
    Hulu Support

  • lelapapa says:

    do subtitles work on foreign language films ?

  • Hi Blaine,

    We currently support the 2nd and 3rd generation models.

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Horie,

    Unfortunately availability is only for U.S. based subscribers at the moment, but we’re continually working on expanding our device availability abroad, so hopefully soon!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Patrick,

    Unfortunately the AutoPlay option is not currently available, but we’ll be making regular updates to include new features shortly!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Glenn,

    Unfortunately availability is only for U.S. based subscribers at the moment, but we’re continually working on expanding our device availability abroad, so hopefully soon!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Brett,

    Our license agreements for our content allow for one stream per account – so you can activate your Hulu Plus subscription on as many devices as you please, but you can only stream to one of them at a time.

    Hulu Support

  • Andre Rocha says:

    Great start !

    But no closed captions? Come on, Netflix has it!

  • Hi Ved,

    Thanks for reporting that error, our team will take a look!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately the app is only available for U.S. based accounts; sorry about that- Hopefully we’ll release a version for our users in Japan soon!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us. At the moment, we don’t have any international streaming rights for our content, so we’re not able to stream outside of the US – but we’re looking to get there as quickly as possible.

    Before we can, we need to obtain streaming rights for each show and movie in each specific region. We may also need to establish relationships with local advertisers to subsidize our streaming costs, like we do in the US. We might even need new technology partnerships to ensure that content streaming is up to our standards.

    It’ll take some time, and I don’t have a definitive timeline just yet, so thank you for your patience in the meantime. If there’s anything else I can address for you, just let me know.

    Hulu Support

  • Henrik says:

    I have just added my Hulu Plus to my ATV3 and it works. Unfortunately I cannot find shows like Simpsons on it. Its this intentional ?

  • Blaine says:

    doesn’t seem like its available for the original Apple TV.
    is this due to a hardware issue or just Apples standard forced obsolescence?

  • Horie Tanaka says:

    I subscribe to hulu.jp and own an Apple TV. Will this be available in Japan ?
    Domo Hulusantachi

  • Patrick Grimshaw says:

    Does appletv support autoplay in the Hulu plus app?

  • GR says:

    I am a Hulu Plus (hulu.jp) subscriber in Japan. Will Hulu Plus be available in Japan on Apple TV?

  • Carl says:

    Big FAIL for not securing access for Canadians. Sorry HULU, but Netflix still has you beat, regardless of the selection. SHAME!!!

  • Patrick says:

    Will Hulu Plus eventually offer 1080p content for the Apple TV?

  • Nicodemus says:

    Thank you mucho. Been waiting for this ever since I bought the thing a while back without realizing it wasn’t supported.

  • Anthony says:

    We would love Hulu stream to Australia-will you be getting international streaming rights for us here?

    Also, can you confirm you own hulu.com.au? And when will Hulu Japan in Japan be available on Apple TV there?

  • Brett says:

    I have two Apple Tvs (bedroom and living room). Do I need two different subscriptions so that I can watch one show in the living room while my wife watches another different show in our bedroom at the same time?

  • Ved L says:

    I meant to say I cannot scroll down beyond “Harvard beats Yale”
    Movies that begin with I-Z are missing under Movies > Genres > News and Information > A-Z
    Again, this is on Apple TV.
    It’ll be great if u can have this fixed. Thanks

  • Ved L says:

    I just noticed a bug on the Hulu Plus app for Apple TV.

    Under Movies > Genres > News and Information > A-Z,
    I cannot scroll for movies beyond the first letter of H.

  • Michael Haines says:

    i now have hulu plus on my apple tv. im glad it showed up, however.. missing much content from my hulu profile. buz kill.

  • Tim says:

    wait… do the content providers know what AirPlay is? because this whole device rights thing is retarded if they don’t understand that I can just stream hulu.com to my appleTV anyway… have your lawyers told them that yet? GIVE ME MY FREE CONTENT THAT I WOULD GET IF I HAD RABBIT EARS ON MY TV ANYWAY!

  • Tim says:

    NO 30 ROCK = useless

  • Mike Baker says:

    Is there a date for when this is coming to Japan? Carrying an Apple TV box around to my girlfriend’s will be a lot easier than carrying my Playstation which I’m doing currently!
    (A sales rep at a big box store tried to talk me into buying an Apple TV, but I said that no Hulu was a deal-breaker!)

  • Darrel says:

    Another blow to Google Tv… is it ever coming to the non apple cult followers?

  • Joseph says:

    WOW! Thank you so much for finally getting this done. :) I am so thankful, no more crappy Roku hardware!

  • Mark C says:

    So will the app appear on uk Apple Tv’s but we won’t be able to access content? I often travel back and forward to the states with the Apple TV so wondering where I should do the update to make sure I get the app?

  • Hi Mark and Todd,

    Currently, closed captions are not yet available in the Hulu Plus application for Apple TV. We understand that this is a feature that many of our users would like to see, so we’ll be working hard to add it in a future release! In the meantime, you can visit http://www.hulu.com/support/article/354280 to view a list of devices where our application supports captions.

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Jean,

    You can cancel your Hulu Plus subscription at anytime by visiting your Account page ( http://www.hulu.com/account ) and clicking Cancel subscription in the Billing Information section.

    Hulu Support

  • Hi Michael and Chase,

    Web-only shows will still only be available for streaming on the computer even on the Apple TV. We’d love to be able to stream these shows on devices like the Apple TV, but unfortunately, we don’t currently have device streaming rights for them. We’re doing everything we can to narrow the gap between what’s only on our site and what’s available through Hulu Plus

    Hulu Support

  • Hi there,

    With your Hulu Plus subscription (which you can sign up for at http://www.hulu.com/plus or on your Apple TV), you can use it on as many devices that we support (like your iPad and computer), but you can only stream to one device at a time. I hope this helps!

    Hulu Support

  • Hi all,

    Hulu Plus on the Apple TV is only available in the US. Unfortunately, we don’t have any international streaming rights at this time, but, we’d love to be able to stream to other countries like Canada.

    Hulu Support

  • Lamar Vannoy says:

    This will be really awesome once ‘web only’ shows are a thing of the past…

  • Thank you! Finally!

  • Erik says:

    Grr, you fooled me into believing there was new Modern Family episodes, lol.

    Great! Now I can ditch my Roku!

  • Jack McKittrick says:

    So when will this be available in Canada?

  • peterb says:

    I have a technical question: If I purchase Hulu+ directly on my Apple TV, can I use that subscription on any other device (such as my iPad, or a computer in another room?)

  • RoooTing says:

    Sounds like a pretty good plan to me dude.


  • Lephturn says:

    Looks great – any chance I will have access to this in Canada?

  • Todd Morrison says:

    Does Hulu Plus support subtitles/captions on AppleTV?

  • Nokuchikushi Tekukuno says:

    US only?

  • Michael Aaron says:

    So excited! Quick question: I’m a Hulu Plus subscriber- you know how some shows you cannot watch on an iPad and you get the message that you have to use a computer? Will the AppleTV be able to stream all, or will we sometimes get that message?

  • Mike says:

    FINALLY! Beautiful interface too. One thing I did notice is that when I picked a specific episode of The Daily Show from my queue, it didn’t start playing. Instead, it brought me to ANOTHER list of Daily Show episodes and when I selected the most recent from that list, it did start playing. Minor issue, but something to look into for a future update to the app.

  • Mark L says:

    This is great, but it’s missing closed captioning / subtitles, which are essential for foreign language TV and movies. Are there any plans to add this soon?

  • Will channels and shows not available on mobile devices, such as Suits, be available on Apple TV?

  • Bayard says:

    is it limited like it is on my Roku and other non desktop platforms? (ie. shows like burn notice et al…)

  • Jean says:

    If I decide I don’t want it, how do I cancel?

  • J says:

    I have an Apple TV but live in Canada, can I subscribe?

  • Mat Payne says:

    Is this US only? Love to see it in Canada :D

  • Kristian says:

    When will we see an official app for Google TV? You have an app for Android, Roku, and Apple TV. There’s no logical reason for Hulu Plus to be absent from Google TV or for any Android device to be used as a streaming device like Apple TV or Roku.

  • Patrick says:

    Does this work in Canada as well, and are there programming/availability differences? I loved Hulu when I lived in the US!

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