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The Gift of Entertainment for Dads and Grads

June 1st, 2012 by Eric Berman Distribution

I’m excited to share that Hulu has teamed up with Roku to offer the gift of entertainment to loved ones everywhere, whether it’s for a recent graduate or your dad for Father’s Day. Beginning today until June 17, you can purchase a Roku HD, six months of Hulu Plus and an HDMI cable for only $79.99 with free shipping. This limited time offer is a 35% discount (or $45 in savings).

There’s been one activity that my dad and I have enjoyed doing together more than anything: watching great TV. My dad introduced me to his childhood favorites, including The Three StoogesAbbott and Costello and The Lone Ranger.

Last year, I set up a Roku and Hulu Plus on my dad’s huge, brand new TV. Now it was my turn to introduce my dad to some of my favorite shows. The pressure was on to deliver great TV.

I brought up a recent episode of Saturday Night Live, and after laughing hysterically at Steve Buscemi’s Batman clip, we began diving into a whole slew of classic SNL clips. And just like old times, he turned me to one of his favorites: the John Belushi “Samurai Hitman.”

We hope this special offer makes it easy for you to share your favorite TV moments with your favorite people. Go to www.roku.com/huludeal to redeem this special offer. Enjoy!

Last comment: Aug 27th 2012 6 Comments
  • Mary says:

    The new format is ungodly confusing. I used to be able to see new content with a few clicks. Now there are these huge pictures, with vague and general categorization, if any. This is sending me away from Hulu so fast, someone’s head should be spinning. What a mess!

  • Don Patrick says:

    15 total shows in the summer premier preview and 13 of them are reality, cooking, etc. only two are actually watchable scripted shows with a plot and semi stars or real actors.I like Hulu but really, there seemed to be more actual shows available when I was six and we only had three channels ( NBC, CBS, and ABC )on our T.V. I am now 66 and am bored with reality. When the crocodile actually eats some one then you can call it reality.

  • I stopped watching SNL a while back after all the good comedians either left to go on to their own careers or died off. The show has become way too political and left-winged, but this creepy-Batman skit was pretty funny.

  • SANDO says:

    You have the most low level commercials I have ever seen…movie previews ring a BELL ???

  • Kyle Montgomery says:

    I have purchased hulu plus with the promise of more content with earlier access. As I pay each month more and more shows are being stripped away. They have taken Chuck off hulu streaming which was on of their top rated shows, and my favorite SyFy shows are only 4 episodes in before I have to wait long periods of time to see the rest of the season. I don’t want to go back to Netflix, but hulu is starting to have as little content as them.

    Please Explain Your Plans,
    Kyle Montgomery