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Summertime…and the viewing is easy

May 20th, 2012 by Andy Forssell Acting CEO and SVP of Content

Last summer, we delighted fans craving fresh summer viewing with our premier slate of exclusive series available for the first time in the U.S. only on Hulu and Hulu Plus. Cult U.K. favorite “Misfits” brought us superhuman delinquent teens, “Whites” took us behind-the-scenes of chef de cuisine Roland White’s egomaniacal antics, and “The Booth at the End,” now returning for its second season, introduced us to the darkest corners of the human condition.

This summer, we’re doubling down with a slate of ten new Hulu Original Series and Hulu Exclusives viewers can’t see anywhere else. We searched the globe for strong stories that appeal to all kinds of entertainment fans, including comedy, sci-fi, travel, reality and even a little magic. Here’s a peek:

We’re kicking off our Hulu Original offerings this summer on June 4th with “Spoilers,” a movie “revue” powered by the mind of Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Red State”), movie lover turned moviemaker. He’s inviting fellow movie lovers and friends he’s met along the way to revere summer blockbusters in a multi-act show featuring animation, reenactments, interviews and passionate conversation around this season’s biggest flicks.

Up to Speed,” Richard Linklater’s (“Bernie,” “Dazed and Confused”) eye-opening travel series starring Speed Levitch, gives viewers an extraordinary and quirky look at objects that have influenced our country’s history in ways we never imagined. The show launches in August and covers a lot of ground, from New York to Monticello, Chicago, San Francisco and Kansas.

We Got Next” takes viewers into the “gymbo” for a weekly pick-up basketball game to watch four unlikely friends skillfully ruin each other’s lives. This edgy and comically offensive bro-mantic comedy is executive produced by Kenya Barris (co-creator, “America’s Next Top Model”), Hale Rothstein (writer, producer, “The Game”) and Danny Leiner (director, “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle”).

Our persistent treasure hunt for the world’s greatest content led us to seven Hulu Exclusive Series, introducing new stories for Hulu viewers to fall in love with. From “Rev.’s” hilarious take on life as an inner-city vicar, “The Yard’s” elementary school gangland, and the angst-ridden teen comedy “Pramface,” to Derren Brown’s amazing illusory stunts, the bold dramatic miniseries “The Promise,” “Little Mosque‘s” fish out of water comedy and the second season of sci-fi thriller “The Booth at the End,” there is something for every sensibility.

This summer, we hope you enjoy our new original and exclusive shows on Hulu and Hulu Plus wherever you are, whenever you want. Happy watching!

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