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Hulu Introduces Gay and Lesbian Genre

April 25th, 2012 by Griffin Gmelich Content Acquisition

Hulu has long been the home for great television, and as we expand our offerings, certain categories and genres start to take center stage.  Fresh off the heels of the GLAAD Media Awards, honoring outstanding media representations of the LGBT community and issues that affect their lives, Hulu is proud to launch a new Gay and Lesbian genre category.

Hulu already offers some of the finest films in the genre, including Paris is Burning and Frida. These titles were critically acclaimed inside and outside the LGBT community, and both were recognized by GLAAD as award worthy (1992 and 2003 respectively).  Hulu is also currently home to Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom, The Times of Harvey Milk and Queer as Folk. With nearly 100 titles in the new LGBT genre category, the selection on Hulu and Hulu Plus is more robust than ever, featuring content from Wolfe, Here!, TLA and Logo.

Along with the new category heading on the genre page, Hulu offers easy access to its enhanced LGBT content library, including beloved TV shows and movies viewers are passionate about, such as Were The World Mine (winner of 10 audience awards and 11 jury awards), A Marine Story (Outfest’s Audience and Grand Jury winner), Judas Kiss (make sure to watch the end credits), critically acclaimed Latter Days, evergreen title Adam & Steve and the fantastic comedy-parody Another Gay Movie.

It would be remiss not to have strong genre defining titles like the controversial 2010 film Children of God or Plan B, known as a beautiful film that is honest, touching and profound.  Besides the films, we’re adding some episodic programming as well.  The winner of 4 Indie Soap Awards Anyone But Me, a real life look at what it means to be a gay teen.  Behind the Bar, Food Fetish, For and Against and She’s Living for This had their start on the Here! Network and are now new additions to Hulu.

There’s also a lot to look forward to. In May, Boy, from Auraeus Solito will be added to the service. It’s a coming of age love story between a poet and a dancer which Gay.com calls “Unapologetically romantic.” Gay Sex in the ’70s, the documentary that marks “The end of an era. The beginning of a movement,” will also be added to the service. Director Joseph Lovett brings us the story of Gay New York between 1969 and 1981, crafting a story that captures the essence of New York using archival and black and white footage.  Honored that GLAAD has taken the opportunity to lend its support of the new genre addition, Hulu looks forward to expanding its premium LGBT library.

Last comment: Jul 27th 2016 9 Comments
  • Hey hey says:

    If you don’t want your children watching bad stuff then perhaps you or another adult should be there to supervise and if you can’t get anyone then perhaps you should find something else for the child to do in the mean time just sounds like complaing against the lgbt people there are worse stuff on hulu and netflix tha some of these tv shows and movies like horror ones I guess there should be a block for those to huh I think we should all stop complaining and act like adults if you truly are disappointed try and contact the company directly at least they have something like this available to everyone and its a lot cheaper than cable or dish not everything can be perfect stop complaining against this and if your truly dissatisfied you should be there when and what your child watches or find someone else to do it or find something else for your child to do

  • Kristy says:

    I have to agree with Jodi and Jessica. I am annoyed that I can’t block these shows and movies. The home page for Hulu on our Roku is littered with half naked women wrapped around each other. Not something I want my 6 year old son or even my 13 year old daughter seeing. We should be able to block certain content, otherwise we will most likely have to cancel our subscription.

  • Jodi says:

    Although I applaud you for adding this for the folks who want it I wish there were parental controls for ALL shows or movies that I don’t want my 7 year old to watch. Does anyone know how to block content for kids or does Hulu Plus not have parental controls? I’m going to have to cancel if it doesn’t. Again, its for ANY adult content.

  • Jessica says:

    This “genre” is not welcomed in all homes. There should be a way to block this content. I am very disappointed that this is accessible to anyone using hulu. Disgrace!

  • Here is the kind of information I’ve been trying to find. Thanks for posting this information.

  • Nik says:

    It seems somewhat ironic to me that you all have introduced this genre and yet I have been seeing a fairly large amount of Mormon.org ads lately. This genre addition is very welcome, but seeing ads for a stupid cult is not. If I continue to see commercials that try to pass off the LDS as anything other than an elaborate con created by a treasure-hunting criminal I cannot continue to use this website.

  • Ellie says:

    This will be great. Netflix as lgbt shows,movies so why not Hulu.Hulu needs to pick up the speed in putting more stuff Hulu is good but it could be better..

  • I’ve always found it interesting that tv shows and movies with gay characters and plot emphasize the gayness with the title and make the entire program revolve around it, as opposed to the more subtle approach of simply having a gay character in a “regular” tv show or film who interacts normally as most gay people do.

  • Maverick says:

    Hats off to Hulu for being so progressive. You rock!!!!