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“Happy Endings'” Happy Ending: Why You Need to Watch the Season Finale

April 4th, 2012 by Ben Collins Editor

The language I’ve been using to get people to watch Happy Endings over the last few months is now officially bordering on creepy.

Yesterday, I called Adam Pally, who’s Max on the show, “America’s husband.”

Talking like this would be a real issue—one that should land me on one of those shows that Dr. Drew hosts that airs late at night—if I didn’t love Happy Endings so much. Because calling Max “America’s most suitable domestic partner” is exactly something that would be said on this show.

You end up talking like Max and Dave and Jane and Brad and Alex and Penny. It’s just how it goes.

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That’s why it’s a little sad tonight is the last time we’ll see our friends from Chicago for a few months.

It’s the season finale tonight. It’ll get picked up. It has the most heavenly of timeslots. It follows Modern Family, which is like batting behind Albert Pujols or being the shy, fat kid in a boy band.

But you should watch the show anyway. You won’t be saving the world by checking it out tonight at 9:30 ET/PT on ABC or tomorrow on Hulu. But you will enjoy the hell out of the whole experience.

Back to Adam Pally, “America’s Husband.”

He’s a friend’s boyfriend who always has the funniest thing to say—who always inches the conversation to the raunchiest place possible. That friend pretends to be sick of his s–t but she secretly likes him more because of it. He’ll hand you a beer at a party before you ask for it, then he’ll introduce you to the hot girl in the corner by intentionally tripping over some wiring.

Of course, there’s that tremendous last wrinkle on the show—that Max has a boyfriend, not a girlfriend, and this is brought up almost never—and that’s part of why this whole thing works.

Brad and Jane are the couple you watch like an instructional video. They keep it interesting even when they’re in their tumultuous yearly fight. Penny’s the desperate friend that you know will end up with the most interesting friend you know. Dave is the right-hand man of the century. Alex is the attractive friend that has done every conceivable weird thing around you—you can’t get her constant rib-eating out of your head—but you’re still strangely attracted to her.

But Max? He’s the most lovable thing on TV. He beats the baby on “Raising Hope” by a head of hair.

That’s why it got weird when I went on the Happy Endings set and met Adam Pally and he echoed all of these sentiments.

Someone asked him—if every character were real—who he would want to hook up with most on the show. Most actors would tiptoe around this. They’d say, “Oh, everyone. Everyone is just so attractive.”

Not him.

“Alex!” he says. That’s Elisha Cuthbert’s character, by the way. “Wait, are you kidding me? It’s Alex. Come on.”

And if he could have a guest star on the show.

“I want my older brother to be played by Joaquin Phoenix.”

Pre or post-meltdown?

“Either way. Any way he wants to go.”

It was a half-hour of this, by the way.

This show is compared to “Friends” a lot and that’s unfair. “Friends” is great, but “Friends” is a TV show with TV characters on it. Happy Endings is Adam Pally, Eliza Coupe, Zach Knight, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson and Elisha Cuthbert with changed names during their best hours of the day.

“I think anytime you’re in your group of friends—as you probably all know—you f— your friends. If you haven’t, you’ve thought about it,” says Pally. “That’s real life, so that’s how it goes here.”