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Animation Studies 101: “Community” Animated Shorts Are Coming to Hulu

March 3rd, 2012 by Ben Collins Editor

Look, we know your “Community” rerun addiction is getting unwieldy. Putting those names of episodes in a hat to figure out if you’re going to watch “Remedial Chaos Theory” for a third time or give the paintball episode for an umpteenth watch was probably when you noticed you had a real problem.

So we’re here to help.

Before “Community’s” return to NBC on March 15th (and Hulu on March 16th), the gang from Greendale has whipped up three “Community” animated shorts. They’ll be released on Hulu on Wednesday March 7th, Thursday March 8th, and Friday March 9th.

We do fear that it won’t fix your “Community” problem. It might create a new obsession. We’re willing to take that risk.

Dean Pelton gets Abed to be his assistant. Abed gets a master key to Greendale. We’d say more, but we’d be ruining it. We want to stay cool (cool, cool, cool, cool) about this.

We recently went to the “Community” set because we’ve seen the show. Of course, seeing the show evolves very quickly into liking it a little too much and kind of hoping Greendale was a real place. So we went to take pictures of the foosball table.

But mostly we went to see if the cast had heard how much all of the right people in the world love this show.

And they have. Yvette Nicole Brown (or Shirley, for the uninitiated) is overwhelmed with the love.

“I don’t know another show — maybe ‘Buffy’ — where they are drawing us as cartoon characters, putting on felt goatees, standing outside in 30 degree weather singing Christmas songs,” Brown said.

That’s part of why we’re glad this animated series is coming to Hulu. All of that drawing the gang as cartoon characters? It’s not going unnoticed.

“This outpouring of love that we feel is palpable,” she said. “Our fans are amazingly, wonderfully, lovable, talented people.”

We’re just happy the “Community” folks could draw up another reason to keep us all obsessed. And we’re ecstatic that viewers can watch the new, current season, and every “Community” episode from every season, exclusively on the Hulu Plus subscription service.