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PBS Shows Now on Hulu Plus

February 2nd, 2012 by Robert Schildhouse Content Acquisition

PBS is dedicated to good stories, well told. Their viewers are passionate about what they have to offer – television that is smart, absorbing, informative and even addictive. It’s precisely the kind of content we look to bring to the Hulu Plus subscription service. This is true of Ken Burns’ fascinating documentary films, the sweeping drama of Masterpiece: Downton Abbey as well as PBS Kids content that engages young minds while helping children build the skills they need to succeed in school and in life.

This week, we added approximately two hundred PBS episodes to Hulu Plus, including dozens of episodes from Ken Burns library, the first season of Masterpiece: Downton Abbey and episodes of PBS Kids series including Arthur, Dinosaur Train and Wild Kratts. We will also add hundreds more episodes over the coming weeks, including more kids’ favorites like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Super Why, as well as additional episodes of NOVA, Masterpiece and American Experience – top-quality PBS series that Hulu users have already come to enjoy.

What people say they love most about PBS content is that it opens up new worlds and ideas. They take viewers on journeys to exciting places and introduce them to amazing characters. With PBS, you can ponder the nature of the universe with NOVA, revisit the greatest chapters of our nation’s history on American Experience or follow the most in-depth investigative journalism on television with Frontline and more.

Children and their parents can take a trip through time and natural science on the Dinosaur Train, join the Kratt brothers on their animal-powered adventures on Wild Kratts or help a young aardvark and his friends overcome the everyday calamities of being a kid on Arthur.

We hope you enjoy the new PBS content on Hulu Plus as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

Last comment: Nov 19th 2016 11 Comments
  • CR says:

    I’d reccomend checking out PBS website too. There’s lots of programming on the official site that is not on Hulu (and visa versa).

  • Emerald City says:

    Will Season 2 be available on Hulu+? I’ve loved watching Season 1 and would love to NOT have to go to Netflix to see the rest.

  • Do you know if it will include the old series titled Wishbone ? I truly hope so would love to let my sister watch something that I loved on pbs growing up

  • Tom Serious says:

    Dear Greg,

    Are You SERIOUS?! You can’t pay $1.99 to watch ONE episode of Downton?! Ummm. Do you have any idea how much it costs to make a production like that? The only thing that cost $1.99 in the ENTIRE PRODUCTION was ONE bad cup of American drip coffee for ONE of the PAs.

    Jeez Man.

  • Michael. says:

    I love the addition of PBS and truly appreciate adding so many back episodes. But what about current season’s episodes? Why not add recent episodes of American Experience, NOVA, or Nature? Will we have to wait for Masterpiece Theater (beyond Downton)? It would also be great to get the Newshour the evening it airs.

  • Jatarious says:

    Do you know if it will include the old series titled Wishbone ? I truly hope so would love to let my sister watch something that I loved on pbs growing up

  • Greg says:

    Does that mean *new* episodes of Downton Abbey will be added each week? Been loving season 2, but tired of paying $1.99 an episode. The wording made it sound like just the first season will be available.

  • Soul of Wit says:

    PBS programming is a great addition. It would be nice to have “Ebert Presents at the Movies”. I assume that it is currently on hiatus.