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Best Dramas of 2011: 3 – Misfits

December 21st, 2011 by Ben Collins Editor

We’re counting down the Top 10 Dramas of 2011. Each pick will be revealed on Hulu’s homepage every day of this week. Selections 10-4 can be viewed here.

3 – Misfits

So we’ve gotten to this point. There was a big debate. A bunch of people in a room throwing around words like “objectivity” and “favor.” Misfits, Hulu’s very own British import, is third on this list, and that’s going to make a lot of people sad.

But, really, nothing entered the lexicon in our office like some of the quotes and people on this show. Down the hall from where I’m writing this sentence, someone was chugging Emergen-C at a lunch table a few weeks ago, talking about how she was feeling funny.

Her friend then said, “That’ll be the lightning.” Both people got it.

I’m not saying this girl magically felt better. “Misfits” is no cure-all. The only magical thing about it is that you’re almost never bored when you’re watching it. But the last time a drama (or, really, a dramedy, in this case) had such memorable lines, it was called “The West Wing.”

Part of it is watching the show grow, too, and that was accelerated by getting two seasons thrown at us at once like this. We got the UK’s E4 show in big, heaping lumps, so most people watched it like someone who got broken up with on a Saturday—as one, sweeping, serialized movie.

So the characters developed, but not out of their delinquency. Nathan and Simon and Alisha and everybody else—they finally acted like an actual person might act if they had superpowers. They weren’t these immediately benevolent, omniscient, never-tired caricatures. They were (ahem) blokes and birds who continued to act that way.

They were some of the best TV friends to enter our lives this year, and we wanted to let them know. So they’re number three on our list. That might invalidate the rest of the list for you, and that’s fine.

But think of it this way: If LeBron James were your nephew, would you leave him off your All-Star ballot just to be polite?

Last comment: Dec 23rd 2011 14 Comments
  • CassandraT says:

    Kind of disappointed with season 3’s first episode. I understand that the actor playing Nathan has left the show but to try and replace him with a Nathan clone so quickly is rather jarring. At least allow us one freaking episode to feel the loss. Also the powers the gang has this time are all rather lame and while that can be funny I was looking forward to seeing them be more kick ass instead of literally right back to where they started.

  • Crystal says:

    47 years old and couldn’t wait to see it come back. Miss Nathan though.

  • Dave says:

    Dude, why are you apologizing for this? This show is well written, totally original, and the characters are awesome. I absolutely love it.

  • rosa says:

    I Hope this is one of the shows that will win number #1. It makes Alisha, Nathan and all the other seem more real than any of the other programs dealing with super heroes I have seen. This is also one of the shows where I do not mind the langauge or actions of the characters. Misfits would not work without that because they all balance each other in their actions and they make you work to see beyond their langauge and their actions. And what i see are people who will be there to help out if they are needed, even if it means going the extra mile.

  • Otilia says:

    I love, love, love this show! So funny and so real (well, except for the superpowers and stuff). I would really consider this a drama though, it’s more of a comedy to me.

  • Abdul Sexton says:

    This show deserves #1 for sure. I can see dramatic parts, but I don’t classify this as a drama. Its more of a comedic-drama. I REALLY want to give you guys an update seeing as I’ve gotten thru the complete 3rd series… Okay.. *SPOILER ALERT* Alicia fans… #Enough.Said. *SPOILER ALERT* There WILL be a 4th series.

  • Joe 12-Pack says:

    This show is okay but #3??? Give me a break.

  • PU says:

    I think this is a great show but the beginning of this season is greatly lacking without Nathan. Nathan is my favorite character and he wasn’t even in the 1st of season 3, sad!!!

  • Childish says:

    This is a great show
    but i wouldnt really consider it a drama

  • ariel says:

    misfits deserves number 1

  • allison says:

    this show should be first! its the only show i cant wait to watch! im so hooked!!

  • BRITTANY says:


  • BRITTANY says:


  • Cassidy says:

    I LOVE MISFITSSSS!!! THEY DESERVE FIRST!! :D my fave. show of all time! <3