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Best Comedies of 2011: 3 – Louie

December 21st, 2011 by Martin Moakler Social Community Manager

We’re counting down the Top 10 Comedies of 2011. Each selection will be revealed on Hulu’s homepage every day of this week. Selections 10-4 can be viewed here.

3 – Louie

After reinventing the traditional sitcom format last year, Louie’s sophomore season proved to be even funnier and darker than the first, astounding viewers who couldn’t believe that he “went there.”  Finding inspiration in the banality of his day-to-day life, Louis C.K.’s contemplative scenes about being a single father, a standup, and even a New Yorker were delivered in slow burns, but they provided much more satisfying laughs than other sitcoms that rely upon Furley-esque levels of confusion. It was plenty easy to see ourselves in the exact same scenarios he endured each week.

And in a time when most of us were affected by the wars, Louis not only acknowledged them (not typical of contemporary sitcoms), he actually set an episode of his show on a USO tour of the Middle East. The episode was presented without agenda, and it proved to be both moving and respectful, ultimately proffering that soldiers are our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world in the lands of a people not that different from you or me.

But Louis didn’t stop there. What really made this season superlative was his running commentary on the comedy machine in Hollywood by bringing on the most surprising of visitors. Bob Saget showed up in an episode where C.K. explored his disdain of the typical American sitcom and his refusal to sink to their levels. Joan Rivers dropped by to perform an impassioned soliloquy about why comedians are such masochists. And in what was perhaps the “Rumble in the Jungle” of the standup world, Dane Cook turned in a frank portrayal of himself, finally addressing the joke stealing rumors that have plagued the internet (and his career) for years.

Louis C.K. is the envy of showbusiness now. He also writes, directs, and edits his own show. He’s been granted final cut of each show. But with other people in the mix to second guess his decisions, we wouldn’t have the truths that drive the humor of the show. Other people are crazy. Life isn’t pretty. And, frequently, there is no resolution. Just like in real life.

Last comment: Dec 23rd 2011 8 Comments
  • don says:

    I just don’t get it. He always seems to be on the verge of being really funny but ….
    Also the pauses in his speech makes it kind of hard to watch. I suppose he feels the pauses flesh out the situation. There are some good ideas here but I feel like I am dry humping when I should be inserted.

  • Jeffrey says:

    What was so special about that? Why was there even a mature warning on it?

  • John says:

    How is Louie not number one? It’s the only TV comedy that doesn’t kill brain cells.

  • Art Lauth says:

    All of the episodes have been a good attempt at pushing the boundries of whats considered funny in the genre of awkward over 40 fitting in with the younger world funny, i’m a bigger fan of his standup work ,but of course most of that could never pass muster for network television.
    my only gripe is the duckling episode and the fact that there are so many instances where i feel like the production suffered.
    The fact that an ex “ranger” entertainer is allowed to have a firearm inside the perimeter of an army FOB is stupid
    the fact that the general informs the entertainer groups that they will be flying out to the troops in a blackhawk helicopter and then a vietnam era huey gunship shows up, must be a reference to how iraq was a modern day vietnam…blah. Might as well have robert duvall in a yellow scarf with a surfboard.
    and how in todays world do you get a live animal through security?
    i don’t complain about much but as much as he might be praised for this particular episode, the glaring inconsistancies compell me to call BS.

  • Joe 12-Pack says:

    Excellent choice.

  • tlc says:

    really I just don’t find Louie that interesting. As a matter of fact the only good thing is the song

  • Joey joe joe says:

    Good on you for give Louie its due and trying to explain it to a general audience. Couldn’t have been easy.

  • Childish says:

    I can sense it coming but i have to say it regardless, I just hope they dont make Community #1.
    Its a good show but this season was a serious downgrade in quality. To the point where i would consider it over-rated,
    I was a community stan my self back in season 1 and if the show was getting this kind of attention back then i would have no problem with it. But the show has gotten progressively (slowly and steadily) worse and most community stans refuse to admit it.