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Best Dramas of 2011: 5 – Revenge

December 19th, 2011 by Andrea Marker Hulu

We’re counting down the Top 10 Dramas of 2011. Each pick will be revealed on Hulu’s homepage every day of this week. Selections 10-6 can be viewed here.

5 – Revenge

When it comes to dramas, the rule of thumb these days seems to go like this: The more depressed you feel after viewing an episode, the better the show must be.

Well I’m not much of a rules girl.

While a lot of critics will recommend Revenge as a “guilty pleasure,” I’m not one to bestow backhanded compliments. Revenge is legitimately one of the best dramas currently on television for a few simple reasons: It’s smart, intense, and, most importantly, fun.

Her father framed for treason by his former colleague and his girlfriend, Amanda Clarke returns to the Hamptons under the nom de guerre Emily Thorne to avenge his fate and untimely death. There’s something very satisfying in seeing Emily use insider trading to bankrupt a hedge fund manager who had falsely testified against her father. Or, if you prefer your revenge a little more political, how about outing her father’s prosecutor, now a family values senatorial candidate, as a philanderer to his supporters (and wife).

Emily’s a one woman war against hypocrisy and I can’t wait to see who’s going down next.

Last comment: Dec 20th 2011 18 Comments
  • Joe 12-Pack says:

    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Justified
    3. Rescue Me
    4. Mad Men
    5. Burn Notice
    5. Sons of Anarchy
    6. The Killing
    7. Big Love
    8. Person of Interest
    9. Once Upon a Time
    10. Grimm

  • Lola says:

    Yes, It is one of the best dramas on TV in a long, long time. However, the plot is becoming too chaotic and too complicated way soon. I am afraid that the show is going to crash very soon just like other dramas in the past. I truly hate when the writers begging to create ridiculous situations to keep the audience, and I believe the show is going in that direction.

  • Gary says:

    I really like the show Revenge,Emily is really good at getting her revenge one at a time.This show gets more and more interesting every week.

  • toomuchinformation says:

    Revenge has filled the gap of “no TV to watch”, “500 channels and not one good show”, Finally REVENGE IS THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH TV. PS I will give Grimm, Walking Dead, and Project Runway some love. I do look at TV for these shows also.

  • JFB says:

    best drama on TV in a long time

  • Meghan J. says:

    I love the show revenge and my two most favorite characters are Emily Throne aka Amanda Clark and Daniel Grason and plus they are the most cutest couple in the Hamtons.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I can’t wait each week for the new episode….Emily Thorn is a great charectar( and really like who plays her), and she adapts even when plans fail…Wonderful show, and wonderful cast…except for Tyler ( he is very creepy.). I will so keep watching!

  • robb carwynn says:



  • ruby says:

    By far one of the best shows I have watched. It’s a must see from pilot to present. The writers for this show have hit on to something totally untapped. The concept of the story line is amazing if not brilliant.

  • Katie Seamands says:

    I Love this show..the acting is terrific and each episode builds another layer onto the story.

  • cindy davis says:

    i think that this is the best show so far should be number 1 can’t wait to see who she goes after each week.needs just a little bit more drama

  • matt leonard says:

    the show has got my attention

  • best show eva cnt wait to c sum get put dwn by her wit out beatin em dwn

  • Mark says:

    first let me say am a guy and i dig this show. My wife thinks its weird I like it but now she’s hooked too.
    I predicted the Asian teacher angle when i started watching the show, because I have been practicing Martial Arts for 25 years, and the principles of personal engagement Emily uses with her enemy’s and even her friends is similar to” Art of war” and “the book of five rings” .

  • It’s been a long time since a series has captivated me and stirred me to keep coming back for more of it’s intrigue. The cast is superb and the characters unique and mysterious in their own stunning way. If this were a book I would be up all night engrossed in the pages and hoping that I never get to the end of the story.

  • p truss says:

    Amanda Clark is his daughter, calling herself Emily Thorne to get her revenge for her Dad!!!!!!!

  • p truss says:

    Amanda Clark is his daughter not his girlfriend, calling herself Emily Green to get her revenge for her Dad!!!!!!!