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Holiday Stress

December 14th, 2011 by Rachel Stuhler

We love the holidays. But at the same time, we cringe when thinking about them. There’s the planning, the cooking, the decorating, and most stressful of all – balancing everyone’s needs and expectations. It’s enough to make you lose your mind.

On last week’s Modern Family, the gang discovers that they all have different plans for Christmas. It’s the first time they won’t be able to gather together on the day, and the realization is enough to send everyone into emotional overdrive. So what’s the solution? Celebrate “Express Christmas,” two weeks early, and with only hours to put the event together. What could go wrong?

Of course, everything goes wrong. And though sitcom life is usually over-the-top, I found a lot of “Express Christmas” really rang true. The tree gets run over, the head comes off of the angel, and Phil and Manny accidentally taser someone. Hopefully, none of our holiday plans will involve a stun gun, but we’ve all survived some mishaps. My grandmother once served a platter full of manicotti without cooking the meat first. The rest of the Christmas holiday looked like a combat field hospital, with blankets on the floor and everyone clutching garbage cans, buckets, and even a Rainbow Brite backpack.

The important part of this story isn’t that we all got sick. It’s that, all these years later, I laugh every time I think of all of us huddled on the floor together. In fact, it’s one of my favorite childhood memories. And that’s what we need to keep in mind when panicking that the ham won’t be done on time, or that the last Disney Princess doll was sold out. No matter how you celebrate or how many things go wrong, the fact that you’re all together – on whatever date – is what will be remembered.

So have a few more sips of eggnog and relax! Dinner will get to the table eventually!

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    I remember one christmas my sister and I met up for a christmas dinner at Mc Donnald’s, my life was so busy it felt comforting to spend time with her alone, my twins were keeping me in line so well that we skipped christmas and considered it a special time.